Gong Ting Pu-erh in Tangerine "Golden Horse 8685" Ripe Tea

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From Yunnan Sourcing

A delicious high quality pu-erh leaf has been stuffed into the rind of a whole tangerine! The leaves were stuffed in wet, and then allowed to dry in the sun for about a week. The smell and taste of citrus is VERY present in this tea. If you want extra citrus taste, break some of the dried tangerine rind and brew with the tea together.

Each piece is about 25 grams in weight

Producer: Golden Horse Brand (He Shan City Tea Company)

  • We cannot ship this to the USA, US customers please don’t put this item in your cart! **

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11 Tasting Notes

6770 tasting notes

Special Thanks to John R for this one!

The process of this amazes me!

“A delicious high quality pu-erh leaf has been stuffed into the rind of a whole tangerine! The leaves were stuffed in wet, and then allowed to dry in the sun for about a week. The smell and taste of citrus is VERY present in this tea. If you want extra citrus taste, break some of the dried tangerine rind and brew with the tea together.”

I really like this!

I took the “top” and some pu-erh along with a small chunk that was in with the loose inside the tangerine. I’m going to send the brunt of the base and rest of the pu-erh over to my Sororitea Sister LiberTeas to see what see thinks.

I REALLY like this! I could see how purist of pu-erh might not because this IS very orangy…it doesn’t have that stereotypical pu-erh aroma or taste. BUT…I wouldn’t call myself a pu-erh purist and many of you know I like to try different things :)

I really like this because it IS different and because of the process AND the tangerine flavor is really true and juicy!

I’m so blessed I was able to try this one! Thanks again John R


You are my hero for liking this one. I Still have one whole tangerine left. I’m trying to ‘forget’ about it. So I can retry it objectively without being biased.

And you ARE lucky, yunnan sourcing stopped shipping this around 6-7 months ago.


:) I have to admit was was worried when I read your note….eeeeek…perhaps I like it for the wrong reasons but it just tickled my tea fantsy for some reason! LOL :)


well, I am a bit more of a purist for puerh. So that might be 70% of it. But that’s why I gave most away but saved some to retying later. I feel sometimes coming back to a tea lets you appreciate it once you go past the ‘shock’ of something unexpected.


yay! glad you liked it.this was one of the pu-ers that got me into the scene. and yes the citrus is strong n it.

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673 tasting notes

This is an excerpt from my blog that also has a picture of this tea and a story with review at www.teaandincense.com

I received a gift box of Pu-erh from a kind and generous friend, I was so overwhelmed that the first person I told was a fellow Pu-erh lover Eric, who works at Happy Lucky’s. I shot him a quick note on Google+ and we arranged to bring my treasure by HL on Friday.

When Friday arrived, Eric was laughing at the amount of Pu-erh I had received! I told him to pick out anything for us to taste and his face lit up.

“I’ve never had a Tangerine Pu-erh,” he said. “Me either, I replied, and there’s three in the box, take your pick!”

I hopped up onto a bar stool to watch the opening of the plastic wrapped dry tangerine. (You couldn’t actually see with all the wrapping and the labels).

First, he opened the larger of the tangerines which had some mold on the fruit skin. We didn’t know what to do about this. Would we get sick if we drank the tea inside?

Eric went to the computer and shot a note out for our tea club members who might shed light on the safety of drinking the tea and then we made a decision to wrap it up and try another one of the tangerines just to be safe. (Later we found out that unless it was extensive and close to the Pu-erh it was probably OK).

We were determined!

The next tangerine is the one pictured. A Gold Horse grade 5 (that refers to the size of the leaves). http://flic.kr/p/dphcWo


sounds like some good tea bonnie. i may have to try this one. tangerinepu or putangerine? what a dilemma!


Sounds heavenly, Bonnie! At first, I wasn’t catching that the link above didn’t have the .com on the end, which lead to a “could not find” message. I was thinking you must have been in the middle of reconstructing the website. www.teaandincense.com to those not familiar with Bonnie’s blog. Very nice blog – btw. Love the “Music for Tea Drinking”. Nice addition!


Put on the .com. Thanks for the reminder! Try this mrmopar. Good to see you have power and are fine! I know this would be a treat and your “Love” would like this too!

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226 tasting notes

Not available from Yunnan Sourcing at the moment; sourced from Grandness Tea on AliExpress.

Over the past week I have been sipping on two lovely “dark teas” (both are new to me) – this one and a 2012 Supreme Purple Bud Raw Puer Mini Cake (8g).

This is a highly enjoyable find! Gong Ting fermented in an orange rind and it is delicious. The first 2-3 steeps are a bit strong with a pleasant astringency but the later steepings are more mellow – very enjoyable cups from the first to the last. If you break up a bit of the rind with the tea leaves, you can adjust the flavor to match your individual preferences. I find the orange flavor to be quite subtle and the leaf itself is of a good quality. Each orange package weighs 22-24 grams so it’s good for four different sessions (each session with many resteeps).

Boiling 0 min, 30 sec

Mrmopar knows sources for this too. My local tea shop sells this to customers (they actually prepare it at the bar and send the rest home for you too for around $4). I think you can get them for $3.50 or less each.


I purchased a pack of 9 in mid-October when they were on sale. Price for nine was $11.54 ($1.28 each) including shipping.


call me naive, source direct is not just the name? i have access through an aliexpress account…. didn’t know i could get tea.


JustJames – not sure I understand your comment but yes, I’ve ordered several different teas from a few select suppliers (I got started thanks to Mr.Mopar). Here’s the direct link for the 8685 Gong Ting but you’ll note the price difference since they are no longer on sale:


I got my orders in too. I just haven’t had a lot of time to post yet! Justjames, I know some good sellers if you need anything from Ebay and Aliexpress. DigniTea, have you tried the Menghai centennial yet? I hope you like it as much as I do. Bonnie knows also I have pretty good contacts. Bonnie I hope this storm hasn’t hit you too hard. I think we may get lucky and have this pass north of us. What Bonnie is saying is Happy Lucky’s gives the customer what is left from the orange puerh to take home. That was a great idea for them.


mrmopar – No to the Menghai centennial. I’m purchasing the larger cakes for aging (and you know that this collection has grown quite a bit due to your experience and advice shared over the past few months). I don’t like to break them until I know there is a possibility that I’ll start drinking them. That’s why I’ve been enjoying these and other mini cakes lately (and a few 100g tuos or cakes).


Haha that’s why I always get an extra “good” one. 100 gram ones are good! I had some small 5 gram touchas but they are gone now :(


No big storms here. We are burr cold! We had a few inches of snow and arctic chill in the minus and teens the past week. We don’t get ice, too dry at a mile high. Sitting in with my tea. Glad I’m retired! Stay warm mrmopar!!!

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162 tasting notes

I love ripe Puerh and I love citrus fruits. I tried EVERYTHING, I’ve steeped longer time, I’ve steeped smaller times, used a lot of leaf, small amounts of leaves… EVEN talked to it. I cant make myself like it. I tried it 4-5 different times 4-6 steeps each time. I will try another ‘Pomelo’ or citrus fruit because I want to make sure it’s not a quality issue.

I have two more completely new oranges… I will be making donations.

Boiling 0 min, 30 sec

I forgot to add: 1. the ripe puerh seems really smoky, sort of like really dark chocolate or heavily roasted coffee, if you make it too strong it will be ‘critusy’ charcoal 2. the tea now says it can’t be shipped to the US, I’m not sure if it mine made by mistake but I got it somehow.

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33 tasting notes

Earthy, mushroomy pu-er. For the life of me I cannot detect any citrus taste to it, though the idea of aging in a mandarin peel is interesting.
Not a lot of cha-qi to this one. Maybe a good starter for introducing folks to pu-er.

195 °F / 90 °C 1 min, 15 sec

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16 tasting notes

You can get this tea from teavivre if you live in the US, since Yunnan sourcing will no longer ship it to the US. The tangerine flavor is very smooth and mellow, and the puer is not fishy, rather it is rich and dark with a mellow, lingering finish.

205 °F / 96 °C 0 min, 30 sec 10 g 4 OZ / 125 ML

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5930 tasting notes

NOMS! terriharplady let me steal one of these from her when i was in st louis and i figured that this would be the perfect morning tea since we’re still running through test cases and such. This way i can make a cup, boil the water, steep another cup and keep rotating. so i’ve been doing that this morning and it’s been great. this is absolutely tangerine and not orange. the flavouring isn’t overpowering the tea, though i’ve been experimenting by putting some of the rind in here and there to play with the level of flavour coming through. This is also a bold enough puerh for me, without being flat in terms of a base. On the whole, i’d likely pick some of these up in future for fun :) thanks terri!


I was impressed with this one as well :)

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3114 tasting notes

Tea of the evening…sigh…

Matt Warren

There is something about a bunch of tea stuffed in a tangerine shell that is irresistible.


Oh, I’ve got to try that tea! On my wish list it goes. I keep meaning to try one of those tangerine pu-erhs when I place my YS order but always forget.

Terri HarpLady

Matt, I agree!
Uba, when you do, I used about half the puerh that was in the mandarine, plus a few pieces of the peel.


Thanks for the tip, Terri!


Yep the peel adds to it. You can get “chen pi” a lot of people add it to shou to even it out a bit.

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1060 tasting notes

I got this from an amazingly generous Steepsterite, who just wanted to expand my puerh horizons! You know who you are and thank you SO much!!!!

3 tsp 4 OZ / 118 ML

Steepster definitely has some amazing & very generous people!


My whole note doesn’t show up on dashboard but if you go to my page it is all there. Boooooo steepster is still broken :/


Full note-It was so much fun to have a WHOLE tangerine to bust open! I have to say, this is much better than the 2009 stuffed tangerine puerh I had a sample of from Teavivre. The shu just seems to be higher quality! The tangerine flavor itself is very subtle (I don’t think I got any bits of peel in my gaiwan this time though.) The shu is rich and creamy and earthy without any ‘off’ flavors. I was sad when the leaves finally gave up, which always speaks well of any tea :)

Terri HarpLady

I’m currently surfing a YS shopping cart (& a few others). Not sure if I’ll complete any of the orders, but this is one of the teas in the cart. I blame you ;)


Sorry not sorry, Terri ;)

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