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Carry Travel Mug

We don’t want to alarm anyone, but we think we’ve created the perfect travel mug. Don’t believe us? What if we told you that it’s completely leakproof and double-walled, to keep your tea piping hot for hours on end. Or that it has a removable fine mesh infuser, plus a strainer to keep tea leaves out of every sip. Did we mention the easy-carry lid, or the hidden tea compartment? How about the big 16 oz size? Yeah. We told you it was perfect. Designed in-house and made exclusively for DAVIDsTEA.

Capacity: 16 oz/473 ml

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  • “This is the best travel mug I have ever used. I mostly left it uncapped (mostly) but it kept my tea HOT for a long time. I underestimated it and burned the crap out of...” Read full review
    fission___mailed 27 tasting notes
  • “About my three 12 ounce Timolinos and my two 16 ounce travel carry mugs from David’s tea. I. adore. my. three. 12 ounce Timolinos. Adore them and use them daily. They are light,...” Read full review
    evol-ving-ness 108 tasting notes
  • “Handiest mug I have bought! I have been using it for a little under a year and it hasn’t fail, fallen apart, or caused any mishaps on me. And I am the type of person to have awkward spills...” Read full review
    Isserly 57 tasting notes
  • “I love this travel tea mug!! but I just took it out of the cupboard to use it today and it fell apart on me :(( I am so sad because it was great. I can’t even return it now because I bought...” Read full review
    majesstika 1 tasting notes

10 Reviews

27 tasting notes

This is the best travel mug I have ever used. I mostly left it uncapped (mostly) but it kept my tea HOT for a long time. I underestimated it and burned the crap out of my tongue when taking a sip. Towards the end it was warm but still a good drinking temperature. That was over a period of 6-7 hours. The design includes an infuser basket that attaches to a strainer. The infuser basket is detachable. Underneath the lid is an extra compartment where you can store extra loose tea. I didn’t have any issues with the those tea leaves getting moist or anything for the time I had the cap on (close to an hour).

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108 tasting notes

About my three 12 ounce Timolinos and my two 16 ounce travel carry mugs from David’s tea.

I. adore. my. three. 12 ounce Timolinos. Adore them and use them daily. They are light, leakproof, and feel ever so good in my hands. They keep my teas hot forever.

And yes, I also have two David’s 16 ounce travel carry mugs. Which I also use regularly. I prefer the look and feel of the Timolinos, but I like the 16 oz size of the carry mugs.

I find that the travel carry mugs retain the scent and flavour of highly flavoured teas, so I am careful to not use them with highly perfumed teas, such as Elderflower Spritz for example. Because of this, I am also careful not to use the carry mugs with delicately flavoured teas as well.

I bought all three on different sales as David’s in discontinuing them due to now having their own design of the same product. However, the quality is such that I would still buy them at regular price without regrets.

I do not use the steeping baskets of either the Timolinos or the carry mugs. I prefer to steep in my Steeper and pour the ready tea into the containers. The openings are too narrow to use with David’s stainless steel steeper baskets.


i don’t really use travel mugs :(

Evol Ving Ness

Why not? I use them at home, and I use them when I am in motion. I usually steep my teas more than once, so I will steep once for immediate consumption and then will pour the second steeping into thermos to warm up my cup as it cools.

Both types keep tea hot for hours, so it is handy to just have tea ready when you are ready to drink it, whether at home or out and about.


You are right. I have a gong fu set ;)


If you like the look and feel of the smaller timolino, you might want to try the new curve mug. I am in love with it at the moment, especially the mesh lid and eep steeping basket for in-mug brewing. And perfect size for my small hands!

Evol Ving Ness

Thank you, keychange. At present, I am set for travel mugs, timolinos, and thermos cups. However, if the curve mugs go on sale at some point, I may not to able to stop myself.

Addendum to the travel carry mug. It really does retain a good bit of flavouring from teas, which I find quite annoying as you can find yourself expecting a good cup when away from home and when you open it, your fresh tea’s flavour will have been contaminated by flavours from teas gone by.


I’ve been attempting to steep using the basket that comes with my curve, but am sort of finding that there’s something wrong with all my tea. I can’t tell if it’s the leftover scent of teas gone by in the silicone, or if it’s the smell of “trapped heat” if that makes sense, or if it’s the steeping basket…but I’m going to try steeping in my steeper and pouring it in instead. I do like that the basket that comes with the curve mug is pretty deep (like the carry basket), but the bottom still doesn’t have holes which is a problem.

Evol Ving Ness

I haven’t steeped my teas in any of my timolino or travel mug baskets yet, so I can’t help here. The hinges look too flimsy and the baskets just seem too fussy. I will use them when I travel, but for at home steeping, I just use my steeper and pour in the ready tea. I think I might prefer to use tea bags to put my tea into when I am away from home rather than the baskets. Failing that, I might just throw the tea directly into the cup and use the mesh screen to prevent drinking the teas (although when I do use the screen, the lip is too fat, which makes drinking awkward).


Oh, see I love drinking through the screen lid. And the good thing about tea bags is that you can put them in and just flip the whole thing over to steep if you want.

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57 tasting notes

Handiest mug I have bought! I have been using it for a little under a year and it hasn’t fail, fallen apart, or caused any mishaps on me. And I am the type of person to have awkward spills all over the place.

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1 tasting notes

I love this travel tea mug!! but I just took it out of the cupboard to use it today and it fell apart on me :(( I am so sad because it was great. I can’t even return it now because I bought it a few months back and don’t have the receipt. Clearly i need something sturdier. the netting in the top of the basket fell off because the seal broke. I didnt even drop it, i just took it out of the cupboard and opened it

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5 tasting notes

I love this mug. The double mesh (a top over a basket) keeps every kind of tea I’ve thrown at it in the basket and not in my mouth. This keeps tea/water hot for 5+ hours. It keeps the water so hot that I often need to add cold water or else I burn my mouth with boiling water. The extra storage spot is okay. My tea usually gets a little bit damp but it’s a good as long as I don’t toss the container around. It hasn’t leaked on me yet. I’ve been very happy with this purchase.

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695 tasting notes

My mug keeps getting worse. The glossy base under the matte finish is making a slow creep up from the bottom of the mug which makes it look like crap. There are now several scratches down to the metal and I have no idea how they got there. I have been traveling with it and keeping it in my backpack most of the time, which is fairly protected. It’s not like I have thrown it in the back of truck with a bunch of tools and scraps of engine and gone off roading. The secret compartment lid doesn’t want to stay on when I open the lid and there is any pressure built up. The last time I used it there was hot water spurting out the side and when I looked closely, I noticed that the edge of the metal rim now has a subtle flat spot in it totally ruining it. It must have tipped over or taken a tumble that I wasn’t aware of and now I have to see if I can bend the metal back and get it to non thermal geyser spraying mode. In the mean time I just take the top off and use the steeper in a regular mug since it is the only steeping device I am traveling with.

I’m not sure if I mentioned it before, but I bought the 16oz capacity and it has been throwing me off a little when it comes to how much tea to add. It isn’t something that can’t be overcome, but it takes a little more thought and adjustment to get the right ratio for the amount of water this mug holds and I’m finding myself overleafing when I’m steeping in a mug recently.

So if I were to redesign this with the knowledge I have know, I’d do a smaller size (none of the teas I have steeped have filled the entire basket of the larger version so I think the smaller basket would be fine), I’d like to see it in a brushed steel maybe with a silicone sleeve to protect the outside, I’d eliminate the secret compartment because it is more hassle than it is a good feature (or put it on the outside of the mug and not in the chamber that holds the water) and I wouldn’t have such high expectations of it possibly being the perfect travel mug.
The search for the perfect travel mug continues….


I hate the secret compartment. I never use it to store anything, but I too have it come off when opening the top on occasion. Blah. Otherwise, I don’t have issues with the finish on the outside of the mug, or any other issues with it.


Maybe I got a lemon with the finsh! Glad to hear yours is holding up.

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1178 tasting notes

I needed a tea travelling mug that could hold in heat (or cold) well – so i decided to get DT’s new exclusive carry travel mug.

It indeed holds temperature very well for hours and hours, no matter what temperature it is outside. The strainer part is very cool – there is a basket as well as a filter under the lip – so you can drink using either or both. It is also leak proof!

my issues:
The lip is on the fat side to drink from, so not that comfortable to drink especially if the tea was steeped with boiling water. I do have a small mouth, so maybe others will have a different experience.

The secret compartment to stash tea does not keep my tea dry. It does okay if the travelling mug is stationary, but if its rolling around in your bag the leaves will get wet.

Full review on my blog, The Oolong Owl


I have their 12oz timolino and I almost always brew my tea in a pot before pouring into my timolino. And I too have a small mouth and I find that the lip of it is on the thicker side, so I always drink straight from the timolino itself.
It’s a nice mug! And I love their timolinos so much, I gave the burgandy travel mug to my sister and she loves it as well!

Awkward Soul / Oolong Owl

I tried sipping out of the body itself and totally burnt my face! This thing keeps tea really hot! I was looking at the zojirushi ones at the Tea Expo and but felt they had too many working parts to open the lid and locking buttons.

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517 tasting notes

Love love love this!!! The basket is roomy, and I love that I can actually smell the tea as I’m drinking it. The screen top is small enough that I had the handle top off in the car with a full mug and I had no problems with spillage. The only thing that could be better is that it can be tricky to get the infusion basket off when just pulling it out of the mug. Otherwise, I love this!

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1351 tasting notes

We picked this up yesterday as part of our Spring Teas splurge. We came home with 2 Nordic Mugs (color changing whales and tentacles!), 26 grams of all the new teas except Pom Tango, a coco chai rooibos chocolate bar, and this little beauty.

Seriously, I’ve just been sitting and cuddling it. I love the texture of the outside, smooth and rubbery. I had already brought a tea with me in my timolino, so my wife got the free cup in this thermos and she keeps playing with the lid XD. I primarily use this and the timolino for my cold brew teas, because it keeps them ice cold for hours on end. It’s amazing.

I had been hoping for a pink timolino with the spring line, but no such luck. However, i spotted this burgundy carry travel mug and fell in love. Love, with a capital L and a sigh.

I like the mesh strainer on top much better than the strainer on the timolino, and the secret compartment is bigger. Not that I ever use it (except for spy notes!).

All in all, this was a great purchase.


Now I want one!!!!

aisling of tea

Yes, yes you do XD. It’s great!


never thought of this for cold brew teas… hmmm

aisling of tea

I hadn’t either until I was rushing out the door and poured my cold brew in my timolino to last me on the way to work. It lasted me the whole way to work.


Do you find the brew basket deep enough? I’m still deciding if I want one or not. I also liked the mesh at the top instead of the sip-holes, although if you pour your leaves out like you’d have to do to stop the steeping anyway, the old lid would have also worked. But still…I think I want one!

aisling of tea

I don’t brew in it that often, but it’s the same depth as the timolino and that one works fine for me.


How does the new version hold up to wear and tear (i.e. does it scratch easily)? Coveting the ice blue but not sure if it will quickly or easily it will show signs daily use…if at all

aisling of tea

So far so good! Mine’s not showing any signs of wear and tear and I’ve used it daily since I bought it a month ago, and I’m not exactly gentle with it either lol.


Thanks! That definitely helps!

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