Finum 5 oz. Hot Glass System from Finum

Finum 5 oz. Hot Glass System

Dbl. Wall Tea Glass w/ Permanent Filter & Hat

The stylish, patented finum Hot Glass System offers you a very individual way to enjoy your tea. It offers the tea ample room to expand and to develop its body. While gently steeping your tea the hat prevents heat-loss and retains the aroma. When the brewing has finished the hat serves as a handy drip-off tray for the brewing basket.

Enjoy a cup of tea at home, in your office or at a bistro.

• guaranteed long durability and dishwasher safety
• infuser constructed of taste and odour-free stainless-steel micro-mesh and a heat-tolerant plastic frame
• heat-safe borosilicate glass

US Pat: 6 161 470 | JAP 21 6889/1999 | DGM 298 13 791.7

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4 Reviews

49 tasting notes

I am absolutely in love with my HOT GLASS SYSTEM 130 ML / 5 OZ Double Wall Tea Glass with Permanent Filter and Hat. Purchased at Wing Hop Fung in Los Angeles’s China Town at nice discount, this is by far the best single serving method I have come across to prepare my fine Chinese teas. All the beauty and convenience of a double wall glass with the performance of a gaiwan. It’s simply genius in design and I can’t say more positive things about it. I was happy to see David at Verdant is carrying their filter system as part of his 2012 X-mas gift set. Good choice I say!


Cool. Bodum has one too, but I think it’s a bit larger. Out of curiosity, how much as this?

Mark B

About $20 at Amazon. I got mine for I think $15 locally. I’ve broken more Bodum glasses than I care to mention. Wanted to try something else, plus it doesn’t have that weird silicon plug at the bottom.

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682 tasting notes

I’m still learning how to use steepster and I FOUND OUT THAT THERE’S TEAWARE HERE AND NOT JUST TEA!?
Well. This is a thing that I have.
Being a lazy college student, it’s soooo hard drinking loose leaf tea. Having all these different equipment to make the perfect cuppa. I would boil water in my kettle, put leaves into a big mug and let it brew (since my daddy broke my teapot.. oops), then pour all that through a strainer into another mug. I’m lazy and that’s just too much work, too many things to wash so I kinda just gave up on loose leaf for a while and went with sachets.
THEN a while ago, I asked my mom to buy me some tea and she surprised me with this little beauty! Granted, it’s a bit too small for my liking, but it really does a great job. The tea hat keeps my tea warm as I study, the double-walls doesn’t burn my hands when I grab it, the infuser is big enough to let my leaves expand, and the best part? IT IS SO EASY TO USE AND CLEAN UP IS NOTHING.


I know this is a really old review for this, but I wonder if you still use it, still love it like you did over a year ago? I’m looking at getting one.


Yes yes, I still use this! I did leave it at home while I was in Florida, so it did get a 6month break away from me, but it’s still very much alive :)
I find it very useful for tea tastings/tea boxes. I could easily just set this on my scale, weigh out a gram or two of tea, and that’s enough for the 5oz that this cup can hold.
I love love LOVE the tea hat, the double walls, and the pretty large basket.

I don’t recommend this for like BIG tea drinking days though. Like now, I only ever use this if it’s a sipdown/tea tasting day where I’m drinking no more than 2g of tea in this cup. Anything larger, I brew in my mason jar, or my Perfect Infuser from DAVIDS, which conveniently fits into a majority of my mugs :)


I’ve got a 15oz ForLife mug that I love but it’s sooooo big. It’s hard for tea boxes and samples and when I have my oolong days, like I’ve been having a lot lately. I need something smaller. Thanks for the input. I really appreciate it.


Yep, of course! I love this teacup because of the size :)
If you want to purchase it, I got mine through Harney. I don’t know of any other vendors that sell it, but a quick google search should do the trick :)


Amazon has it. I already ordered it. It’ll be here on Saturday.

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518 tasting notes

I love this! I’m lazy, and a cup with filter works really, really well for me. With this size, I can do what I call pseudo gongfu while at work. It’s just perfect. I love the size. It doesn’t get hot. It has a really nice feel in my hands.

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37 tasting notes

Picked up this at Distinctly Tea in Waterloo, Ontario, for about $19 USD. It is a single small double-walled glass with a finum infuser basket and cover/lid. It is perfect for a small glass (5 oz. or so) of tea. Seems to be most appropriate for a green tea or oolong tea (certainly not for a tea with milk). The glass remains relatively cool to the touch even after pouring hot water in it. My only complaint is that it’s pretty small, and basically only good for a single cup at a time. The finum brewing basket fits nicely and has a removable ring with handle at the top, and a plastic lid that doubles as a rest for the filter basket after the tea is done steeping. It’s a classy little item… but I have also seen the Bodum version of something like this in single and multiple-glass sets, and might consider that one instead.

190 °F / 87 °C 3 min, 45 sec

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