Champagne Gold 3 LITER Water Boiler and Warmer from Zojirushi

Champagne Gold 3 LITER Water Boiler and Warmer

Once in a while, a product comes along that truly changes your life… the Zojirushi water heater is one of those products.

When you have perfectly heated water ready at the push of a button, it is not only convenient, it is invaluable in making tea a part of your everyday ritual.

The Micom Water Boiler & Warmer features four keep warm temperature settings; 140°F, 175°F, 195°F and 208°F. Its energy-saving timer function (6-10 hours) automatically turns on the boiler at a later time to save electricity, and the café drip dispensing mode allows slower dispensing. Other features include one-touch electric dispensing system for easy dispensing and an easy-to-read LCD display that shows actual water temperatures at all times.

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  • “Zo and I – as I am affectionately calling him have just had our maiden voyage. Okay I have not made tea with him yet but he got a first boil clean out. So far I love this thing! Handy as...” Read full review
    azzrian 807 tasting notes
  • “I’ve been eyeing this for a while and I finally got it for my birthday. Although I did not get mine from Mandala (sorry Garrett), I figured I might as well use this thread. I love this thing....” Read full review
    Kwinter 172 tasting notes
  • “I’ve had mine for about a year now. I’ve been through 3 kettles prior to this one… no contest Zojirushi. Granted it takes longer to hit up the water, so it isn’t a...” Read full review
    jcov 184 tasting notes
  • “I don’t want to be snotty but I have both the Breville and the Zojirushi. Although the Zojirushi was fine for me at first, I still had trouble with over and under steeping. The Breville is...” Read full review
    carol-who 464 tasting notes

19 Reviews

807 tasting notes

Zo and I – as I am affectionately calling him have just had our maiden voyage. Okay I have not made tea with him yet but he got a first boil clean out.
So far I love this thing!
Handy as all get out, cute musical alarm to tell me the water is ready, four heat settings, reboils water SUPER fast for those small repetitive infusions of tea, a nice nifty handle to move from one room to the other with if need be, and small enough to sit on my coffee table to enjoy pu-erh all day long!
I am going to be in heaven with this thing!

Thomas Smith

Been considering this for a while. I don’t like the notion of maintaining high heat of water for any serious amount of time but I can’t really say I could call out a difference between a Zoji and freshly boiled in my heavier teas. This review is swaying me more towards the “I should buy this” mindset.


Well the reason I did this – as I do have the breville as well – is that I know I will not only drink more pu-erh but ENJOY it more with this. I mean to sit at my coffee table on the floor with a bunch of pillows, or take it into my meditation room / exercise room and enjoy it … quickly having the water the right temp RIGHT NOW for another steep – with the steeps being so small and frequent. Just could not see myself doing this with a stove top kettle or breville.


We have one of these at work and it is convenient, but I swear my tea tastes better at home when I use boiled water from the tap…


Do you think it is the office water or the machine?


Both the water from my apartment and from work come from the Hetch Hetchy reservoir which is supposed to be very clean. Honestly I have no idea. Maybe it’s just that everything is better when I’m not at work, or maybe the water tastes better when it’s freshly boiled rather than sitting in the water heater for a period of time.

Thomas Smith

For most teas there’s definitely a difference in flavor between water that’s kept warm for a prolonged period and fresh cool water brought up to temp since most gasses dissolve in water more easily at lower temperature. Most people will tell you it’s oxygen but I don’t buy it since O2 is tasteless. Dissolved CO2, however, forms an equilibrium with carbonic acid which produces a crisp taste. At the extreme end of carbonic acid saturation there’s carbonated water, to give you an idea of the effect it has on taste (try both freshly opened and after a few hours as it bubbles out of solution as carbon dioxide, going flat).


Yeah I can understand that concept – I don’t plan to let it sit around all day though – I hope at least to have an hour sitting time with my teas then I will either dump the water or at least change it over.


I have been using these for 9 years! Love them! At home, at our tea shop, these things rock! Funny that you called it Zo because that is what we call it, too!

You also don’t have to let it go through its boil mode and then cool back down to say, 175. Let’s say you set it for 175. As the temp is heating up and it gets to 175, you can simply unplug the Zo for 4-5 seconds and then it will switch off from “reboil” and hold it at the 175. It’s quicker that way, too!

We do a lot of tastings using the zo. Pretty darned convenient. And unless that water has been sitting along time, we have a hard time discerning a big change in the waters qualities. Quality water to begin with is a huge contributor to that, as is not using the reboil mode, especially using it frequently.

As the old Chinese tea books say, one can also add more fresh water to an old pot of water to bring it back to life. Or change the water completely.


Great! Someone reviews the Zojirushi and we are out of stock on them!! Sheesh :) We are waiting for a new shipment.


Garret – how do you clean it? that maybe part of the issue with the one in my office as well.


Hi Amy! Not with vinegar!
This is the only way to fly with it:
Or find citric acid and follow the Zo cleaning instructions. It makes the Zo more efficient and gets rid of all the calcification and funk.




@ Garret yeah that is a bummer that your all out :( Maybe you should set up a Pre-order on your site so people can get them and you can ship them as soon as they come in! Just note that they are not in stock yet maybe.


Azzrian -If I wasn’t about to take off on a 5 day meditation retreat, I’d get on that. I soooo need to back away for a few days from my business and have some solid meditation and qigong time. I am going to be without electronics and computers and phones. Need some serious recharge time. I’ll get all the Zo stuff taken care of next week. But you have a great idea there, my friend!!!!!
We are having a major heat wave here right now. Local tea sales ground to a halt yesterday. Funny thing is, I drink hot tea no matter what the weather. I’m sure our locals are icing their teas right about now!


Enjoy your time Garret – sounds wonderful.
I will post updates to my Zo experiences though to keep the love alive :)


I would expect nothing less, m’dear, nothing less :) I leave this evening and will check in throughout the day today, though I’ve a few massage sessions to do. Drinking some incredible wild arbor gong ting pu’er right now. The cakes just arrived yesterday!!! I had 200 of the 250 gram cakes pressed of this amazing material. After 3 months since commissioning the pressing, they arrived yesterday and it was like Christmas in July for this young man!! It is tea-licious!!! While it is quite tasty now, I really look forward to what 2 and 3 years is going to bring to it. It’s gonna open up wide in 2014/2015!


Oh I bet you were so giddy having them all come in! Are they on the site yet? I can go look – ignore this post and go enjoy your retreat!


Not on the site yet! It’ll have to wait until I get back. I’m going to put them up for a special price for the first 25 cakes. I’ll post it to Steepster once I do.


Nice! Will keep my eyes open for it!

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172 tasting notes

I’ve been eyeing this for a while and I finally got it for my birthday. Although I did not get mine from Mandala (sorry Garrett), I figured I might as well use this thread.

I love this thing. I was REALLY starting to slow down on drinking tea just because I didn’t feel like going downstairs and going through the hassle of heating the water on the stove and all that. This thing is a lifesaver. The hot water is there when I need it, no hassle necessary. There are even different temperature settings perfect for every type of tea (208, 195, 175, and 140). It keeps THREE LITERS of water at the perfect temperature, all day. A simple press of a button and you’re only minutes away from a cup of tea. It’s great for gongfu brewing and also wonderful for western style. Now I can drink tea all day without having to heat water.

I highly recommend that anyone who is serious about their tea should get this device.

Will Work For Tea

Happy Birthday! :)


Yes, happy birthday!

I love my breville so I don’t see the need for this device at time, and I think that my husband would flip out if I told him I needed another pricy tea gadget. LOL But the breville does everything I need it to.


Happy birthday!


happy Birthday! Great birthday present! :)


Happy birthday! And oh boy, what a great present!


Happy Birthday!! hope it’s a great one :)
that is an awesome gift!!

Invader Zim

Happy Birthday!

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184 tasting notes

I’ve had mine for about a year now. I’ve been through 3 kettles prior to this one… no contest Zojirushi. Granted it takes longer to hit up the water, so it isn’t a ‘Now-for-NOW’ thing. I mostly ‘plan’ my tea drinking so I’m more than OK with it. Keeps water up to temperature as long as needed and has a timer setting which I use for the mornings.

To be honest, right now my favorite ‘feature’ is the cleaning. I live in DC and the water is HEAVY. Damages most kettles fairly easily and most say you can clean them but really residue always stays behind and water tastes awful. This one on the other hand hasn’t.


I have a zojirushi and I can’t imagine living without it now!

Mahamosa Gourmet Teas, Spices & Herbs

I also have a zojirushi & it is the best!


I agree with both of you 100%.


I am seriously contemplating the idea of this for the Holidays… hum, a gift from me to me maybe? JC, I read there are preset temperatures on it, but I’m assuming they are for the keep warm feature and that you can set the exact tempature you need if you want and not just the presets?


Well you can’t preset your own temperature. You can choose from 4 presets that are also ‘keep warm’ sets: 140, 175, 195, 208F. Lower temperatures take longer because it HAS to go through the Boiling process then lowers the temperature. But it keeps the water in the correct temperature all day and longer if needed.

The timer can also be set to an specific temperature. The cool thing about it is that it takes into consideration the ‘cool down’ time, so if you want 175f water it will start boiling with enough time so it will cool down to the proper temperature by the time you planned. Honestly I think the temperatures are perfect. if you need an ‘in between’ just use a small pitcher and pour hotter than wanted water count around 30 seconds and it would have easily dropped 5-15 degrees depending on your environment. Hope this helps.


Great, it helped a lot, thanks for the details JC :-)

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464 tasting notes

I don’t want to be snotty but I have both the Breville and the Zojirushi. Although the Zojirushi was fine for me at first, I still had trouble with over and under steeping. The Breville is soooo much better. I know the Breville is more expensive ($250) but I got it on sale at Bed, Bath and Beyond for $190. I know that they are not completely comparable but the additional money is well worth it to me.

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599 tasting notes
This is a review for the 4 liter one, but I can’t find that one on here and I’d rather not start another page for it so here we go.

This thing is pretty awesome. It heats up water quite fast and then it sings a little song when it is done. You can have it turn off for up to 10 hours and then it heats right back up automatically. I do wish that it had a longer standby setting than 10 hours (14 or something) but I’m glad it has one at all.

I put only filtered water in this and I think that’s what it says in the manual, not that I’ve read the manual in a really long time. You should rinse it out on occasion and that’s a bit of a pain to do, but this is otherwise a pretty fantastic water heater.

And it fits on my desk while hidden by the half wall of my cubicle such that the dreaded standards people can’t see it from the hall and tell me I shouldn’t have it. My coworker’s got a Keurig in plain sight for that.

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67 tasting notes

OK, so this isn’t a tea, but it is what I use to heat water for tea (as well as other things which require hot water). It’s a bit on the pricey side (~$100), but the auto-timer, four different temperature settings, and HUGE capacity make it well worth the investment if you’re an avid tea drinker.


One of my zojirushi kettles is over 8 years old, another one over 6 and my youngest is 5 yrs old. They are used and abused here at our tea shop and the coffee/tea houses that we sell these to are quite happy with them. They are workhorses and my life has not been the same since getting my first one :)

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18 tasting notes

I received one of these for my birthday this year. I had wanted one for a while, but figured that my electric tea kettle was pretty good and I never really was planning to buy a Zojirushi. Now I don’t know how to live without it. Water is ready to go when I wake up thanks to the timer feature and gone is the constant reheating water and waiting for it to cool to the right temp. This never seemed to be a big inconvenience at the time, but I don’t think I could get by with out the Zojirushi. I even bring it to work with me! The downside to this product, however, is that my tea consumption has gone way up and I have been buying much more tea than in the past!! (Although…on second thought…that really is not a downside!!)

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1 tasting notes

I don’t have this EXACT one – I have a 5litre black one with the descaling function – and I adore it. I use it constantly and drink way more tea than I did – The only one thing I dont like about it is that it doesn’t dispense properly all the time – almost like its clogged (it’s not) it dispenses the best when it’s between 2.5-4 litres – other than that it dispenses slowly (if that makes sense) I still love it thou and am so glad I bought it!

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83 tasting notes

I don’t think I could live without this boiler. My wife wanted to borrow mine for a month and I didn’t hesitate to immediately (and I mean overnight) buy another one. Do I regret having two? NOPE! Never out of water to brew tea and I can set each at different temps when I want to switch from Puerh to Oolong tea on a whim. Love this thing!

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5 tasting notes

I love this boiler, I have the 4 Liter version and it’s absolutely amazing it’s one of the best items I could ever invest in. Keeps water hot all day and has 4 temperature settings including a delay timer that I always use before I go to bed. I’ve used it for more than just tea, I use it for my pour over coffee and ramen noodles to instant potatoes!


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