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Seriously this is the best bagged peppermint that I’ve had. I’m drinking a lot more decaffeinated teas with the work/diet plan that I’m on, and with the heartburn issues I’ve had over the year. I love the mint quality of this because there are so many mint teas that are mint….but they are kinda dull. This is fantastic. Especially with it being less than 2 dollars a box. A great tea.

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drank Hawaii-Grown Black by Samovar
364 tasting notes

Le Sigh finishing the last of this sample from Ian. So good. Unfortunately so expensive too. I’ve been rationing this on like crazy. Ah maybe one day I can replenish the supply but for now I’m enjoying the moment of this great tea.

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I feel that it has been too since. I have reviewed a tea and been in fellowship with my fellow steepsters. Not that I haven’t been enjoying tea….just lacking the time to log in with life’s hectivity. I’ve been making the effort to half-caf myself. I’ve been having heartburn issues with having two upper endoscopes over the last three months. I noticed that when DJing weddings coffee is my crutch beverage, and now knowing that more than 4 cups a day can negate coffees health benefits…yeah. So I’m running sound this morning at church and this is one of the tea offerings. It’s pretty mellow. Most pomegranate teas I’ve had I haven’t really found a strong taste some have a been downright nasty. This isn’t bad though I can’t really taste the green tea. That’s not a bad thing either since a lot of bagged greens tend to be bitter and nasty. This could be one that I could keep on hand in a pinch or at the office for convenience. Pretty good on a Sunday morning.


Hectivity. Love the word! May I borrow it?

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drank Caramel Macchiato by Lupicia
364 tasting notes

I received this one from Toi Toi. I love trying teas that are labeled coffee kickers or teas that try and mimic the specialty coffee drink. As a coffee lover as well it is really hard to find a tea that would replace coffee for me. Since I don’t drink the frou frou coffee drinks. I do have a soft spot for caramel. The dry aroma is potent, and I like that coffee beans are incorporated in this one. Pretty good straight up. There is an odd chemical taste to it. I don’t know if it’s the sugar crystals or not but it’s a little un-natural. It is though one of the best “coffee blends” that I have tried. It’s even better with Matevana and Dr.Teas Coffee tea mixed in. Decent.

Marcel Duchamp

This one sounds really interesting.

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This one has been sitting in my desk un-opened why? Well sometime I forget where I put things and I have random stashes of tea at work. Again contributing to my coworkers asking what are you smoking today. If you have read any of my previous tasting notes. I was pretty much a green hater until I realized that I was brewing them wrong and I had Teavivre’s offerings. This one is so incredibly light, but it still has some body to it. I had to get over the lack of body in green and white teas to enjoy them. I like the full body of black and Pu-erh tea. I’m really starting to like Long Jing as well. The first dragon well that I ever had was a really cheap one and was not good at all. Teavivre’s and the last one that I sampled from Infusion have been great. Slightly grassy, a little like hay, I can see some comparisons to chestnut as well. Over all a great post lunch pick me up. The quality of Teavivre is just outstanding.

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Thanks to to Toi Toi for this one. Reminds me of a lot of other Yunnan blacks that I have tried. I little milder than others I have had. Decent.

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Big suprise I know I received this sample with my Christmas order from the big T. I too am one that loved the white tea and Samurai mix. The Samurai is still one of my favorite Mate blends. It gives me warrior like cunningness(ok maybe a little bit of an exageration). This is my after lunch brew at work. For some reason lately I’ve been obsessed with cardamon after having arabic coffee at a middle eastern restaurant. I love the lemony goodness of it. There is plenty in here. This is seriously hitting the spot today! The base oolong looks to be a Ti Kuan Yin…exciting! I wasn’t thrilled about the rock sugar but it’s a welcome change. I get the change in the combo since the the temps for oolong and mate are closer than white and mate. However in sipping I found that I had a phantom apple taste on my palate. Yes, I think this would be perfect for mulled cider!


i love the complimentary nature of this duo together…


It never occurred to me to try this as a mulling spice until I read your post here. Definitely on my “to-try” list now!

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So the little man has been struggling with eczema. He’s been itching and it’s been affecting his sleep which of course makes for long nights for us. My wife and I have been reading how putting rooibos in a baby’s bath can help with eczema. We’ve been trying everything until we can get him into a pediatric dermatologist. So this was on sale at the grocery and wife asked “you’ll drink it too right?”…..but of course. So we put a few bags in with Mr. Zeke’s oatmeal bath, and one in a cup for daddy :) I really like the fact that since it’s rooibos this one is full leaf and not dust. You can see it through the bag. Smelling the pure rooibos here I understand better why David’s tea did have add too much to make the Oh Canada blend. The dry leaf has a sweet woodsy maple aroma. Same with liquor in the cup. A cedar like woodsy flavor almost even wine like. There’s a little sweetness too without any sugar. This is really good and I hope it’s helps t the little man too.


I have eczema on my right hand. Its terrible. I watch to scratch it all the time. I don’t know about tea helping it though.


watch meant to be want


I’m also from Ohio. :)

The DJBooth

We figured it can’t hurt. Cheers to being a buckeye :)


You can drink it, bathe in it … just like Vitameatavegimin! (Cool…have used chamomile/lavender often for bath purposes, but hadn’t heard the rooibos trick.)


I will have to buy rooibus. Thank you.


I really think the Rooibos tea is working. I’m drinking some tonight. Thank you.

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So for Christmas we received a Keurig from my parents. Since the only way for me to make coffee for the past year and half has been instant or french press since my drip maker hit the fritz. We were pretty excited. First of all I love the Keurig for coffee it’s been awesome to have. So my wife and I bought a few boxes online since we could get two free, and the shipment came today. So of course what do I do…yes break out the tea. So I tried the medium cup setting. Whoa! That is a strong cuppa. I feel guilty saying this but I actually had to water it down a little. Malty and tanic…more so tanic. So for dinner I decided to try it again over ice. Perfect proportions. A little strong for hot but great iced. I so do like the new addition to our kitchen.

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drank Longjing by Infussion
364 tasting notes

I tell you I’m starting to come around to green. For a long time I couldn’t stomach greens I was a black and Pu man. However if you have a quality green then it is smooth and palatable. It’s light, grassy, kinda make you think of spring in the dead of winter. Thanks Infussion for allowing me to try this one.

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DJ, Music Director/Midday host on 95.5 The Fish,father, husband, Owner of my own mobile DJ business, and lover of tea.

My favorites are Pu-Erh, Black teas, Oolongs, Mate…then again I’ll try just about anything. If you are a company and would like me sample your tea. I would be more than happy to.


Cleveland/Alliance, Ohio



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