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Having this at the hospital. Seems to be a trend for this tea. I’m having the decaf version, I didn’t see a reason to create a new listing for this one. Don’t worry I’m not sick. I’m here with my wife getting ready to give birth. So while she’s sleeping waiting for the petocin to kick in I might as well write about some tea :) I have to tell you this is just a nice, smooth, no frills black bagged tea. I would say it’s rather delightful. I think this is better than the other option of lipton in the courtesy room. I like this one a lot…it could be a long day.


Thinking of you both!

The DJBooth

Thanks :)


Wow, congratulations! Hospital tea is a welcome distraction, I would imagine.


Thinking of you both! Prayers for baby and Mom, an easy birth, and a joyful life!

RachanaC (Rachel)-iHeartTeas

Congratulations to the both of you. :)


Baby toes! One of those things in life that always makes you smile. Congratulations on a new set to count!


I hope for a safe delivery and a healthy baby and mom!

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Picked this one up on my recent excursion to Wooster. The long straggly black leaves are enticing and I love a good Irish Breakfast…Tea and actual Irish Breakfast. A malty aroma eminates…and then. Eh I have to say this is a soft cookie Irish breakfast. There should be a lot brightness to it. It’s fairly smooth but have that subtle peppery bite that you would expect from Irish breakfast.

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This is my first Milk Oolong type tea. Thanks to Teavivre for allowing me to sample this tea. I already love Oolongs for their nutty and buttery characteristic. So I was excited to try this one. I have a pouch of Verde au Lait that I acquired in a trade and it fell short of the goal. I made it at work and shared with my co-worker who I am making a tea lover as well. A pale yellow liquor typical with most green oolongs. I’ve been going nuts a bit with getting a week ahead on music logs since the baby will be here any day, and I’ve been re-inventing our broadcast clocks…tea is much needed. This is great! Milky? I am not really getting a milky flavor from this tea. Buttery? Absolutely! I feel like I’m in the theater enjoying a huge bucket of popcorn with double butter. For dinner last night I made garlic lime shrimp in a butter sauce. I think this would make a great butter substitute in cooking. Four tasty pots were made with the leaves.

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Pardon my absence from the Steepsterverse. Work schedule has been kinda nutty as of late. Has a nice malty cocoa like flavor. Reminds me a lot of the Gonfu black from Teavivre. Very smooth. Somewhat grainy like whole wheat bread. Another great offering from Teavivre


Good to see you back.

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Picked this one up at a natural food store while my wife was getting her hair done for a wedding I was DJing. Enjoying it this morning. Not bad for a dollar an ounce. Slightly smokey. Like gunpowder should be. Not bad

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Picked this one up on a recent trip into the mall. I guess it’s part of the interesting dichotomy about Teavana is you switch a few ingredients…and you have a different Teavana tea. For instance take the Cha Yen Thai. Subtract the black tea and pineapple and add apple and voila Zinginber Ginger. However this is not a bad thing cause the Cha Yen is hands down one of my favorite teas. Enjoying it after father’s day lunch with my wife and daughter. MMMMM baby back ribs and tea. Yes a good day indeed.

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I received my shipment from Teavivre the other day wickedly excited of course. As I am finding with other teas there are many degrees of the lapsang…like Kevin Bacon. Which reminds me of one of the most amazing sandwiches I had from Melt in Cleveland named the 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon(six kinds of bacon!). A great tie in to lapsang or Tea review ADD? You decide. I do love lapsang and I’m finding that I like the more subtle lapsangs as well. I’m starting to appreciate lapsangs that have a great black tea base as well as the smoke. This one is a little less smokey. Much like the Upton Black Dragon as opposed to the strong smokiness of Dr. Tea’s. There’s a little sweetness that comes through. I’m also detecting some nuttiness(almond) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6qtEjJuGo_U As much as I love drinking lapsang I also love cooking with it. I combined this with Man tea’s Jalapeno black and made a turkey brine and then smoked the turkey. Another great lapsang

Autumn Hearth

Now I not only want some Lapsang but I also want to go to Melt, was the 6 Degrees on the menu recently?

The DJBooth

That was a couple months ago it was one of their weekend only special. It was a well spent 16 dollars…so much bacon. Amazing like a double rainbow!

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drank Breathe Deep by Yogi Tea
365 tasting notes

I picked this up hoping that it help clear up the last bit of bronchitis I’ve been battling. I’m happy to say that it’s been helping. It does really seem to help get the phlem moving out. I know that’s so appetizing but that’s what it’s suppose to do. Flavor…well I’m really sure if the flavor is the main concern with a medicinal tea. It’s fairly tasty. I like the sweetness of the licorice on the end of the sip like with a good licorice oolong. Reminds me of the halls commercial in the bath house…Breathe my friend!


Feel better soon!


Hope you’re better by now! : )

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There are those days when simplicity is what is just what the doctor ordered. I have mentioned it before but a good jasmine green is truly a delight. Warms the soul and calms the spirit. Especially since I’ve been battling getting rid of bronchitis. The lungs are purring like a kitty and not in a good way. I love this tea. Reminds me of Summer Breeze by Seals of Crofts. I can’t believe I have not reviewed this yet!


I’m excited to get this sample! Sounds like it will be delicious.

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Found this tea at Marc’s for about 2.50 a box. It’s not too shabby for a bagged tea. I’m not sure if I’ve been on the receiving end of a bigger energy boost because of the saffron, but still a tasty tea. The Assam is pretty good and I can tell that it is a darker oolong. I like that semi roasted oolong flavor to this tea. In a pinch it’s a good quick work pick me up.

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DJ, Music Director/Midday host on 95.5 The Fish,father, husband, Owner of my own mobile DJ business, and lover of tea.

My favorites are Pu-Erh, Black teas, Oolongs, Mate…then again I’ll try just about anything. If you are a company and would like me sample your tea. I would be more than happy to.


Cleveland/Alliance, Ohio



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