There is a very distinct but light malty aroma to the long and downy dry leaf, fitting for the light golden and earthy textures.

The wash unlocks richer and bolder malty textures in the wet leaves, deepening the earthy tones. It is a dreamy scent, almost enveloping you like a thick blanket.

The first steep, 5 seconds, gives a deep golden liquor, the aroma a very creamy malt. The creaminess follows in the flavor, with a slight sweetness. There is some faint astringency, but not enough to give a bite, as it is very smooth overall.

The second steep, 15 seconds, gives a deeper golden liquor, the aroma seemingly cleaner and less malty. The flavor is also less creamy, slightly more astringent and sweeter, but again not enough to affect it’s overall smooth feel.

After the third steep, 25 seconds, it seems the malty aroma fades significantly, the color deepened to a rich golden. Warm textures are coming out with its astringency, which is held together by its sweetness and remaining smooth. The blooming flavor is exciting.

The fourth steep, 35 seconds, gives the same rich golden tone, with a slight earthy aroma. The taste, although still sweet, seems to have lost a significant amount of malt and also a little astringency. Despite, it is still quite strong, but this might be the last steep with any notable flavor.

This tea is gorgeous and lovely. The aroma and flavor are very soothing, initially thick with enough malt to engulf you. It was a perfect calming tea to enjoy in this rainy spring morning.

Flavors: Creamy, Earth, Malt, Smooth, Sweet

Boiling 6 g 16 OZ / 473 ML

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