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Sipping on this Ailaoshan Black this evening, I had made some cookies to enjoy with it But things didn’t work out as planned. The cookies were way too sweet and even with this unsweet tea with them to balance things out they were still just OMG too sweet for me, had they not been so sweet I think they would have paired up well, maybe just plain sugar or shortbread cookies next time. The Tea is Awesome as always, I still love WP teas, I haven’t had a WP fix in a while, WP was/is one of our favorite places to order from, I miss it so much.

Thomas Edward(Toad)

Oh the Cookies were Pilsbury Melts Smores, Like chocolate chip cookiieswith a white sweet creamy melted filling and some chocolate drizzle to go on top. they were not bad, really good actually but I couldn’t even eat a whole 2 of them because of the sweetness. I guess too much a a Good thing is a Bad thing sometimes.


Haven’t tried those but based on how you described them, I can see how they would be mega sweet!


thank you

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MMMM, So good on a Sunday morning.

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This one smells very floral almost perfumy even.
I don’t really care for this one myself, not because it is bad but just because it don’t fit my liking, i’m sure others would enjoy it.
Its floral and fruity and tart and slightly sweet,not really bad but just NOT my cup of tea.
Honestly to me it had some strange soapy taste to it but thats just my opinion tho, kinda tastes like somebody washed my cup out with soap and failed to get all the soap out and I know for sure that didn’t happen lol.
I tried to keep drinking it and as i did i realized that the soapy taste was just on the front for some reason, I could taste it while the tea was in my mouth but it didn’t linger or anything after swallowing, I likes to hold tea in my mouth and swish it around and enjoy it as much as i can so this didn’t really work out for me. I even tried it again the next day but still the same thing, at least it didn’t linger in my mouth all day.
Other than the soap it wasn’t really that bad, the tart was most likely from the hibiscus which i’m also not really fond of But this one is not quite as tart as many hibiscus teas that i have had, it had an ok flavor, I was hoping to be able to taste Pineapple in there but I couldn’t really….Oh Wait! theres Rosemary in there? hhhmmm i like rosemary but….. now it makes sense actually, come to think about it the Rosemary may have played a part in that soapy taste, working against the other ingredients and I also use a pretty strong Rosemary soap so I’m sure that dont help either.
Not bad, still Not My cup of tea tho.

Flavors: Floral, Fruity, Soap, Tart

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This Tea tastes so good, I’m not really sure how it taste like Caramel but it does. It is Creamy and Smooth and just Dreamy. Very nice notes of Caramel and slight Cinnamon note, Slightly Nutty with a very slight Herbal type undertone(NOT a Medicinal tasting Herbal tho), Wonderful Tea!
I started sweating like MF when I was drinking this one, it had to be the this tea because i don’t sweat like that normally and i don’t always get all warm and fuzzy from tea(puerh maybe), maybe it is suppose to do that, i dunno, either way Damn good tea. I sweated more when drinking this one than i did when i was drinking the hot ass Mayan tea that i effed up when i broke the pepper up lol.
I’m really Glad the folks at Physique remembered after like 3 years since I first tried their teas, they were nice enough to send me some more.

Flavors: Caramel, Cinnamon, Creamy, Herbaceous, Nutty, Smooth

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This one is tastey, Chocolately and Spicy and slightly Medicinal tasting. Each bag has a whole red Chili Pepper in it and it looks pretty BUT like a big ole Dummy I decided to break up the Chili Pepper in the bag that I tasted today. OMG!!! DON’T DO THAT!!! My first steep was with the Pepper whole and I broke it for the second steep, It was nice with the whole pepper and still good with the pepper broken but DAMN it was Hot, Like really spicy hot with all the pepper seeds broken out into the bag, VERY INTENSE. I think the pepper is suppose to be whole. I will try it again with the pepper intact for a better review. I really like it so far tho.
Oh, I’m not sure mine had Chicory in it as the description says because the ingredients on the sachet don’t list it.
When steeped with the pepper broked and sweetened a little and then left to cool, it tastes kinda like those little red cinnamon candies with a touch of cocao, I think they are called “Red Hots” (yes i sweetened it because it was HOT)

Flavors: Chocolate, Cinnamon, Medicinal, Pepper

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So I was talking to Andrew on Facebook about the Dark Matter and he tells me to “Beware of the Fish Ball”
I won’t lie I kinda got excited and I was like which one is that(I hadn’t read the reviews yet) he says it’s This Red Star so I was like Hells Yeah! I’m bout to try that shit! So I read the reviews and all and everybody says it’s fishy and such and that made me want to try it even more. I know that “Fishy” in a tea is NOT something you want I even heard it was bad storage bad process and lots of other things that makes one “Fishy” I’m not sure myself but i know that it’s not something most people want or get excited over.

Well if you know me from Steepster or on Facebook and have talked to me or followed my reviews here for the past few years then You already know that I AM WEIRD and I like weird tasting things, So I never really much mined a Fishy Puerh.
Anyways I read all the reviews on here for this one and was like Yeah! I can drink this and was looking forward to it and I THOUGHT I was prepared for it and for the most part I was, I WAS totally prepared for a nasty FishyPu But I wasn’t prepared for a “Tea Drunk” effect lol.
I’m Pretty BUZZED at the moment and not sure if its a good thing or a bad thing, I also probably drank too much of this one.

First the Aroma, Pretty nice aroma when dry but OMG bad really bad like Oranges and Spice mixed with Shrimp extremely fishy when wet, the fishy smell just got worse and worse.

Now the Taste, I couldn’t really taste much of the orange peel at first and the fishy was not too bad in the flavor as it was in the aroma, not at all offensive to me(I enjoyed it), After a few steeps I got some mushroomy flavors in there and some spicy and fruity notes from the orange peel, the fishy taste seem to get stronger and stronger with each steep but still not too bad to me,to be kinda fishy it still tasted rather clean to me actually. Tho still fishy in taste I think a lot of that may come from the aroma playing a part on the taste buds perhaps because the aroma is SUPER fishy and funky, the tea is actually tasty and had a good Qi to me and gave me a really nice buzz. It was very strange and different but I enjoyed it a lot, I think it just needs some air or to be aged a bit. Reminds me of back when I first started drinking Puerh, I had lots of fishy ones at first lol.

And the Buzz, Damn the buzz was really good, I quite sure I drank way too much of this one because I enjoyed it so much, I could feel the energy from it within the first 3 steeps, it made feel all warm and fuzzy inside and even made me sweat a bit, It reminded me of some of my very first Tea Highs(I miss those). After a while I turn my head and get the tracer kinda effect, yeah! :) It’s kinda like smoking a doobie and kinda like something I never felt before, I enjoyed it.

I actually enjoyed this one a good bit, tho I’m not going to give it a rating until i air it out a bit because I’m quite sure it will be better next time(If I don’t drink it all up already). I know I drank too much of this one too, Partly because it was tasty and Partly because it made me feel good, I loves the tea high.

Flavors: Fishy, Fruity, Mushrooms, Spices

Thomas Edward(Toad)

OMG!! Just try not to belch after drinking this tea, Talk about Fishy eeeeewwwwww not tasty lol


Ha! What a ride this one took you on.


i’ve never had tracer effect. if i did i’d get scared lol

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drank Midnight Sun by J-TEA
535 tasting notes

Gosh. Well. Gee. Guess I’d better break mine out and start brewing. :->


Wait a minute….Now I am interested in it. ;P

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Oh Shit! This is Really damn good!
Malty,chocolatey with notes of dried fruit and hay, maybe even some honey notes in there and a slight caramel note comes through after a few steeps. Very smooth and kinda velvety, very delicious, No astringency or bitter at all. Severals very bold strong steeps, it just didn’t seem to want to play out, lost count of how many steeps because I was watching daredevil on Netflix.
A wonderful tea, Perfect for the Dark Matter.
I’m really enjoying this one, Thank You.

Flavors: Caramel, Dark Chocolate, Dried Fruit, Hay, Honey, Malt, Smooth


is it straight pine needles?

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Not sure how to describe this one, its interesting and changes for steep to steep, kinda simple but complex too. Some mineral notes, Slight smokey notes, I get notes of bell pepper and umami, almost a savory tea to me, thick like a broth. kinda spicy, kinda floral at times.
Pretty good tea.

Flavors: Bell Pepper, Floral, Mineral, Smoke, Umami

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I just a guy who respects and loves the tea :)





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