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Oh My!!
I tried this one first warm and it was just a bit too fruity for me to enjoy as a warm tea so I went right to making an iced tea with it and it.
I really can’t describe how intensely refreshing and fruity this tea is OMG it is really rocked my world, just amazing!!
The tea is brisk and bold and the main flavor note is very apricot with other stone fruits maybe a slight plum note, also there is a very slight mint type of note not that it taste minty or anything just a cool refreshing feeling kinda like a mint note, added a little sweetener to make it sweet iced tea and i’m getting also fruity/floral notes of Jasmine, Too Good!
I’m really enjoying this one :)

Go Iced for this one!

Flavors: Apricot, Fruity, Jasmine

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I’ve been making my Kombucha with only North Winds and it is tasting really great.
I’m not gonna review my own Kombucha or anything But I will say that it is Awesome because I use an Awesome black tea to make it with :)
I can taste some of the notes of North Winds in my finished Kombucha, I get some of the malty, cocoa notes still and some of the fruityness still.

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I used homemade rice milk for the Belgian Chocolate Matcha this morning just to try something a little different.
It was crazy good but I can’t give it a rating till I drink it regular some more, I drank it once with regular milk and it was pretty good but it was so much better with the rice milk, it was creamy and sweet and quite chocolatey. My rice milk is already slightly sweet and has a slight vanilla flavor to it and that played a big part in the way it tasted this time.
It seems as if it didn’t have this much chocolately flavor the last time i tried it.

If ya got the Belgian Chocolate You should try it with some rice milk or maybe add vanilla sometime, it lends a extra creamy note to it :)

Flavors: Chocolate, Cocoa, Creamy

Thomas Edward(Toad)

I put an 80 on it for now:)

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Ok I had to start this review over because I accidentally deleted the whole thing before I posted it somehow.
I’ve been waiting on this one for a while, I was lucky enough to get to taste a sample of it a while back and i knew right away that i must have more of it.

The aroma is slightly floral and slightly fruity at the same time with the floral aroma being similar to an orchid type aroma and the fruity aromas being like that of plums or dried cherries, very nice.

The major flavor notes are those of smokey pine, raw cocoa and honey with a pleasant sharpness or dryness on the end/aftertaste.

The minor notes are ever-changing and make the profile of this tea quite complex and hard to write a review on but I’ll do the best I can…
There a very slight floral note at times when the tea is warmer those match the orchid notes in the aroma as the tea cools a bit those very slight floral note turn into slightly citrus type note somehow. There is also a slight sweet note throughout this tea that also changes, at the start it is a fruity type sweetness and on the end it is more of a floral or honey type sweetness.

This tea is also very forgiving and can handle abuse of oversteeping and still come out tasting better than ever with no bitter or astringent at all in fact To Me it actually got much smoother with a longer steep and even more mellow as it cool.

Overall Pine Peak is a great Name for this one because the smokey Pine notes are dominate in this one,a wonderful good Keemun IMO that can be enjoyed many ways, I bet It would make for a really great iced tea also.

P.S Also I tasted it with some sweetener just because, I DO NOT recommend that at all, This tea is best enjoyed as it is without added sweetener.

Flavors: Cocoa, Floral, Fruity, Honey, Pine, Smoke, Sweet

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I liked this one pretty good, tho I don’t consider it a Tea it is a pretty good “coffee” type drink.
This one to me tastes like a chicory, dandelion herbal coffee substitute, I can’t taste very much of the orange peel or anything else really other than maybe the burdock.
My review of this is prolly biased because I’m very fond of chicory dandelion coffee substitutes, I like the slightly bitter herbal coffeelike goodness and thats what this one is to me.
It can brew up really dark and nice if you let it, If you have some from your verdant TOTM club brew it strong and treat it like a coffee, If you have an espresso maker machine you can totally make this tea in there and it is the best.
I’ll be brewing this in my Espresso maker from time to time in the mornings until I run out of it, Luckily I was able to get some more so hopefully I wont run out any time soon :)

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The Aroma of the dry leafe is really sweet and honeylike, most pleasant.
The leafe appearance is beautiful golden yellow buds with very small visible hairs, very pretty to look at, they look a little different from most of the other yunnan golds I’ve had.

I steeped this one first as directed on the website 3-5 minutes at about 203degrees, I went for 5 minutes.
The taste is delicious with very nice yet slightly subtle flavors, sweet fruit notes and malt a little peppery on the end, very slight astringency on the aftertaste.
The taste is really good tho it is a little weak to me just not quite as bold as some yunnan golds and dian hongs that I’ve had.

The second steeping is a little better than the first the flavors are a little stronger but still sligthly “weak” I hate to call a tea weak like that maybe it’s just not bold enough for my personal preference, I think perhaps a rinse would have made the first steep even tastier so i’ll do that next time.
Overall this is a pretty good tea to me, the fact that it is a little weak to me means not much really because it is still very tasty and enjoyable, perhaps this would be perfect for some folks.

I think I’ll get some photos of the leafe and rewrite this as a blog post tonight, the leafe is really pretty to me I want to show it off :)

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This is a delicious silver needle.
The aroma is sweet to me like honeysuckle, when the water hits it the aroma fill the air with sweetness :)
The flavor delicate but tasty with sweet notes of honeysuckle and hay with a slightly spicy woody almost peppery note with a faint familiar aftertaste that I cant quite place on the first steeping.
On the second steep it was still delicate but not as much as the first Sweet with a little more hay notes this time and the woody note is a little stronger with the same lingering aftertaste.
Third steep is a little delicate again with hay notes still and the honeysuckle notes changed more into just a sweet honey type note kinda like clover honey the woody peppery note is more like sandalwood now and the aftertaste I’ve decided is like Basil as stated in the description.
Fourth steep was weak but still quite drinkable but its probably best to stop at three.
The wet leafe looks like little string beans lol

Flavors: Honey

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This is the latest Campfire Blend and I think it is wonderful :)
The earlier campfire blend was very good outdoor tea perfect for sitting by the fire, The new mix tho is even better I consider it a “wilderness” tea.
The smokey lapsang in here is very smooth yet full flavored, the cedar replacing the orange peel and the added chicory really turned this version around for me, it adds just the right touch and make for a really nice balance in the flavors.
Smoke and Cedar/Pine is the main notes I get from this one with minor sweet earthy almost mint like notes.
This is a great remake of Campfire Blend i hope the Cedar stay around for awhile.

Also, I’m not sure if it can be oversteeped but I know it can handle a pretty long hot steep and make a very bold exciting tea thats just all smokey sweet cedar goodness, try it really strong you may like it that way.

Flavors: Cedar, Pine

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Well Done Verdant :)
When I was reading the description and I saw all the ingredients that were in this tea tea I thought “meh too much stuff in there” and didn’t expect much from it.
When I tasted it realized i was wrong in thinking it had too much going on because the taste of all those things actually go really well together.
It is almost like a type of tea for wintertime but not quite bold enough for cold weather days, It is very subtle and sweet and actually pretty dern good for Springtime.
I can taste most of the things in this one, the cinnamon and the dandelion root, ginger, vanilla and even the Tea itself But it is difficult to tell single most of those flavor notes out because they are so very well balanced and really play together as one.
I figured it may be too complex to be enjoyed with all those ingredients But the flavors of this tea are only slightly complex with an overall unique taste.
Very Well Done.

Flavors: Cinnamon, Vanilla

Boiling 0 min, 30 sec

This is a very nice puerh :-)

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I just a guy who respects and loves the tea :)





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