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I had the Campfire Blend with a little added maple syrup and it was omg so good.
I reminded me of the outdoors so much I had to step outside and to enjoy a cup.
I got so much cedar and piney notes with earthy sweet notes and of course wonderful smokey notes, the maple sweetness really enhanced the cedar and smokiness.
Oh this is so good :)
The only thing missing now is a campfire and some colder weather, still a great outdoor tea.


I have never met a rooibos I like (that’s putting it mildly). I find them cloying and overwhelming. But you’re making such a good case for this tea that I’m willing to give it yet another try. What does the rooibos add to this blend that is so desirable? It looks like there are enough other notes going on that the rooibos doesn’t take over, but I fear that overpowering redness.


I haven’t had this one yet, but I love Brenden’s teas a lot. I would imagine that the rooibos in this blend would add a woody flavor which seems to make sense here.

Thomas Edward(Toad)

You can’t really much taste rooibos in this one, its more smokey with cedar

Whispering Pines Tea Company

I hate rooibos and this is one of my favorite teas :)


OK OK, you’ve convinced me. The rest of the brew sounds so good that I’m willing to risk the rooibos. What is it about rooibos that inspires such passion on both ends of the spectrum? ;-)


campfire blend, does that taste smokey?

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Oh My, So smooth and creamy almost buttery even,mmmmm.
Very nice and bold with malty, cocoa notes and honey notes with smooth floral vanilla and just the right amount of spice.
The spice level on this one is just perfect.

I can’t believe how smooth and creamy this one is, it needs no milk or sweetener at all because it is perfect on its own.
I did decide to add a little maple syrup to it just because and it was omg so delicious BUT a bit much for me at first because I used a bit too much the first time. After using less maple the second time around it was perfection.

The maple made it very sweet and even more creamy somehow, the maple sweetness brought about a chocolatey note that is different than the dark chocolatey notes of some of brendens teas and it totally enhanced the Vanilla and made it stand out much more.
The chocolatey notes of this one with sweetener is like a milk chocolate donut or something, omg so good.
Milk chocolate donut with chai spice on top, mmmmmmm so good.

The perfect balance of the ginger and other spices toned down by the vanilla make this a perfect chai on its own and allow it to be subtly sweetened without being too bold like some chais, Some sweet chais give my a slight belly ache from the sweet spicy combo, Not this one!

Totally Awesome on it’s own but if ya sweeten it do try some Maple Syrup, oh my so good.

Thanks BOYCHIK for mentioning Maple Syrup in your review! Great Idea!!!

Flavors: Baked Bread, Chocolate, Cocoa, Honey, Malt, Spices, Vanilla


This is my favorite chai, always and forever


You are welcome;) Actually its Terri and Sil style.

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I was excepting something different and exotic with the Yak Butter but it wasn’t much different from the milk teas I was having earlier.
I’m not sure what yak butter tea suppose to taste like, I’ve only had cow and goat butter teas, it don’t really taste much like a butter tea to me, but it does have a buttery smooth kinda mouthfeel.

It has that same little twang that all these instant milky teas have and it’s super creamy and smooth and not too sweet, not quite as sweet as the milk teas.

I didn’t get the salty one, I want to try it now tho :)


I’m so happy you reviewed this. I am really interested in Yak butter teas. I have no idea why, because I don’t eat butter, but I find these fascinating. My boyfriend wants to try these, so they may end up in my house soon anyway!


Excellent note, thanks! I have a box of the salty version that I bought for a Buddhist friend who wants to start making yak butter tea. I figured we could always add sugar but I don’t how much salt to put in. I also ordered a Xiaguan Tibetan Flame mushroom (2007, I think) for my friend to make the real thing, but we are going to use the boxed tea to get some idea of how it should taste first. Your note is helpful. I am not sure if I can take the real yak butter tea. My friend is from India so I am not worried for him so much.


So jealous!


Funny you should mention this. I’d been wanting to try the real salty-and-buttery deal for a long time, so my beloved got me a gift certificate to the Rangzen Tibetan (http://www.rangzenrestaurant.com/) restaurant near us in Cambridge, Mass. First of all, the food was absolutely terrific. Even my kids were raving about it. The tea? Well, what can I say? Poecha tastes exactly as described on the menu “Traditional Tibetian [sic] tea blended with butter, milk and lightly salted.” For those of us accustomed to unadorned tea, the addition of butter and salt is, well, startling. It wasn’t bad tea, but I’d say it’s definitely an acquired taste that I have not yet acquired. I am absolutely thrilled, however, that I got to check that one off my tea life list. as I told my kids, it’s a new experience, and one should never pass up an opportunity to try something new.


Yak, buffalo are kinda like cows I think


I’ve been tasting Wisconsin butters and bought a log of Amish butter to make the tea.

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Ok So I maybe i’m a bit carried away this morning with the instant powder milk teas but they are yummy to me, except this one.
I know I need to stop but I decided I wanted just ONE more then I’d be happy :)
This one was NOT that one more and did NOT make me happy at all.
It is horrible and bitter and just gross, even extra sugar couldn’t help this one, just nasty :(
Straight Down The Drain with this one!

Now I still want just ONE more lol


Ugh. Now I know what not to buy, though. :)

Public service!


Sorry for such a bad experience, but this review made me giggle… :-)


I got the ginseng oolong from enjoying tea.com for my son, and it tastes okay. Ginseng is a bit bitter, but my father and his brothers were ginseng farmers so I’ve had straight ginseng before, tho my uncles laughed me out of the barn for wanting to drink it since it is for guys.


TTF giggles are super cutes!



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drank Milk Tea by Gino Cafe
537 tasting notes

So while I was try to post about the last milk tea i was having Steepster decided to be down,I didn’t get the kettle messages instead this time down for maintinance and Steepster suggested that I have another cup, I said OK and picked up another one of the little instant packages:)

This one is delicious. Its creamy and sweet and just yummy.
Not much else to say really, its like most other tasty instant milk tea powders.

I can add that one thing I notice about these instant milk teas is that they all share a common something in the taste that just screams this is instant! not in a bad way at all tho in fact this one is super good, I think it is just some taste that prolly comes from the powdered milk or whatever they use in these, kind of like a slight twangy taste in there that is hardly worth mention.

Anyways this one is super tasty, creamy, sweet and smooth, as are most others I’ve had.

Flavors: Creamy, Smooth, Sweet

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While It is Not 3:15 pm I decided to have some of this one today, It’s a lazy Sunday and i just felt like an easy instant milk tea :)
I’m not sure how the Tea Community here on Steepster feels about these instant powdered teas like this but I don’t mind the instant Milk Teas I think they are pretty tasty.

This one is made with coffee so instead of just being a powder it comes in a small tea bag with coffee grains added to that instant milk tea powder. I assumed that coffee need to steep just a bit so I leave the bag of this one in the for 3 minutes 15 seconds just because lol.

The taste is like coffee with milk and sugar almost like one of those coffee nips candies but the taste of a bold roasty tea is also present. It is kinda sweet without being too sweet and not bitter at all like some coffee drinks can be.

Lance and I both really enjoy this one from time to time just because it tastes really good, I’m not sure how healthy the instant drinks are but we like it for the taste and I think thats just fine :)

I have lots of these lttle instand milk teas packets of all different types, we pick some up at our local asian mart every time we visit, they are not very expensive tho they aren’t exactly cheap either, they are worth it.

This one is just creamy sweet coffee with a roasty toasty tea, simple and tasty, not really much else to say about it.

Flavors: Coffee, Creamy, Roasted, Sweet

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I’m almost sure this is a Da Hong Pao, it is all in Chinese except for “Chinese Refined Tea”

The smell like a Wonderful Oolong, Roasty, Nutty and Sweet smelling with a touch of Earthy scent.

It is surely Oolong very dark with roasty cocoa spicey notes almost bitter. Taste like Da Hong Pao not bad at all, pretty good even. Not sure where to get more, I don’t even know where this one came from.
This one was sent along as a “tea gift” with some piece of teaware that I bought from I have no idea who, I have lot’s of different little unknown tea gifts like this that I just throw them all in a box.

If I had more of this I’d drink it from time to time BUT I’d open it right quick just to smell it even more often lol, It smells really really good.

Flavors: Bitter, Cocoa, Roasted, Toasted


That sounds like a wonderous box of “tea gifts” :) Also, you should try Whispering Pine’s Da Hong Pao!

Thomas Edward(Toad)

I love WP Da Hong Pao too, I’m a big WP fan :)


Oh yes you are ;-)


Nice identifying here, only experience gives this skill!


Haha, me too :)

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This one is delicious, it reminded me at first of Fujian Black from WP with the chocolate notes and it has some fruity note in there too like plums :) I sipped a few small cups of it before I found my Hello Sweetie sample and then handed it off to Lance to try and he loved it too.
I’ll spend some more time with it very soon so i can write a better review.

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I just a guy who respects and loves the tea :)





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