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This Tea IMO is a very nice blend; It has just the perfect amount of smokiness without overpowering other flavor or just being to strong itself, I know from exp with other blends the Lapsang-Souchong can mess up a good tea fast by being overly strong however that was not the case with this one, it seems to have just the perfect amount of lapsang in it.
The Spearmint is very bold and delicious in this blend and it actually compliments the smokiness of the Lapsang-Souchong very well and makes for a very nice Tea.
I’m not sure if I’m able to pick up on elderberries,I’m Not even sure that I know what they taste like alone or in a tea lol But there was some very faint slight interesting spicey like fruity notes in this one to me, I can only assume that would be the elderberries but then again i dunno, the spicey fruitiness of it is almost like raisins or something to me But these notes were very faint.

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Not bad but quite weak, I’ll not try the decaf Assam again.
I knew that the decaf may not be as strong as a regular Assam but this one is just too weak to me :(

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This Tea is too damn good, I don’t know what to say right now but I will soon, just too good.



Thomas Edward(Toad)

yep, too good for words


I’ll have to get me some of that!

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I’ve tasted and written many notes on Verdant teas but I
haven’t posted many because mine seem to be usually quite
different than what the website says and what reviews by
others say.
I brewed this one in my yixing but I steeped it western style
as suggested on Verdant website.

Steep 1 Was most delicious very malty taste with hints of
caramel,slight pepperlike spice, slightly vegetal/citrusy on
the end.

Steep 2 Was even better, nice and malty still with the caramel and maybe even chocolate type notes. It was a little nutty even with a pepperish type spice.
Vegetal notes on the end at first,Then the vegetal notes go into an aftertaste almost like citrus in the back of the mouth.

Steep 3 Was better still strong caramel and malty but a little
more nutty this time. Pepper type notes still present,
slightly vegetal on the end still followed by citrus almost
floral aftertaste. I’m really enjoying this Tea a lot :)

Steep 4 is yummy Caramel and Whiskey? Yep. this time it has kind of a watered down whiskey type flavor about it but still caramel notes tho and still slightly nutty with a slight
pepperish spice and citrusy floral after taste.

I just not really getting some of the things that other people here seem to be tasting, Oh well I still really enjoyed this tea a lot even if my experience was different than others :)


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test! just to see if it will show in my cupboard now :)

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I really like this one and Lance likes it too, Just now as I was going to post about it and I read the posts before I realize that this one DOES in fact taste kinda like the “sunrise sensation” from steapshoppe which IS itself kinda similar to the cinnamon swirl bread, this one is kinda of minus the cinnamon compared to those two but I still think Janet’s teas are quite nice, I really like her tea spices they are awesome!
anyways Lance fave is the sunrise sensation and he really liked this one too :)

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This is a nice one, it brews up looking pale and delicate but it ha has a nice kind of bold flavor.
It flavors are slightly vegetal maybe hay like, really sweet honey like notes a little nutty even with a slightly buttery mouthfeel.



There you are! I have been thinking about you, Tommy, and wondering where you were. Welcome back!

Thomas Edward(Toad)

Thank You, I been around just not posting much lately but I’m back now :)

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Pretty good, nice in the morning with some milk and sugar tho that made it a bit heavy on my belly.
Not sure if the caffeine or the milk and sugar but my belly kinda hurts now, It was worth it tho lol Yummy delish tea :)
I’ll taste it again soon without the additives

Charles Thomas Draper

Yes. No sugar or milk…

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I just a guy who respects and loves the tea :)





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