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Well I got myself bout caught up on all my household duties(I’m a housewife) so I decided to take some time to play Nintendo, Yep! NES Now how do I relate TEA to that, Easy NES Is Japanese(I think) and I know that Legend of Zelda is a Japanese Game so I decided to play the game to the first Dungeon and “Reward” myself with some Japanese tea if I make it :) I made it! and very easily also :) Now this Tea, I it Japanese but I’m not sure who sent me this one I do remember that it was a small amount in a tore up bag so I put it into a small tin for safe keeping.
This tea was very strong with just a short steeping it almost taste like a weak matcha tea but it was pleasant yet very grassy vegetal and really strong green tea taste, I Enjoyed it.
Please look at my screenshots on my blog and share it :)


I love the tea ware! How did you get that last photo?


yeah the last shot of the tea cup with the design in the tea super cool!

Invader Zim

Video games and tea! Makes me want to go play some Final Fantasy!

Tommy the Toad

Its just a picture that i drew of the tea symbol, it hangs on the bulletin board behnd my teaset, i just position the cup under it to catch the reflection. i drew it upsidedown and backwards so that the reflection in the cup is upright and correct :)


that is so cool i may steal it one day!

Tommy the Toad

mrmopar, I’ll draw one for ya ;)

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Not much to go by on the description because this Tea is pretty plain, black tea and cranberries with some flavors But its that simplicity that makes this Tea perfect. There is no spice to kill the natural cranberry flavor and you taste a very nice bold black tea first and foremost followed by the wonderful sweet and tart flavors of the cranberries. We have had Cape Cod Cranberry also by Upton and it has apples and hibiscus and tho it tastes of cranberry its more like cranberry sauce lol this one is more clean cut and proper than the other. Also one more thing I want to say is that other “cranberry teas” we had tasted like “cherry” cough syrup, yukky, NOT this one it is a Wonderful great tea, I do Recommend. Even if you don’t care cranberries you may like this one. Please check out the Photo on my blog :) Thanks.


Tommy your pictures are so much better than Upton’s pictures!

Tommy the Toad

Thank you, i try to get my lighting good for them :)

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Very good green tea, slightly vegetal very little astringency that was very it was also slightly smokey but very pleasant and refreshing, This would be a tea that I would serve to friends who ask for a good Green tea.

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Lance tried this one with me because Lapsang is one of his favs he loves the smoky Lapsangs. Lance has had many more Lapsangs than I have and he says this is one of the better ones that he has had.
This one smells nice and smokey when dry and just as good when wet.
The smoky flavor is slightly subtle so its not very over powering but it’s remains for a few steeps, there is little to no astringency to this one which to me personally is awesome because a lot of Lance’s Lapsangs ae stringent to me. This is perfect for a person who wants to try a smoky tea but thinks that Lapsang would be too smokey, It’d Subtly and sweet and a very nice tea :)
2 or 3 good steeps with this one, and thats not bad :)

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This is a good tea to me, Like I said last time I don’t understand the bad reviews. read my full post on my blog here with photos Please :)


My fanatical passion is actually neuropsychopharmacology, and have studied gabba intensely. I actually started taking gabba to curb my anxiety from the medicines I took…. with incredibly fantastic results. As a side bonus, it really helps people like me in social situations.

This sounds interesting since I’ve never consumed gaba-oriented teas, and may buy some. Thanks for the heads up, and great review.

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Just now I made Iced Tea for Lance, He wanted me to mix two for him so we mixed TC50: Uva BOP and TC54: Sarnia Plaiderie Estate BOP1 both from Upton Tea Imports here is link to both
They are both Ceylon from Sri Lanka just different estates I think.
The Uva estate is one of his favs for Iced Tea and this blend wasn’t bad at all, he likes it a lot.
He says it is Brisk and refreshing with very little astringency :)


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I been sipping on this one today, It’s been a bad bay but at least I still have good Tea :)

I think I will make a pitcher of this one Iced, its really good iced too.


Hope your day gets better!

Tommy the Toad

Thank You, it was just one of those days they happen sometimes :)

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Very tasty Tea first thing that I noticed is that when you take your first sip of this one you are not just flooded with all the flavorings, you taste black tea first off nice and strong and slightly astringent, next thing I notice is the clove and cardamom I may be wrong in describing this as a spicy flavor but that’s what it is to me I get spiciness of the cloves and such yet not too overpowering at all perhaps the roses and vanilla smooth those out and make them subtle. the last cup of the first pot was quite strong in the cloves and slightly more astringent most likely from the sediment in the bottom of the pot and the cup, after drinking it I can see the little particles in the bottom.


I just ordered this but haven’t found it in my box yet! LOL (I ordered like 58 samples or something crazy!)

Tommy the Toad

It’s really easy to go crazy with samples at Upton, We got lots of them that we still haven’t even tried yet lol :)

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On the way home from Thanksgiving dinner at Lance’s parents We stopped by the store for gas and I bought a bottled tea. I don’t usually buy bottled teas but I was thirsty and wanted tea lol.
This one isn’t too bad at all but it is very sweet, like hurt your belly sweet if you drink the whole bottle, I only drank half. It is surely not an iced tea that you want to pick up if your are thirsty because with all the sweetness in this tea it does nothing for your thirst. I remember having this tea in the bottle before somewhere but I couldn’t remember any details I just remembered that it wasn’t bad so I grabbed one today, they never have unsweet in the stores I guess folks around here likes tea that way.


It is a shame the stores don’t stock the unsweet version. It is actually pretty tasty. A local mexican restaurant serves this and I always enjoy it. The make a green tea as well. It is sweetened but nearly as heavily as the black.


Unfortunately here in the south it is frequently assumed that everyone wants sweet tea. As a born and raised southerner my family thinks it is weird that if rarely sweeten my iced tea.

Tommy the Toad

Yep, I think it’s a southern thing stores don’t stock much unsweet because they think we all want it super sweet down here, here at our house Lance loves super sweet iced black tea while I like unsweet oolong lol I’m going to have to look for the green tea from this brand also :)

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I just a guy who respects and loves the tea :)





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