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410 Tasting Notes


I got some of this today in another tea swap, it is is pretty good, it was in another language and i tried it before I even knew what it was, it was awesome and I knew it was a flavor that I recognized but I couldn’t put my finger on it only after learning that it was Red Velvet Cake could I then actually taste it, I thought it was some type of chocolate tea at first. Anyways it is really good it just needs a little sugar in it to make it just right :)
This is from a swap I do monthly on the Tea Review Blog if the link if you are interested in monthly swapping :) http://www.teareviewblog.com/

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A friend on Facebook did a swap with me a while back and she sent me Iron Silk Puerh from TEASOURCE along with some others, I enjoyed it and she sent me some more this time from INFINITEA, So I decided to compare.
Iron Silk Puerh is Puerh blended with peppermint, clove and licorice, I’m not sure whose blend it was first or if either of these are the “original” but they are both pretty consistent taste-wise, It’s a nice and interesting blend very tasty and smell wonderful, so wonderful in fact that after I tasted these in my tearoom we left for about an hour to have dinner and when I opened the door to go back into the tearoom
it was filled with aroma of peppermint(not the candy but the real deal).Like I said the flavor of both teas is pretty much the same nice Puerh that smell of mint with flavors of licorice and cloves which is very nice but the big difference
in these two aren’t the taste of smell but the Aftertaste and the Mouth-feel so I’ll talk about that. If you have ever put a clove in your mouth or chewed on a real licorice stick(again not the candy) then you already know this aftertaste and mouth-feel that I’m talking about, the numbing sensation of the cloves and sickly sweet bite of licorice that is the difference between these two teas. let me say that the appearance of these tea was very different Infinitea’s had sliced licorice root/stick that you could see nice perfect pretty little slices and no stems in the tea at all looks very
pretty while the look of the Teasource one has stems and the licorice pieces are more like shredded chopped up chunks and it’s just not as pretty as Infinitea’s.
Looks can be deceiving as they were in this case, I figured the pretty one would be the better one and I was Wrong. Tastewise like I said they are pretty same and good
but if ya like licorice or cloves or mint then you really want the one that gives you the feel of licorice and clove and taste and look because those two herbs are so much
more than taste. again if you have ever put a clove in your mouth or chewed a real licorice stick then you already know what I’m talking about and if you haven’t then honestly I’m not sure how to explain the taste or feel of it, I can tell ya that
cloves have a spicy sweetness too with almost numbing sensation in the mouth and back of the throat, Real licorice(forget the candy) you have to just try for
yourself because all I can say is sickly sweet lingering taste with different sensation. Ok anyways I’m crazy so I hope that made sense to somebody out there, TEASOURCE
Iron Silk Puerh wins over INFINITEAS because of the “real” sensations and mouth-feeling that INFINITEAS version lacked, That is NOT saying that the INFINITEAS one was bad or not good just TEASOUCRE is so much better.
I think it may have something to do with the “cut” of the licorice honestly because some things just steep better when they are more chopped up or shredded/grated rather than just sliced up, I’m not sure just my opinion, I feel kinda crazy on this one because I feel people won’t understand what I’m trying to say but I hope you can understand, I have trouble explaining or describing thing with words sometimes, sorry :)
Thank you Deborah from Facebook for providing this tea to me for this crazy post.
Steepster, Sorry this was so long it was copied from my blog :)


I really did understand you, and more flavor IS going to come out easier when chopped up finer especially when you’re talking about a root. Licorice is a root.


Good review Tommy! I often feel like I don’t “get” mouthfeel and it’s interesting to read about other people’s experiences of it.
The cloves thing reminds me of an old folk cure from when I was growing up – if a toddler was teething you’d put a bit of clove powder on their gums and it would help with the soreness.


Okay, now I want to try real licorice. I dislike the candy usually. I like licorice root in tea. I have no idea where to find real licorice or what it looks like!

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drank Dark Rose Tea by TeaSource
410 tasting notes

I bought a Bamboo Tea Tray from Teasource.com and with it they sent me a sample of this, Ok I would have never,never bought this Tea on my own because I just wouldn’t but now that i was able to try it, it is not bad at all not too rosey/flowery but a very nice smooth flavor with a slight sweetness in the aftertaste, This one is prolly worth buying to have for company or something even, the little hearts are very tightly pressed and they expand into a good bit of leaves, 1st steep was not as dark as the next steep as usual but the following 3 steeps were very dark slighlty thick and very smooth by the 5th and 6th steep it was starting to look more like the first steep and i knew it was ending, I would recommend this one.


Tommy the Toad

Photos here :)

I tried to edit but I always have problems with the edit box not scrolling down so i can save it, oh well


I love the tin shown in the photo.


Oh my gosh the tea is heart shaped! I have to buy this!

Tommy the Toad

More Heart Shaped Tea is at the tea table, its not as great as this one but its not bad at all either :)

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At the time of my first purchase I had no Clue about this “Golden
Flowers” so I was like WTF is this in my Tea? I later learned
about it and realized that I love it, Before I knew about it I wouldn’t
keep the first purchase in the house My only though was to get that
Fungus as far away from Lance as possible(gave it to my brother)
because I didn’t realize it was harmless to him too,
I thought it may damage his lungs
because he isn’t well (long Story) but that is a thing of the past and
now that I know we can both enjoy the Fu Zhuan.
It’s nothing spectacular but I enjoy it a lot it has a very earthy
flavor and It does kinda taste haylike to me, I use it when I make
my Butter Tea and use it for other recipes also.
This Tea looks like something you would not want to drink, it is
full of stems and sticks and the leaves really look old and crusty
but it really is not bad, This particular one has less “Golden Flower”
but still tastes pretty good. Very smooth and kinda hard to
actually describe the taste it almost has a raw/green puerh taste
but brews up like a ripe puerh tho I personally wouldn’t even call it
a Puerh myself it is something else. The Gold dust is good and not
scary at all you guys should try this one. This one has very little “Golden



I like butter tea too.


Crazy sounding stuff!

Tommy the Toad

It’s different but not bad, reminds me of being in the woods drinking stick tea lol


Maybe one day I’ll learn to appreciate this gold dust. Today not so much.


i have some of this too. you hit it right as being like a sheng pu-erh. i had the same taste of it. i want your butter tea mix of ingredients! i want to try it as butter tea also.

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This is a very nice green tea it is light and grassy with almost sweetcorn type notes, creamy smooth like an Oolong with some astringency towards the end and lingering mouthfeel, this Green Tea has some Oolong nuances. The Aroma was typical grassy/vegetal green tea aromas, Overall a very Pleasant Tea for everyday drinking.


2 min, 15 sec

Yes, love that one, too!

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I’m not sure that I like this one as good as the one from Siam Tees but I’ll compare them together soon :) look at my blogsot for it I hope my pics turn out good! http://toadsteablog.blogspot.com/2012/10/lan-gui-ren-ginseng-oolong.html

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This one is very nice also, I am a huge fan of the DMS Black Pearls and this loose leafe very is just as nice it its own ways, i feel it it have a lighter flavor profile very nutty and roasty also with hints of cocoa, the leaves are pretty to look at too that always important to me, and the Aroma of this tea is wonderful to it seems to have some citrus or even piney notes in the aroma i think that aroma come into play with the slight floral or bloomy notes of this tea, Very Good Tea to me.


195 °F / 90 °C 2 min, 30 sec

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I’ve had many ginseng oolongs lots of them seem to be on greener less fermented/oxidized this one i think is medium and it brews up a nice dark amber brew with id just how i like an oolong, The ginseng coat don’t cling to the leafe forever either allowing the leaf to open up much faster than most yet there is still plenty ginseng flavor to this tea I really enjoy this tea, i knew it would taste good i’m very glad to have orederd it.
I can’t smell ginseng for some reason at all ever but the aroma of this one at first brew was reminiscent to a heavy baked tgy. very nice tea, i love it, i can’t smell ginseng but i taste it sometimes :)


195 °F / 90 °C 2 min, 45 sec

I’ve never tried ginseng oolong before but I keep seeing it lately and thinking “hmm, I should try that”.

Tommy the Toad

this one is a very nice one to try :)

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Very good tea, Starts off light and grassy with bitterness then goes a little darker almost like a ripe Puerh with no grassiness but still some bitter in a good way, it keeps getting a little darker each time but with a pretty consistent typical aged raw puerh flavor until finally it starts slowly fading away.This is one of those feel good teas to me that gave me the “High” “Happy” feelings that I love so much. I can enjoy this tea for its taste and that wonderful feeling. I’ll end up getting more of this one I’m sure :)


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I just a guy who respects and loves the tea :)





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