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This one was pretty good to me, we drank it with milk and sugar because Lance wanted it “breakfast/british” style. I was quite bold and nice and it was actually pretty good to be drank as a “breakfast” tea but to me it was lacking in one area, I would have loved to have some of that yummy Assam Malty notes in this, I was just not malty at all like I like my Assams, but it was still very good tea :) Even better about it was that Lance and I created a memory together by having this tea together this morning and talking about it and comparing notes, we don’t often enough share a cup of the same tea so that was Boss!

Oh Yeah Please follow Lance here he won’t be on much to talk about teas but sometime he does, thanks guys :) he is http://steepster.com/Bluii


Already following :) always nice to see him make a tea log :)


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1st steep in the Gawain was 3 minutes as per directions, it brews up a nice clear yellow color with a slight green touch (according to Lance*), the taste was very delicate but quite pleasant slightly vegetal flavor that i just can’t place, tho the taste was delicate the flavor of the tea was above the line. No bitter or astringency just wonderful tea flavor.
2nd steep I added 25 seconds,it yielded the exact same pale color and that same wonderfully delicate tea flavor as before but of course slightly stronger and this time unknown pleasant vegetal flavor became kinda like sweet peas?? not sure, it was very delicious tho :)
~I’ll have a little blog post of this one soon with photos and a better review :)~

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I added Siam Tees Santikhiri Oloong with DMS black Pearl also from siam tees to create a nice iced tea blend, I made it a few time and it is awesome, I’m fact i had some this moring i keep some in the fridge sometimes for something cold in the mornings. Very nice iced tea almost chocolatey :)

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This one is delicious! It’s everything an Earl Grey should be to me, it reminds very much of Stash Tea’s Double Bergamot EG. The aroma is excellent and fills the whole room, mmmmmmmm :)

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Not my cup of tea either, honestly this one was just bitter and taste like asparagus, I have one more of these Twining’s samples to try perhaps I’ll like it.


I had to use cooler water and a short steep to drink this one. Of course there are far better choices out there.

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lol, couldn’t get to zero

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The first thing that hit me soon as I open the bag is the aroma of this tea I’ve tried many teas with this same type of aroma but the aroma of this one was just so much stronger and much more I dunno beautiful? can you describe an aroma as beautiful? I just did :) it smells floral and green and just awesome.
The taste was really nice too, it was nice and greenish and floral at first then creamy and almost buttery with some hints of fruit like apple or pear by the third infusion it developed slightly spicy notes almost like cinnamon that really played well with the fruity notes that were still there, the creamyness was present the entire time, very interesting and super good tea.
If I had some more of this one I could play with my steep times and preparations and probably discover lots of other wonderful flavor notes notes from it. Even tho this greener type of oolongs are not my favorites I have to say that this is one of the best ones I’ve tried from Tea from Taiwan so far :)

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So instead of steeping this one short like I usually do I decided tonight that I’d steeped it by following the instructions on the bag and it was the same wonderful taste as always but of course a lot stronger and bolder, I love the way the taste lingers in my mouth I can still taste it for a long while, makes ya just want more. I love this tea steeped any which way I just love it, super good stuff. I think it’s bout time to go ahead and buy some more of this.

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This one is quite nice, slightly sweet notes of sweet potato.
check out my blog post on this one please :) http://toadsteablog.blogspot.com/2013/01/pearl-single-leafe-tea-gaba-oolong-by.html

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I just a guy who respects and loves the tea :)





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