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I made this one the way Lance would like it(since it was for him)with some sugar before I even tried it straight and OMG! it is delicious, was well worth the long wait.
Im enjoying a few of these Verdant teas for Lance today since He missed them.
This one made Lance’s way is chocolate(milk chocolate) and caramel and rocks and minerals and kinda floral maybe.
We’ve had many teas like this one but not this particular one from Verdant, others were a little more bold and robust, This one is more gentle with subtle notes and very relaxing, a perfect tea for enjoying in the afternoons. I usually like these types teas a little bolder but this is damn near perfect! I think its the timing, great afternoon tea.
I may it Lances way with a little milk too for a not so strong “builders tea” that may be nice.
The chocolatey notes of this one was very interesting because it was actually like milk chocolate not the usual dark chocolate or cacao notes, it was very good with sugar like this, No lie, Yummy!

Damn, this Tea is really good all the way around, I made it my way this time, 15sec steep in yixing no suga, its excellent! Very very smooth, a little, citrus bite, very subtle malty note and Caramel lots of caramel notes, the type of caramel notes that reminds me of whiskey, I like whiskey, I really like this tea tho.
I think I have a buzz,maybe from the sugar of doing it Lance’s way first or maybe a nice little teabuzz, either way its good.

Definitely try this one sweet if you tend to like sugar in your tea(some folks do, lance loved suga in his tea) but also Definitely drink it straight also, its like day and night, pretty damn good tea.
I could really get into a habit of sipping this one straight everyday, in fact I think I will make this my everyday 4 oclock tea, I’ll drink it everyday until it is gone and maybe by then I’ll have gotten paid from the new job and will have ordered some more.
I wish we had tried this earlier,Lance would have drank this one up for sure.
Some teas just hit the spot!

I’ll do a better review soon when I spend a few afternoon with this one.

Flavors: Caramel, Chocolate, Citrus, Floral, Malt, Sweet, Whiskey

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I like this one pretty well, it’s nice and smooth,not quite as chocolatey and bold as the previous North Winds, this one is more fruity and floral, still very delicious.
I ordered my Autumn 2015 North Winds already so I’m gonna enjoy this one up while I have it, i’ll prolly save some back so i can taste them side by side just for funs,
I have always enjoyed all versions of North Winds that I have had,it is one of our favs I think.

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A really nice one :)
The aroma is outstanding, fruity and sweet, it fills the whole room when steeping. It almost smells like froot loops cereal to me lol
The Bergamot flavor is strong but very well balance to compliment this tea, It is not in your face too strong but doesn’t fade away with each steep like many EGs, the fragrant cirtus twang of the bergamot is awesome with the malty sweet goodness that is golden snail, better tea = better blends :)
I steeped this one western style 4 times starting at 3 minutes adding a minute or so for each other steep and it was yummy all the way through.
Sorry such a short review, I haven’t tried it gong fu style yet nor with milk and sugar but I’m very much looking forward to doing so in the morning, perhaps I’ll make it into a London Fog latte and call it a Golden Fog :)

Flavors: Citrus, Fruity, Malt, Sweet


This sounds awesome.


Isn’t it awesome?

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Up late sipping some goodness :)
I been running low on tea cuz moneys tight and Andrew from Liquid Proust Teas sent me some goodies to drink, a bunch of oolongs and some puerhs and this one Yay!! I loves Fuijan black teas, Thanks a million Andrew you are Awesome!
This one is Yummy to me just like some others that I’ve had, dark chocolatey, malty, roasty sweet goodness :)
This is the kind of tea that makes me happy so it gets a straight up 100 score from me.

Flavors: Dark Chocolate, Malt, Sweet

Thomas Edward(Toad)

my last post before this one was 2 months ago? really?
damn i dunno whats wrong with me

Liquid Proust

As long as you were drinking tea, nothing.
Now, if you were not we will have to have a group meeting…

Terri HarpLady

I don’t post nearly as often as I used to, in part due to the fact that I’ve already reviewed pretty much everything I have, often more than once. Also, just a busier pace of life. I still drink tea all day long though :)

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This one was the Bomb-Diggity to me, Awesome delicious!!!
So I drank up my little sample and now I want more lol.
We don’t do much powdered or matcha teas except for sometimesin the mornings and when we do have them we don’t prepare them as directed.
I use a little hot water in the powder to make a smooth paste and then I pour cold milk in there bowl/cup and froth it up real good, thats just the way we like it.
So anyways this is how I made the Green Mint this morning with a little sugar added and I loves it, I can taste the peppermint and eucalyptus but I can’t really taste tea but that ok because it is so good :)
It kinda tasted like a thin mint girl scout cookie minus the chocolate, so good that i didn’t even let Lance taste it lol
I may buy some of this one of these days :)
I’m about to try one of my other samples now.

Flavors: Eucalyptus, Peppermint


Did you add milk to this one? I agree its Bomb-Diggity to me as well.

Thomas Edward(Toad)

ya i made it with milk, it was awesome, i really liked it!! :)


I have a tiny bit left and a carton of milk…. hmmmmm…. I’ll be back.


Yes! Very refreshing this afternoon with a bagel and honey

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This one makes a really damn good London Fog, The Vanilla and Bergamot in this one is quite gentle but the flavor is quite nice. I don’t think of it as a Darjeeling but as an Earl Grey version, I usually like earl grey with really strong Bergamot but I appreciate the subtle bergamot in this one, its lovely.
I like it :)

Flavors: Bergamot, Fruity, Vanilla

Thomas Edward(Toad)

Omg, when it cools it becomes quite fruity, My London Fog actually tastes so fruity that it very much reminds me of the milk left over from eating a bowl of Fruity Pebbles cereal with a little vanilla added.
I’m digging this Tea :)

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OMG This is Yummy!!
First steep
Very nice, rich and thick tasting with an awesome mouthfeel so velvety smooth and a lingering sweet aftertaste. I get some slight pecan notes and cocoa and slight camphor.
Second steep
Mmmmmm, same notes as steep one but much more intense and this time with a nice unusual earthy note, different than other puerhs, a kinda woodsy earthy note, the aftertaste pretty strong.
Steep 3
I can’t really describe this steep, It’s so nice and warm, like a hug on the tongue.
Steep 4
I wonder these different colored fish food flakes taste different to my fish, he seems to really like the reddish ones or maybe he can just see them better in the water, I dunno.
I’m kinda sweating a bit, whew, I think i’m feeling the Qi now :)
Steep 5
That moment when you are in the NOW,everything else just kinda stops and melts away leaving you there with no worries, no pain, no thoughts really, no thoughts of the future or the past, Just the NOW. Just staring off in bliss sipping your tea with no other concerns. A perfect Tea!

Really looking forward to next spring already so I can get a few cakes of this one :)

Flavors: Camphor, Cocoa, Pecan, Sweet

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I drank one of these today, its not too bad, got a slight fishy scent but not bad.
Tastes not bad too kinda sweet much earthy, I enjoyed it.
Probably would be pretty good for morning sippings, I like drinking random little mini puers in the mornings sometimes because they are just easy to open and toss in a strainer lol
This was sent to me by Kirkoneill1988 I just asked for one to taste for the time being, he is going to send me some more soon :)
Thanks Kirk!!!

Flavors: Honey, Wet Earth


glad you liked it. :D hopefully in july i can send the rest

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I just a guy who respects and loves the tea :)





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