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Damn Good Tea :)
malt, floral, honey, baked bread, bold



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Parting is such sweet sorrow…I may have yacked about this before already, Hell I dunno if so then here it goes again lol

Sometimes I get a little sad when I get to the bottom of a bag of tea that I really really like because that means that this is my Last Cup for a little while, It’s like having to say good bye to a good friend whos been hanging around but now has to go home, you feel sorrow cuz they leave but it’s still sweet because you know you’ll see them again one day.
Same with some teas for, I’m sorry it is gone but Sweet! now I can buy some more!

I also get Happy too because, Sometimes your sweet friend may leave something behind when they leave, a parting gift so to speak, and thats always Sweet!
This Tea left behind for me today a most Awesome parting gift, as I removed the last bit of the leafe from the bag I noticed all the crumbs and dust in the bottom and stuck to the sides and I got really exited because I know what that meant, it meant that I was about to have an Kick Ass cup of Tea!

Surely somebody else knows what I’m talking about, I know we want big pretty tea leaves to make or tea with instead a little ground up tea shavings and crumbs that make up some bagged teas But this left behind stuff from the loose tea bag IMO is So Not like that found in some tea bags at all.
It’s the little hairs and dust and crumbs that come off of the teas naturally and settle to the bottom instead of intentionally ground up tore up tea for tea bags.
To me it’s is one of the perks to drinking loose tea, an extra added bonus to look forward to in the end, and it makes a really nice cup of Tea.
Honestly sometimes the cup you get from the dust is even better than all the previous cups of tea that you had from that same bag of tea, like the tea has a mind of its own and saves the Best for Last just for you.

Some of you that may know me on FB already know that I’m a weirdo and I get some crazy ideas sometimes lol
Well I aint gonna lie I got a crazy Idea once when drinking this tea dust and I thought perhaps I can just take some of this tea and stick in the coffee grinder and powder it down and drink it as I do the dust, So I did just that and it was a bad idea it didn’t work at all, it was not that great(even prepared as a matcha).
I decided that it didnt work because it grinder was to hot, i dunno but it sounded good to me lol
So I tried again, this time I used a mortar and pestle, It was pretty good but NOT quite the same.
I reached the coclusion that I don’t this can be done on purpose, You just have to wait and collect the dust that happens on its own, or it just wont be the same.

These are Very Special cups of Tea to me and I really hope somebody else besides me uses the dust in the bottom of their bags of tea also because if not then I may just be a tea fiend and a lot crazier than I think.

Here is a photo, I hope the link works


That ain’t the only “shake the baggie” I can remember!

Terri HarpLady

I love this posting, LOL :)

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As before a very nice tea that brings about happy feelings, the wet leave aroma this time smells kinda like cooking spinach.


Spinach – THAT’s what that is! I had a session of this tea this past weekend and was wracking my brains trying to figure out the aroma. Thanks Thomas.

Thomas Edward(Toad)

Such a lovely tea


I really like this tea. I haven’t had it in a while. I should pull it out.

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I enjoyed this one, it was nice and smooth kinda light with some malty notes and kinda fruity like plums. Very decent to me but something about it that just makes it not my cup of tea.

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Damn good stuff, it taste much better these days than it did when I first bought it.

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Terri HarpLady

remember the night of the super moon?

Thomas Edward(Toad)

oh yeah, fun times :)
I bout died that night lol

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I’m not even sure how to describe this tea. This is one of if not the best White tea that I’ve had.
Thank You Angel for this sample!!
I’ve had this these samples for a while now and just havent tried some of them until now, I think I got them
in the Spring
I’m really glad that I waited until Autumn to try this one because it’s a wonderfull fall time tea IMO, like I
said tho I’m not even sure how to describe it.
I’ll start by saying that this one is quite different than most whites I’ve had even white tea cakes, it’s difficult because this one actually has most of the same typical notes that I also get from all the other whites that I’ve had with the honey, hay, grassy, spicey, fruity notes ect everything that I’ve ever tasted in other whites are in this tea somewhere AND also has IMO many characteristics of other tea types as well from yellow, to oolong and even at times similar to a raw puerh.
It’s a Chameleon!
Some other notes that I don’t usually get from white are Malt, Toast or Roasty notes, Nutty, Earth, Vanilla(I’ve got slight vanilla from just a few whites but this has really nice vanilla notes) Fruit(this one had typical peachy, apricot notes that I generally find in whites as well as raisiny and plum like notes that i find in some blacks)
even some whiny grapey/muscatel notes like someblacks or darjeelings and thats not even all.
NOTHING at all off putting or bitter or atringent or anything in this one, Absolutely Perfect!

This Tea really blows me away, I love it, I have to say perhaps it’s actually the best White Tea that suits me and Surely one of the best Teas period that I’ve, It’s got so much going on.
I have to give this one 100 here because of it’s wonderfully complex diverse flavors.

I must have never had a Shuo Mei or maybe not a good one perhaps.


Ooo, I LOVE shou mei! I will put this on my wish list!


this sounds wonderful…


sounds delicious.

Thomas Edward(Toad)

It is really really good :)

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One of My Favs, I decided to try it a little different this time around, For some reason I figured that it would be yummy if I made it into a tea latte with the steamed frothy milk and all but i was wrong lol
it quite tasty and all but it wasnt what i was expecting, i tasted none of the yummy fujian blak notes that i love so well, it was just a simple tea latte, not bad but I will not do it with my Fujian Black again.
This tea is perfect naked it needs nothing at all to dress it up.
I will try this with my other favorite tea just to see how it goes :)

Thomas Edward(Toad)

hhhm, i just posted this and it say “a day ago” lol

Thomas Edward(Toad)

Say 9 minutes ago for other folks, wtf? lol


I got an hour ago. 12:25 eastern time.


I find the same thing – only very robust/one-dimensional blacks are worth adding milk to, as it tends to mask the unique notes found in higher quality teas (or if the tea is light enough, mask almost the whole tea!)

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This one is nice to me,I like it a lot :)
I kinda didn’t want to review it or anything because i already have a fav Fujian black tea that to Me just can’t be beat(a few favs actually), but this one comes really close and could give My Fav a run for its money.
This one has very nice malty and chocolatey notes like my fav with some subtle roasty notes and some caramel and a touch of something that i dunno makes it taste almost like a pastry cake or something. Delicious!!!
I’ve had this little 50g bag for a long while and I’ve been just pinching out of it here and there for a while Unfortunately this was my last bit of it But thats ok I’ll surely get some more. I really really loved this one a lot.
It is similar in enough ways to my favorite fujian black to be extremely comforting and pleasing to me and at the same time has it’s differences that make it stand apart from others.
So Effin Good!!!!!!!

Flavors: Caramel, Chocolate, Malt, Sweet, Toasty

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I made Earl Grey Lattes or London Fog drinks this afternoon for Lance while I was sipping an Oolong.
I sipped a bit of his and it was So Good I couldn’t believe it so I had to make one for myself when I finished my Oolong.
I actually used this Double Bergamot EG blended with some Manistee Moonrise (an older version) from Whispering Pines as my Tea and frothed up some sweetened Vanilla milk to pour in it.
I enjoy an EG London Fog Latte often because they are yummy but this one was the best I ever had.
Very creamy and smooth, the EG and Manistee blend is hard to describe but I mix EG with Manistee Moonrise often and I love it, they compliment each other nicely IMO.
Anyways this drink is pretty good, I’d recommend anybody to give it a shot.

I already indulged in like 3 cups of it cuz Damn its yummy, No more for me today tho :)

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I just a guy who respects and loves the tea :)





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