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As a child I never cared for cheesecake I always remember my parents eating it and when they offered it to me I just wasn’t having it. My mentality then told me that Cheese plus Cake would not be a good combination so I hated even the thought of it because I just didn’t understand.
When I was a little older(early 20’s, don’t judge me lol)I accidentally ate some cheesecake at a friends and I was like “OMG,you made this? It is so good,What is it”
My friend told me it was Cheescake and I was just like “Oh, Great Cheesecake” I didn’t want to admit that I was always scared of the stuff lol
Anyways I loved loved loved the cheesecakes every since then and I’ve had lots and lots of them many different ways, So good :)
This Tea nails the cheescake taste to me pretty well, It is very creamy and smooth with a sweet cheesecake taste, very tasty but a little too subtle so Not perfect but pretty close.
Cheesecakes taste different pending on who makes it or where you buy it and such, I’ve had Excellent cheesecakes and Not So Good cheesecakes and in between cheesecakes. You can tell the difference between homemade and the store bought kind and so on and such So all cheesecakes taste different in their own way.
This matcha ,To me, taste like a cheesecake somebody made at home but not from scratch more like a nobake cheesecake Or the kind of premade cheesecake that comes in a tub , very tasty.
Tho not quite homemade in the taste and the taste is a little subtle, it is still quite nice.
Even a nobake boxed cheesecake can be super tasty and We Love to buy the cheescake in the tub and eat it right from the container those are fun times and thats what this matcha reminds me of :)
This one that I tasted was just a sample and tho it IS yummy good I think it could be tweaked to perfection and made to taste like a real home made cheesecake.
I still have enough of the sample to make more of this I’m totally going to add a touch of the Caramel Matcha into it next time, I love caramel cheesecake.

Flavors: Butter, Cream


Mmm…I love the Cheesecake Matcha as well…
I had some before bed last night.

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I really, really, really like this Matcha a lot.
I’ll surely be trying other Matchas from Red Leaf and I think I want to try this one as a black tea matcha too.
Bumped up to 100 rating for me, This stuff is just too good :)

oh, Here a link to my blog post about CaramelMatcha again if ya want to read it
Thank you :)

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I had the Caramel Matcha earlier made my usual way but with Chocolate Milk instead, it was super good. Tasted like one of the simply caramel milky way bars. I couldn’t taste the matcha as much because of all the flavor going on but it was still super good.
very sweet!

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I saw a post on Facebook for this tea recently witch a special offer of like 80% off So I had to check it out while it was on sale I got 2 of them :)
I’m really glad i got 2 because this stuff is really really good, one of the best Caramel flavored things that I’ve had.
I made this one our Usual way for doing Matcha here at our house, with cold milk and a little sugar and I also tried it hot the way matcha suppose to be made so i can try it both ways.
It as Delicious both ways, I really enjoyed it.
The aroma of this Caramel Matcha reminded me of Whiskey actually, read why on my Blog post :)

Flavors: Caramel

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I’d really rather make No Review at all before I make a Bad Review BUT in this case I really had to, there is something horribly wrong with this tea to me :(
This tea seriously makes me stomach hurt, I’ve tried it on 3 different occasions and I decided to try it again this morning but NO Good :(
I have honestly never had a tea that made me belly hurt like this after drinking so very little of it, tho I have drank teas that have made me feel bad, this one really hurts I can’t even change to something else because my belly is upside down.
Tastes like a Yunnan Black but really taste all goes out the window when your belly starts hurting.
It makes me sad too because I ordered a few teas from Silk Road Teas(4) and honestly only 1 out of 4 was even worth drinking and that was only when it was Iced.

Very Disappointed with Silk Road Teas :(


I get like that with oolongs. I’m finding a few that I don’t react to, but for the most part? I get violently ill within minutes.

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Oh MY, This is Good!
I’m not sure why I haven’t tried this one sooner I know I’ve seen it on the site before, I will not overlook it again.
Ok so I don’t know what to say because I read all the other reviews on this one and I think they cover it pretty well :)
This tea is just as the others say it is Orangey Chocolatey Creamy goodness in a cup, It taste like Terry’s Dark Chocolate Orange and Creamsicle at the same time.
I see folks mention Christmas and Halloween, This one makes me think of Both at once lol Taste like Halloween but brings memories of Christmases and of my Aunt Judy, how she would slam those Chocolate Orange Candies on the tabletop at Christmastime to break the pieces apart.
Wonderful Chocolate Orange Tea, maybe even the best :)

Flavors: Chocolate, Cream, Orange Zest

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec

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This one is very smooth, slightly sweet and has many different notes, earthy, smooth, sweet, cocoa and vanilla notes and presence of a slight leather type notes that is rather pleasant.
Nice solid puerh :)

Flavors: Cocoa, Earth, Leather, Vanilla, Wood

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These Woodland mugs are great, I use mine everyday.
This mug is the perfect size to use with Whispering Pines “Infuser set with dish” and they feel really comfy in your hands when filled with your favorite hot tea.
Lance and I both have one of these little guys(Lance keeps his at work) they are the perfect size for a nice cup of tea and they look cool too.
Only 22 of them made so if you love Whispering Pines Teas You best go and order ya one before they are gone, you’ll love it.


Oh yeah, that’s a pretty mug, indeed.

Whispering Pines Tea Company

10% off until they are gone! :)

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I thought I had some kind of allergic type reaction to hibiscus But I’ve been drinking teas with it here lately and it hasn’t seemed to bother me, weird, Anyways……This one is not very tasty, Don’t taste much Vanilla and it’s way too tangy and tart and kinda sour, this just tastes like a really strange fruit tea, It don’t even taste like a specific fruit just some weird tangy sour fruit. Not very enjoyable as a warm tea to me, Maybe it would be better cold but I’ll never know that cuz i’m done with it after just half a cup.
Not My Cup Of Tea :)

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I just a guy who respects and loves the tea :)





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