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This one is nice to me,I like it a lot :)
I kinda didn’t want to review it or anything because i already have a fav Fujian black tea that to Me just can’t be beat(a few favs actually), but this one comes really close and could give My Fav a run for its money.
This one has very nice malty and chocolatey notes like my fav with some subtle roasty notes and some caramel and a touch of something that i dunno makes it taste almost like a pastry cake or something. Delicious!!!
I’ve had this little 50g bag for a long while and I’ve been just pinching out of it here and there for a while Unfortunately this was my last bit of it But thats ok I’ll surely get some more. I really really loved this one a lot.
It is similar in enough ways to my favorite fujian black to be extremely comforting and pleasing to me and at the same time has it’s differences that make it stand apart from others.
So Effin Good!!!!!!!

Flavors: Caramel, Chocolate, Malt, Sweet, Toasty

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I made Earl Grey Lattes or London Fog drinks this afternoon for Lance while I was sipping an Oolong.
I sipped a bit of his and it was So Good I couldn’t believe it so I had to make one for myself when I finished my Oolong.
I actually used this Double Bergamot EG blended with some Manistee Moonrise (an older version) from Whispering Pines as my Tea and frothed up some sweetened Vanilla milk to pour in it.
I enjoy an EG London Fog Latte often because they are yummy but this one was the best I ever had.
Very creamy and smooth, the EG and Manistee blend is hard to describe but I mix EG with Manistee Moonrise often and I love it, they compliment each other nicely IMO.
Anyways this drink is pretty good, I’d recommend anybody to give it a shot.

I already indulged in like 3 cups of it cuz Damn its yummy, No more for me today tho :)

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OH MY!!!
First sip and I taste mushroomy notes Yay!!!!!!
Extremely smooth and Silky, almost creamy.
Nice subtle earthy note that is very clean tasting almost mineraly.
Some woody types notes also in there, slight sandalwood.
Raw cocoa notes.
At times I got almost toasty nutty kinda of notes.
At times it was also kinda savory and broth like, mushroomy broth.
This Tea is great hot, warm, cool or cold; it’s great with long steeps, short steep or any steeping method.
It is also Long Lasting, I started off saying this was an all day tea because it yields so many steeps, it just wont quit.

View my Blog post Please
Thanks :)

Flavors: Creamy, Earth, Mushrooms, Smooth

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The Aroma of this Tea is Outstanding! Very good I enjoyed it. It really smells like yummy strawberries, filling the entire room with fragrance.

The flavor let me down just little bit only because I was expecting a really strong strawberry flavor to match the intense aroma. The tatse of the Tea itself is nice slightly sweet and vegetal with a creamy smooth buttery mouthfeel, very nice.
The strawberry taste in the tea fell a bit short to me not because it wasnt tasty but because it was just so subtle, don’t get me wrong it was quite good but the aroma was just a bit misleading because thats where all the strawberry really was.
With the buttery smooth creamy mouthfeel of the Tea itself and the real strawberry notes it is more like a “Strawberry and Cream” tasting tea.
The subtle faint strawberry tatse in this tea is actually good for this one because it don’t mask the taste of the tea itself, it just add a hint of taste to it without making it taste fake or just too much, it is surely a step above other fruit flavored teas that I have tried.

I commented earlier in a Tea group when someone asked the question “Sweetener or No Sweetener?” and This one was one of those Teas that I couldn’t help but wonder if I should add a sweetener too or not.
My answer on the comment was No Sweetener in straight/plain teas BUT that some flavored teas can actually benefit from a little sweetener added. Some Flavored Teas DO NOT taste like the fruity flavors they are suppose to have untill you have added something in them to sweeten them up and make them taste right, thats just how it is.
ANYWAYS, I figured that perhaps this one would be one of those teas so i decided to add a little sweetener to see if that would boost the Strawberry a little bit.

Not Good, this one is NOT one of those flavored Teas that could use a little sweetener, In fact adding sweetener to this one totally ruined it for me, Granted the Sweetener DID increase the sweetness of the strawberry taste and made it a litle more intense it also ruined it by making it taste very ODD, it almost had a medicinal cough syrup kinda taste when the sweetener was added, BAD IDEA!!

I liked this one pretty good, it was missing something for me just not sure what, The Tea itself is very good and the strawberry taste is REAL but subtle and the Aroma is Top Notch!
Considering that this one was good on its own even tho subtle in strawberry And the sweetener totally ruined it, I think this tea actually a perfect flavored tea, nothing can improve on this one if it were anything more it would be like all the other run of the mill super sweet fruity teas.
Most likely not a Tea that I would buy and have on hand but surely one I can enjoy, I could actually enjoy just steeping this up and smelling it instead of drinking it I think, lol :)

DAMN!!! I Really Really Really want a big ass bowl Strawberry Shortcake Dessert right now.

Flavors: Butter, Smooth, Strawberry, Sweet, Vegetal

Thomas Edward(Toad)

Oh, Yeah
After I ruined this one with sweetener I didn’t drink much out of that cup just enough to write my review, I was done with that cup so i walked away from it and went outside for a bit When I come back inside that cup had completely cooled and I tasted it and it was actually pretty good, it was like buttered toast with strawberry jam, very interesting. Maybe I should try it as an iced tea :)


It’s beautiful as an iced tea, less sweet but fresher :)


My reaction to this one was pretty much the same as yours – including adding sweetener, and the room temp flavor. I think the problem for us both was expectation, especially with that awesome leaf aroma. Once I accepted this was a grown up sip, I realized how good it actually tastes. And yeah, strawberry shortcake does sound good right now.

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Ok so I tasted this one again at home brewed better in a glass gaiwan for 1 minute starting, I did not use a fine strainer to keep the hairs out cuz i don’t mind the hairs and I did not allow the tea to cool very much this time:)

Steep 1- 1min
MMMMM, very nice reminds me of a Dragonwell in some ways.
It is a lot less bitter this time actually just a slight bitter now, still quite vegetal with a little herbaceous, grassy notes. The smokiness is more up front this time and kinda reminds me of the smokiness in a Raw Puerh. It also has some slight nutty notes and the finish is a bit sweeter.

Steep 2- 1min 30 sec
A little stronger on this steep, vegetal still about the same, few differences the Smokiness is a little I dunno woodsy or earthy this time maybe, much more like the smokey notes of a sheng, and the finish is a bit sweeter still with some bitter twang.

Steep 3- 2min
Nah,I don’t think it was very good for a 3rd steep was good but surely faded.
It still has flavor mainly just the smokey note still with some vegetal, too weak now to even be bitter with a faint sweet aftertaste that was as lingering as before. Even tho this is the last fading steep and was faint on flavor it was still quite enjoyable.

So yeah It was much better to me this time and I think I surely effed it up with the microwaved water and clumsy brewing earlier BUT
even tho I ruined it last time it was still quite tasty to me and I still enjoyed it too.
I think it will be still tasty with an even shorter steeps than starting at 1 minute, I’ll try starting it 30secs next time around.

Oh and this tea is Very Fuzzy, more fuzzy that it looks,
You can see some of the little hairs on the dry leafe of this tea yet it don’t appear really fuzzy or anything to me, more like just a little hairy BUT oh my! you can really see lots of fuzzy hairs in the liquid (if you don’t strain it well).
The first time the fuzzies eventually sank to the bottom and formed a hairy glob and this time they just floated all around in the liquid and made it appear a bit murky.

Brew it right and it won’t be bitter or astringent,
Very Nice Tea Either way :)

https:[email protected]/15305033667/

Flavors: Herbaceous, Smoke, Sweet, Vegetal

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This one is pretty damn good, I’ve had it a while i think but it tastes very fresh still.
I can’t wait to get home so I can have it prepared a little better. I prepared this one all wrong because i’m at the dialysis clinic, brewed up with microwaved water eeww with a cheap strainer in a cheap cup its the best i could do because i wasnt prepared.
I let the water cool a good it before steeping the tea because i figured it was too hot then by the time i actually steeped it i figured it was too cool but i steeped it anyways.
i actually expected a bad cup of tea due to the steeping but i was surprised that it was still really really good. I totally hate microwaved water but this time i honestly
couldnt tell it was microwaved because the tea was so good.

The tea leafe aroma is oh so good to me, it smells sweet and savory and vegetal and a little floral and something else i can’t place, very comforting too smells like some unknown something from the past, something mt granny use to cook maybe i dunno lol I know it smells really good.

The tea leafe juice is really awesome! even tho the water may have been crap the tea was wonderful. I got lots of differents notes and taste from this one and it changed a good bit when cooled.
This one was BITTER and a bit Smokey but also Juicy and not astringent at all,Sweet(almost fruity sweet)and Savory, very green and Vegetal and a little Herbacious. I got 2 steepings of it this first time and those 2 steepings was soo different.
The first steeping is awesome and intense, with all the notes listed above, most of these notes were subtle and faint at the start of the cup while the tea was warm and seem to just grow more intense as i allowed the tea to cool, It was almost as if i had the leafe still in the cup that how much it changed just with the cooling of the first cup. At first when warm i got faint vegetal taste with a little sweetness and no bitter or astringency at all very nice also for some reason it seemed light or thin at first, as it cooled those notes became a bit more intense and bitter, it seemed to changed from delecate or thin to bold and full bodied if that make sense and it developed an interesting thick mostly bitter slightly sweet lingering after taste. This one was a bit different than some Mao Jian that i have had in the past and it I like it alot.
The second steep fell a bit short and was alot weaker than the first, it was more like how the first steep started with out ever growing much bolder or getting that pleasant bitter as it cooled, It did grow a bit bitter but just like before.

I do want to talk about the bitter of this one,First Bitter is NOT a bad thing in fact I really like the bitter in this one,it is NOT an eww bitter but a very nice yummy bitter(some folks do like that).
I’m not sure why but Bitter and Astringent seems to sometimes show up together in teas and I notice that some folks are easily confused by the two(like this lady up here who tasted my tea lol).
So this chic tasted my tea(cooled) and she was like "omg, that’s astringent!
I think not it is quite juicy and NOT astringent at all, it is BITTER but in a good way.

I’m not sure if i got the bold bitter because it was steeped using bad water or if thats just the way this tea is but i really enjoyed it still. A nice tea steeped wrongso it must be even better steeped right, i’m looking forward to having this the proper way very soon.

oh yeah I advise using a nice gongfu strainer for this one cuz it is a fuzzy one, i used a shitty strainer so it let all the fuz in my cup which i don’t really mind, at first the fuzzies were floating on the surface but as it cooled the fuzzies that didnt get drank up fell to the bottom of the cup and congregated in the middle looking kinda nasty like a hairy blob lol
So use a good strainer if you don’t like fuzzies in your cup :)

Also i got a happy feeling from this one now too, like a slight tea buzz, thats always a good thing in my book :)

Flavors: Bitter, Smoke, Sweet, Vegetal


Good to see you on here Tommy! Hope you guys are well and ok!


Ditto, felt happy right away as soon as I saw notes from you today! And even better, you got your tea buzz on. :)

Thomas Edward(Toad)

Thanks you guys!
I needed a little Toad time to sort some personal crap out but We are doing pretty good taking one day at a time, i’m gonna try to post here more often now and hopefully get my blog back up and going real soon :)

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I was gonna post a review
until got High,
It was gonna be a good one too
but then i got High,
I messed the whole thing up and i know why
Cuz i got High, Cuz i got High
because i got High

alls i did was drink a little tea too and now i feel like oh my it must be my birthday or christmas hell maybe it’s friday and i’m in love, i just feel so warm and cozy inside like omg i’m so happy and just i dunno man, 6 steeps in and I wrote a review then i read it and i was like WTF am i talking about its crazy man i really can’t post that one, I’ll fix that mess and post it in the morning. right now and alls I really want to do is drink and feel good, Good in ways that are not so easy to describe right now :)
Eleventy-one Points for this one!!
Well that’s it till tomorrow, Happy Halloween!

da da da da, da da da da, da da da da!

Whispering Pines Tea Company

Hahahaha, this is great :D


I want what he’s having ;)


It did that to me too. I had to lay down.


are you sure you don’t want to give it 420pts?


I support everything that was said in this review :-)


Thomas Edward(Toad), MzPriss, TheTeaFairy:
What brewing parameters did you use to feel so good? (0_0) Thanks! :-)

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Directions say 212F at 3-5 minutes, I steeped mine right in the middle at 4 minutes.
The first few sip were shockers I just didn’t know what to think at first, it almost seemed tart at first.
After a few sip the flavors started falling into place and it was really good.
The chocolaty notes were like creamy milk chocolate with hints of mint and some herbaceous sweet type note.
This is an interesting chocolate tea, I’m not sure what to think of this one but it was pretty good, It’s like chocolate with something else that I cant quite figure out.
I really enjoyed it.

Flavors: Chocolate, Herbaceous, Mint

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Thank You to Good Life Tea for providing me with a few Samples to try.
I just couldn’t really enjoy this one very much at all tho :(
Not saying it was Bad or anything it just wasn’t that Great to me.

The Tea itself taste pretty good but the bergomot and the cream/vanilla flavors in the teas taste a bit off to me.
The tea itself over powers the harsh flavors, I love Earl Grey but this one is just not one I can love, it really taste like the flavors are artificial and not so great.
Overall not bad but nothing I would purchase at all when looking for an Earl Grey.

Also I noticed that the sample I recieved was not in the very best of shape, the leafes was crushed so badly that they looked like they should be in a teabag rather than loose leafe.

OH!, The Envelope they came in gets a BIG thumbs up tho because of the Super Awesome handwriting on the front :) AND a Harry Potter Stamp featuring Madam Professor Minerva McGonagall, Hells Yeah!!!!!!


I had the exact same thoughts about my envelope! Especially, the Harry Potter stamp!


I bought the HP stamps last time I needed forever stamps. The guy at the post office asked me what I wanted, and I asked what my options were. He said, “Let me start with the ones no one gets. Harry Potter.” “I’ll take it.”


Yay Harry potter :)

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“a wistful desire to return in thought or in fact to a former time in one’s life, to one’s home or homeland, or to one’s family and friends; a sentimental yearning for the happiness of a former place or time”

Sometimes you taste something or hear something or see something that just takes you back to past times and brings long lost memories and feelings that were never really forgotten but just hidden away deep inside and maybe neglected a bit.
That’s called Nostalgia, We all know what nostalgia is because I’m sure we’ve all expeirenced it at some point in our lives. Nostalgia can be a good thing sometimes and may be healthy for our minds.
“Reliving past memories may provide comfort and contribute to mental health. One notable recent medical study has looked at the physiological effects thinking about past ‘good’ memories can have. They found that thinking about the past ‘fondly’ actually increased perceptions of physical warmth”

I’m at the dialysis clinic with Lance today and I brought this tea along to taste and make a little review on here for it, easy peasy right? It was supposed to be easy peasy but Nostalgia happened.

The taste of this tea is not the best but it’s not bad by any means, in fact it’s pretty good just not in the way I was expecting. I was expecting a Very Rasberry taste and it’s actually more of a Raspberry Candy type of taste. It is kinda tart and the tea itself is a bit bold for a fruity blend. I added a bit of sugar to try and bring the sweet fruity taste of raspberries out a little morebut instead it went even more candylike to me.
It actually reminded me very much of the way a Raspberry Tootsie Pop used to taste when I was a child, So much so that nostalgia kicked in and I went back in time to a much better place than sitting here in the dialysis clinic.

I was taken back to Halloweens 3 decades ago, my sister and I sitting in the floor of my moms house in the living room dressed up as werewolves and princesses or whatever cool costume that we wanted that year becuase Mom always made sure we would dressed up as anything we wanted to be. Every year different costume but always the same ole candy that we looked forward to every year, I remember the Raspberry Tootsie Pops being one of those favorite candies that I pesonally looked forward to seeing in my halloween bag.
I remember my sister and I eating these thing and swapping candies that we didn’t like with each other for something that we did like. I remember this now because the memories were provoked by the candylike taste of this tea. I would try to gather up all the raspberry tootise pop that my sister had and I would offer her like 4 of my Grape pops for like 6 or 7 of her Raspberry pops which wasn’t fair but as a child it seemed fair to me lol
I remember Mom stepping in and teaching us to share and be fair and would make sure that I did my sister right and made a fair trade with her and everybody was happy and content.
Mom was great even tho we went trick or treating She still would make up little goodie bags for us herself with some of the favorite candies that she knew we each loved with raspberry tootsie pops always sticking out the top of my baggie(man i still remember what those baggies looked like she must had a lot of them and used them every year lol). Mom would check all of our candies and pick out what she wanted and “trade” with us for it by giving us our baggies and She’d stick in a video with some Halloween cartoons and we’d sit and watch and eat candy and sing along “trick or treat, trick or treat, trick or treat for halloween!!” Oh the good ole days.

I miss my Mom so much she was very good to us and always made us the best halloweens, raspberry tootsie were always part of all of that(along with other goodies) While I say the nostalgia was about the Halloween memories maybe it’s even more so that it made me think of my Mom along with that, My memories seem to dwell on Mom.

Anyways this Tea reminds me of Raspberry Tootsie pops and provoked some good memories of halloween and my Mom and by doing so it kinda gave some of that time with her back to me for a little while, I really appreciate that :)

Flavors: Candy


Thanks, love the review, especially the nostalgia part! Yes, all our fruit blends are bold because of the Assam. It’s our signature profile, which is perfect if you prefer really full-bodied tea.


wow that’s a long review! It’s very hard for me to do a long one my self. anyhow red tootsie pop eh? CANDY HEAVEN! :D I get nostalgia for videogames i played as a kid ;)

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I just a guy who respects and loves the tea :)





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