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Sipping on this “Liquid Love” this evening, It’s a really good relaxation tea for after church on sunday. Got the doors and windows open enjoying the cool breeze from outside and lounging on the couch sipping tea, nothing to do not a care in the world just the sound of the wind and delicious tea, This is nice :)


that sounds like a lovely afternoon!

Butiki Teas

Love “liquid love”! :)


Cheers Tommy, that’s what I’ve been sipping on all day :-)

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The taste of this one is wonderful, to me it is slightly woodsy at first with bold notes of cocoa ,maltyness and maybe caramel, kinda malty and just really super good.
The second and third steep were the best, they were malty and tastes of so much of cocoa it was almost like it was a flavored tea or something and caramel hints with some roasty toasty characteristics of a darker oolong and the flavor was lingering in the mouth with a slight bitter.
by the fourth and 5 steeps it had lost the maltness and caramel hints but the woodsy note is back and the cocoa notes are still there, on the fifth steep a slight “whiskylike” note somehow came about.
Read more and see a few on my blog please :)

Tommy the Toad

I want to get more of this tea, I think it would be superb sweetened with a touch of mint added, mmmmm.

RachanaC (Rachel)-iHeartTeas

I just ordered this one today so excited to get it. Though it’ll be a while before I drink it. If you saw today’s blog post you will see what I mean.

Tommy the Toad

No Tea for a week, I couldn’t do it. Good Luck! you’ll love this one when you do get to try it :)

RachanaC (Rachel)-iHeartTeas

Thanks Tommy. I am concerned for my survival as I am highly addicted.


This sounds very interesting.

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drank Daoli Flower Trip by Daoli
410 tasting notes

This one tastes pretty good, I’m not really big on flowery teas myself tho

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Super delicious, Super Smooth very dark with almost chocolaty type flavors, many steeps. This one starts like a really dark oolong a then it almost seems to turn into a super awesome delicious black tea. It reminds me of certian a darker oolong that I keep on hand, this one is out of stock on the site right now, I was going to get some more.
This is a really dark oolong/wulong(whatever it’s called) I enjoy these darker type oolong the best so this one is my kind of tea :)

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drank Organic Matcha by DoMatcha
410 tasting notes

Just made Lance a matcha with milk sweetened(that’s just the way we like it) and I licked the whisk and and it made me want one too, this Matcha is the Bomb-Digitty!!!! Green delicious goodness, I guess the way make it is kinda like a matcha latte or something maybe? anyway Super good stuff!


I just had a matcha latte myself, made with milk and honey!

RachanaC (Rachel)-iHeartTeas

Yummy! They are my favorite Matcha so far. :)


I wish I liked milk more and it didn’t COMPLETELY cover the taste of matcha for me.

Tommy the Toad

Milk and honey Matcha, I didn’t think about that, i use agave or some suga sometimes.
@yappy- just use a little more Matcha in there and try it, we use lots of matcha in ours, prolly too much.

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um, yeah, its all been said already, good good stuff, today this one is my favorite.

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I tried this one again thanks to Stacy :)
Please check out my blog post on it, pretty much same review as last time but this time I picked up on another flavor/taste note in this one, Last time my nose was messed up which could have very much changed my taste perception.

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This one is a decent/good Puerh to me, Slightly “fishy” aroma at first in the rinse and first steep that was gone by the second steep(perhaps i’ll break one and air it out next time). The color is quite very dark almost completely black and “thick”. The flavor is nice a solid, earthy and slightly sweet with a pleasant “doughy” tast that is reminiscent of Pie Crust which was very nice. Best of all to me was the leafe itself, intact, large leafe pieces, no crumbling and very little stems. Good Tea!
I added this Tea here but No Photo, Sorry Steepster just ain’t gonna let me add the photo, oh well at least the tea is logged :)

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Awesome good white tea, the color is very pale and the flavor is bold, It does have a slight nuttiness to it and the description say “fresh and fruity” i’m not getting the fruity but instead maybe a very faint floral taste, not a specific floral taste like jasmine or any other flower that I know of just kinda generic floral type taste sensation even more so in the aftertaste, it lingers on my tongue and the back of my mouth. As far as the freshness I’m not sure that I qualify to make statement about the freshness of a tea but it taste fresh to me and the delicious lingering after taste does leave my mouth feeling “fresh”, the intake of breath following a sip of this tea is very nice too almost like i can taste it in the air and in my lungs lol just part of the aftertaste i guess.
The leafe is very beautiful, one on the prettiest teas that i’ve seen, rather large tips or needles “whatever” leaves! that are very fuzzy like a lambs ear.
I’ve never really been big on white teas but here lately I’ve been buying teas that Look pretty to me in hope that their taste would compare to their beauty and so far those have been really good and a few of them are other white teas so now maybe i’ll get into white teas a little more or at least discover some that I do enjoy like this one.

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I just a guy who respects and loves the tea :)





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