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Tea Fanaticism is not just a choice but a way of life! I awake everyday to it, keeps me going because of it, have a cup before bed, and dream nothing but it. Niceties aside, Lets wage holy war any day on lipton and those who love it, flog anyone who uses tap water, and no telling what will I do to those will ravish darjeeling with carelessness! Lets stand up to the little guys and sneer at the big boys, lets bring the age of Camilia to the world. Who’s with me?!

Teas I’d die fighting for:

The healing powers of Indica and Sativa

Rooibos Tea by Teavana( yes I like Teavana and their teas. Bite me!)
10 year old plus aged Pu-Erh cakes

Teas I’d rather not die for:
Micky death’s own brew of tap water lipton black tea. Its the WMD of the tea world!

Lipton!! I just hate it! Won’t touch the stuff and bother putting it in my mouth.

Twinnings tea…Lipton’s uptight brother! Not worth buying or drinking and its toxic.

Anything RTD or pre packaged teas are sacreligious and best reserved for kids!

Teas that are my life blood:
p91 strain brewed fat soluble butter water moderated with sugar and chair spices.

Plain Assam in loose leaf form with a slightly more malty flavor. Its a standby besides breakfast or Earl Greys.

Chinese and Japanese greens mainly gunpowder, sencha, the occasional gyokuro , Bi lo chun, longjings.

Keemun in the late afternoonn complements whatever I just ate. The taste of plums, the slight floral flavors just goes well after a bowl or two or after the munchies. Its harmony two herbs in one riding off in the sunset.

Finally Rooibos Chai, Rooibos plain, Rooisbos anything and its worth drinking. The smoothness and tartness just goes hand in hand with whatever herb pr spices you put with it!

Well, thats that all about me and my crusade for tea-ism! May the tea be with you!


Agoura Hills, California

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