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Drank the last of my samples from the wonderful Mr. Mopar today. I think raw pu’erh isn’t really my thing. This tea was good but didn’t get me excited to keep drinking it. This tea made a gold-yellow brew with citrus and grape skin flavors that reminded me of a Darjeeling tea.

This had some very large leaves in it, one of them really massive! I felt I had to take a picture of it (with my junky phone camera) which kind of looks like I used instagram filters or something, but that’s just how the pictures on my phone come out haha I drew in the rest, since this this monster of a leaf was only part of it, and the picture quality is pretty bad.


My phone had Instagram before it was cool! lol :P


guess you are a shu pu lover too. i can’t do much of the sheng yet.


I like your instagram! I’m with you. Lovin Shu! Here I go…
There was an old lady who lived in a SHU! She had so much Puerh she didn’t know what to DO! (naw that last part is mrmopar not me)


bonnie you are great and crazy! thats why we love you because you are almost as crazy as me!!!


Haha, love you guys


I just noticed that you want to be a VET. Well, guess where there’s an AWESOME vet school (I mean really awesome), right down the street at Colorado State University! The Horse Research Facility is a block from my house, there are vet students EVERYWHERE! Cool place to be. Hope you consider this school and the tea scene is good too. (Love this town!)


I’ve heard CSU is a good school, I’d definitely love to go there! Sounds like a great place to be. It’d be nice to have a place like Happy Lucky’s to stop by and get some tea :)

I’m kinda doing some soul searching right now; I’ve always thought I wanted to be a doctor/vet, but but lately I’ve been more and more discouraged by the competitiveness of even getting into vet school… I’ve also always loved music, but been afraid to go into it as a career, and I’ve developed a minor obsession with history… I guess I’ve realized that theres risk and hardship no matter what I end up doing, which kind of scares me. So for now I’m just trying to do my best and figure out where I want to go in life :)


Things do/will change. I was a PE major, then Special Ed. I went to Computer school and was a Systems Analyst, I ran a Call Center for Business Telecom (Apple, HP, Stanford etc.), worked at a Winery, Coached High School Track, was a ComputerTtech off and on. Programmed Central Office Telecom Switches. Point being, in a lifetime, you never know what you’ll end up doing. In my 30+ years I’ve had many adventures. I began in my teens working with disadvantaged children, then after High School I was active in the Civil Rights Movement of the 60’s-70’s.
I put myself through College. No one ever paid my way with loans or any kind of help.
Whatever you choose to study will be of value even if you change course many times. This is where you make your best guess, try to do what you love and take that leap of faith.

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Sipping my first brew from my first pu’erh cake. No classes this afternoon, so I’m settling down with a good book and a kettle of water on the stove :)

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drank 100 Monkeys by Pekko Teas
122 tasting notes

Edit: I doubt that the odd flavor was Pekko’s fault, it probably absorbed the scent from something else during its voyage across the pond; so I’m giving this a 70 as not to change the “Steepster Rating”

This tea is… Interesting…

Dry leaves: I opened up the bag and noticed a familiar smell that I couldn’t quite identify. The leaves are small, curly, and soft, and have a nice olive and white coloration.

Brewing: The leaves unfurled to reveal small young buds, and the liquer is a pleasant light yellow. While steeping it, I again smelled that smell that I couldn’t quite place.

Tasting: As I brought the cup to my lips, my brain cried out “TABASCO SAUCE!” for that is exactly the smell I had been thinking of. Confused, I took a sip and experienced a nice, light throat sensation and found a pleasantly bitter taste with notes of pine and melon… and, well, Tabasco sauce (not the spicyness, just the flavor)…

I’m now on the third steep, and still confused. The taste certainly isn’t unpleasant; in fact its growing on me, but I can’t seem to shake off the feeling that I’m drinking some very mild Tabasco.

For the benefit of my sanity, I may have to send some samples to someone o_0

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I like your tasting notes. You have a wider range of scent profiles than most people. It’s like aroma bingo isn’t it.
and ‘Toabasco’ is the winner!


Haha, thanks Bonnie. Its fun to see what tastes/smells you can dig out of tea :)


Don’t know anything about the vendor, but if they are a 3rd/4th party vendor (like most are) and don’t get this directly from the farm, the likelihood is that it was stored poorly at the distributors (and then it is both the distributors fault and the dispensing vendor who should be cupping each new lot from them prior to selling anything from it. The often held onto misconception with coffee and/or tea is that the trip from origin to source is anything like direct. Its like Assam teas…most aren’t even aware that Assam has flushes like Darjeeling and that we as a nation typically only chance upon 3rd flush and most of that is almost a year old by the time it makes its way to the shelf. There are flavors in teas that we have yet to even savor and could very well be that this teas tabasco is part of that….

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This is a really interesting tea, pretty much unlike anything I’ve had

Dry leaves: Feel super feel super fresh and soft. They have a pineapple top shape and white, velvety skin.

Brewing: The leaves expand just a little bit, but retain their shape. The tea is the lightest colored brew I’ve seen, almost like water.

Taste: Very light with no bitterness at all. Hints of honeysuckle, green peppercorn, and fresh-cut leaves over an underlying note of fresh hay. This tea reminds me slightly of rosewater, and has a unique combination of fresh, earthy, and floral flavors.

Reminds me of: Trimming a gardenia bush on an damp, overcast day


I love this type of puerh although I’ve run into many people who don’t get it at all. It’s unlike anything else! The one I have is a little piney in a good way but your green peppercorn description makes sense too. I always think of diving in an alpine lake with sweet water when I drink this Puerh. I like it hot and I’ve tried it cold which is good too.


Seems like it would be really refreshing iced, I’ll have to try that :)

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Received my Yunnan Sourcing order today!
The teas smell great, but sadly the lid of the gaiwan I ordered was cracked despite some really intense bubble-wraping :(

Dry Leaves: Really lovely shiny golden buds with some black mixed in. They have a velvety feel, and are very soft and fresh feeling compared to other blacks I’ve had.

Brewing: They produce a gold-brown colored tea with a honey-like aroma. The leaves are almost all whole, and unfold to look like small needles of milk chocolate or fine leather.

Tasting: The first thing in noticed when drinking this tea was the powerful throat sensation. Definitely the strongest I’ve experienced. A typical Yunnan gold flavor with hints of sugar cane, spice, and I wouldn’t have thought of it, but as the description mentions, whiskey :)

It held out well for two steeps in my 12oz pot, and made a slightly weaker but still quite nice third steeping.

Reminds me of: Fancy hotels? Not sure why, its just the image this tea brings up for me :)

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Aw, sorry about your lid! Will they replace it?


I just emailed them, so they haven’t gotten back to me yet, but reading on their website it sounds like they probably will :)


Update: They emailed me back and said they’d send me a new in a day or two, no questions asked :)

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drank Assam Melody by Adagio Teas
122 tasting notes

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Got this as a sample from Mandala with a teapot I ordered

This is pretty darn good! Similar to dragonwell, which usually isn’t my favorite, but I really enjoyed this tea. It has a nice nutty taste, more like macadamia than chestnut, which lingers for quite a while and gives a strong, pleasant tingling at the back of the throat. Its smoother than a dragonwell, kind of like a light oxidation oolong.

The leaves are nicely pressed and unbroken, and open up fully when brewing. This is a very light colored green tea, almost looks like a white or yellow.

The pot I ordered is very cute and has a nice pour, however the lid doesn’t seem to fit quite right, which is a little disappointing. It looks like the body of the pot was slightly warped during production, leaving the hole that the lid sits on slightly oval shaped, so it wont quite fit. Its a nice small pot though, and the lid trouble wont keep me from using it.


mandala is pretty good stuff. iam am drinking some of theirs now. i don’t think any of the yixing made by hand is perfect but the pour is all important!


They seem like the have great teas and great customer service :)

The pot I got is a small white ceramic one to replace one I broke recently that was my primary pot for non-gong fu brewing (thinking about getting a yixing for pu’erh later this year though) I think I must have gotten the last one, cause they’re not on the site anymore…


try this link on ebay they are in the us and offer a big selections of yixing fairly reasonable 261108739482 be sure to check the sellers other items to see al the pots.


Wow, those are pretty low prices. Do you have one? How is it?


i think i got the last 350cc one with the removable filter basket. i think it was 12.00 with 7.99 shipping i like it so much that i emailed the buyer to see if he had another.here is the item i bought if ebay still has it up.380449524467


sorry its 420 on the size link still up

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drank Green Needle by Adagio Teas
122 tasting notes

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My name is Thomas,

I’ve loved tea and coffee since I was little, but only started getting into the world of high quality teas about three years ago.

My favorites are pu’erhs, Yunnan blacks, and Taiwanese oolongs. I’m not much into flavored teas or jasmine/florals, but I love a good cup of chai or adding a spice or two to my teas sometimes.

Currently taking a break from school, moved back in with my parents as I work and trying to find my place in the world.

I’m a music lover and have played guitar and violin for quite a while and have also learned to love the sounds of the sitar and hindustani music in all its forms. I’ve become a bit of a guitar “grease monkey” and find building, modification, repair, and dissection to be even better than playing sometimes. I’m also a nature lover and try to get out to a nice trail or park at least once a week.

My Rating Scale:
95-100 Wowza!
90-94 Pretty darn good
80-89 Nice
70-79 Decent
50-69 Potable
0-50: Blech.


Clearwater, FL

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