104 Tasting Notes

drank Emerald Lily by Rishi Tea
104 tasting notes

Day 3: Riding the mountain hills til my body’s sore, and enjoying the peaces and quite before my crazy cousins and little nephew show up :)

Came down to the coffee shop and decided to try this tea, definitely not my brightest idea… :P This might have been a good tea at some point, but I think the leaves have been sitting around in this coffee shop for way too long.

There’s a bit of plum and seaweed notes, but the overriding flavor I get is raw oyster. It’s drinkable, but pretty bad. I almost never add sweetener to green tea, but adding little honey to this made it taste alright.

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On vacation in Waynesville, NC where my grandparents are renting a place for a 4th of July family get together. Paradise! I’d really like to live in Asheville or somewhere near when I get out of school.

There’s a coffee shop in Waynesville that I always stop by when I’m here, and apparently they started carrying a few Rishi teas. I’ve been hunkered down here all day to get my schoolwork done before the rest of the family gets here.

This is a pretty tasty powdered sencha. Doesn’t make me go “wow” but its a refreshing and easy way to my tea fix :)

There’s a tea house in Asheville that’s supposed to be pretty nice, hopefully I’ll get to visit there sometime this week


Carolina boy huh? I grew up in west Jefferson outside of Boone.


Cool! I’ve lived most of my life in Florida, but my grandparents have always lived up here and I usually come up for a while in the summer. I really like the mountains.


Asheville is a very nice place. If you get a chance go to Shatley springs in West Jefferson. It is a really good place to eat and if you look out back across the pond you will see the house my mother grew up in. Your grandparents will probably know about this place. Good down home country cooking.

Tea Sipper

I hope you have fun!

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Very tasty! A balance of creamy, sweet, and brothy flavors, slightly citrusy.

Sorry to everyone waiting on the Traveling Teabox, I packed it up to mail it last Friday, but I realized I didn’t have Yappy’s address… I guess I forgot to get it after the change in shipping order

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Tea Sipper

Thankfully you remembered the address change though!


Haha, that would have been horrible!

I haven’t been able to get in contact with Yappy though, could you message him?

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drank Green Dragon Pearls by Adagio Teas
104 tasting notes

My brother and his wife (recent tea converts) sent me an Adagio gift card for my birthday! Its nice not being the only teahead in the family, even if they’re living half way across the country :)

Mild, fairly sweet green tea with peach and sugarcane flavors, and a very tiny bit of smokiniess. It smells and tastes pretty fresh, I’d guess either this spring or last autumn. The pearls are really big, about the size of a nickel. I think “Green Dragon Balls” would be a much more suiting name :P

I think these are a pretty new offering from Adagio, since I had to add the tea to the database. Couldn’t seem to copy the picture off the Adagio page to put in the description, though.

Terri HarpLady

When copying pics from a website, I always copy them to my desktop first, & then from there to Steepster. That’s the only way I’ve been able to do it. This sounds kind of interesting!


Thanks, for some reason I wasn’t able to copy the picture from the site. I just googled a picture of them and was able to copy it from there though

Terri HarpLady

there you go!

Terri HarpLady

BTW, any new tea shops open in the Orlando area? I’m coming down to visit my folks in Apopka next month.


No new tea spots that that I know of :(

There’s Dandelion in downtown, Infusion a bit east, and Dong A Asian market/imports in downtown has a decent selection.

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  1. from the teabox

Fresh, citrusy tasting earl gray. Definitely has that “fruity pebble” aroma, but the flavor is fine tea and bergamont.

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What s your favorite EG?


I haven’t tried too many, but out of what I’ve tried think this is my favorite :)

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First tea from the teabox!

Best dragonwell that I’ve had. Very mild with apricot, chestnut, and slight artichoke flavors. Most of the leaves appeared very young, and there where a few silvery buds as well. This is a sweet, gentle dragonwell nice for tea drinkers like myself who don’t like very vegetal greens.

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Terri HarpLady

I just got a sample box from TeaVivre today!

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I got a really cool new yixing in the mail today that I’ll be using for sheng :)

Currently pre-seasoning it with this tea. I gave it a boil for about 45 minutes, took it out and brushed it, and then made extra strong tea with it, which I poured into a pyrex bowl to “steep” the pot in.

I have a new roommate this summer, and I WAS trying to explain my tea obsession without coming off sounding too crazy, but that’s a hard act to keep up when you’re in the kitchen making teapot soup. I’m a fairly awkward person is it is, but so far my roommate seems like a pretty nice guy.


At least there are no body parts or steam from the dry ice effect to shake him up yet!


Hah, not that he knows about at least ;)

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Free sample from my last YS order.

Today I woke myself up at six in the morning, packed my gear into the car, and drove out about fourty five minutes northwest to Clermont, which is sort of the Mecca of longboarders and cyclists in Central/South Florida. While most of Florida south of Gainesville is pretty darn flat, Clermont and the surrounding areas have big, rolling hills a bit like Kentucky, but well… bigger. The fastest I’d ever gone before was about 30 mph, today I made it up to 45, and man that felt great.

I spent most of the day riding down said hills and then walking back up them, which is, as far as I’m concerned, what they do up in heaven (When they’re not drinking tea, of course.) By noon I was completely exhausted and pretty much swimming in my own sweat. So, I headed back towards Orlando and (after a nice cold shower) decided to wind down with a nice session of tea, and was especially craving some sheng :)

This is just the second “fairly old” sheng that I’ve tried, and I really enjoyed both. Even with two quick rinses, the taste started out pretty mulchy and musty, but by the third steep it was much cleaner and delicious. Raisin, clove, and walnut were the main flavors I picked up on. A bit of bitter, but not enough to be off-putting. Despite it’s flavors not really being “fresh” ones, it still has the refreshing qualities of younger sheng. I got lot’s of relaxing, stimulating feelings drinking this, and by the time the leaves puttered out I was about as tea drunk as I’ve ever been.

Between the endorphins from exercise and the qi from this tea I’m feeling pretty darn good right now. I’ll probably make something for dinner and then head to bed early. Today was a pretty great day (albeit slightly hermitic), and exactly what I needed in a weekend.

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I’m not dead! But it has been forever since I’ve posted a tasting note, first due finals, then to my computer charger burning out, and then just spending time with friends and family back home.

This is a really tasty and interesting tea! The dry leaves are very green for Chinese tea, and there’s quite a lot of stems mixed in. When dry, the leaves look like they’re shredded or torn up, but once wet the reveal the smallest, tenderest tea leaves I’ve seen with a translucent, emerald green color.

The flavors are interesting, too. Notes of brown rice, grass, honey, and a sweet ginseng aftertaste. Blindfolded I’d guess I was drinking ginseng flavored kukicha. Fairly resteapable, but not extremely so. The brewed leaves are super tender and make for good munching.

Overall pretty nice, and completely different from what I’d expect in a Chinese green.


This reminds me I need to post a tasting note so I can say I’m not dead either!


Ha it would only be from a tea overdose if that was the case! I was on the verge of one Tuesday!


Haha Claire, undead Steepsterer party!

Mr. Mopar, too much of a good thing is… a very good thing! I’m taking online classes this summer, which makes drinking tea all day while I work verrrry tempting

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Man oh man, I recieved this sample from Teavivre quite a while ago. I brewed it a few times and wasn’t impressed. As it turns out, I think I was just brewing it wrong. This is a wonderful tea!

Dry leaves: The dry leaves are “every color” ranging from warm brown to black, to military green, to gorgeous white tips. The leaves are fairly small for an oolong, and have a nice apricot aroma.

Brewing: When I made this tea before, I was not using enough leaf, and the result was a weak, bland brew. It needs more leaf than I would think, it seems to be lighter/fluffier than it looks. This time I filled my gaiwan up about 1/3 of the way with leaves. The spent leaves open up to short and plump in chocolate brown color with a twinge of green. Brews up a gorgeous red-gold liquer!

1st steep: The first steep yields a rich, spicy flavor of apricot, nutmeg, moist butter cake, and pineapple with a slight roasty/woody quality like dry fall leaves.

3rd steep: Around the third steep the tea begins to smooth out with a very slight grassiness and a fresh, cooling mint note that contrasts the overall warm flavor. The tea is mildly sweet and has a creaminess as if milk were added. It flows over the tongue like a rive of warm silk.

7th steep: Around the seventh steep, the fruityness starts to wane, revealing clover leaf, champagne, and citrus tones as well as a pastry-like quality. Very tasty oolong, and pretty resteapable as well.

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My name is Thomas,

Long-time tea and coffee driker, but I only started getting into the world of good quality teas about three years ago.

My favorites right now are pu’erhs, Yunnan blacks, and Taiwanese oolongs. I’m not much into flavored teas, and jasmine almost always puts me off, but I love a good cup of chai or adding a spice or two to my teas sometimes.

I’m 21 and currently working in Orlando Florida, taking a some time off from school to try and figure out my place in the world.

I’m a music lover and have played guitar and violin for quite a while in classical styles, rock, jazz, etc., and have also learned to love the sounds of the sitar and hindustani music in all its forms. I’ve become a bit of a guitar “grease monkey” and find building, modification, repair, and dissection to be even better than playing sometimes.

I also love hiking/camping and downhill longboarding when I have the time to make it out to somewhere hilly.

My Rating Scale:
95-100 Wowza!
90-94 Pretty darn good
80-89 Nice
70-79 Decent
50-69 Potable
0-50: Blech.


Orlando, FL

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