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Quick note; in a hurry. upon smelling this tea I thought it would taste like Christmas ham-clove and cinnamon. I was relieved to find it did not, though both spices were apparent. I’m not a clove fan so I didn’t make it far, though my wife that doesn’t write notes loved it. Moderate astringency (wife didn’t agree) and dry is no good to me either. This is something I may have to work on so as not to miss out on other notable intricacies present in drier teas. Pleasant afterflavor, should work nicely to clear the palate of an oily meal. Not bad, just not a clove person.
tunes playing-America=Tin Man/Ventura Highway/Sister Golden Hair Surprise

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AWESOME music!


Hey Tunes,
I have those Japanese ceremonial teacups for you. Do you want the matching teapot? It’s yours if you want it.

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Thank you LiberTEAS for this sample. I feel poorly for the immaturity I displayed in my last note so I will instead say that if you’ve not purchased a sampler from LiberTEAS you should, when her schedule loosens up enough for her to make some more. If you have any reservations about it put them aside; there are numerous types of quality teas and you really get a lot of bang for your tea dollar.

I’m realizing that my nose isn’t my most discerning of parts (although physically one of the more prominent). Smelling the dry leaves stumped me so I cheated = I peaked at other notes. I have to use TeaEqualBliss’ description of licorice,just a hint. There’s a kinda hot cinnamon thing there too.
There are pieces and stems to the leaves, but that makes sense since they are so long and curled slightly. It makes for a fluffy sack of tea that crushes easily. I don’t have much to say about the unfurling. The liquor a light gold.
Really alot going on in this cuppa. A hint of that licorice, with a sweet heavier than grass flavor. I geuss I will agree with both LiberTEAS and K S in the use of hay in my description (see what I get for cheating,not an original thought one). The aftertaste is where I see the very sweet licorice tone the most. It’s astringency is low, but it’s flavor kinda bold, even after several infusions.
That’s it,…I like it!
tunes=William Elliott Whitmore-Old Devils/Digging My Grave/Dry/Red Buds
Folky with an edge.Throaty gravely voice.

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I thought your last note was funny! LOL! And don’t feel bad about peeking at other notes. Would you make fun of a baby for saying BA-BA instead of bottle? You are learning, and we all had (have) to learn! I remember trying to describe Queen Catherine for the first time. I was so frustrated because I tasted something and couldn’t pin it down. My friend was drinking tea with me and was very experienced, said that it was just a touch smoky. Smoky! I would never have thought of that word with tea, but she was right! Your notes are very enjoyable. Have fun, and this is the best place to grow!


Ditto and thanks for the interesting musical recommendations. I’m a sucker for acoustic instruments and gravely voices!


And he is a fellow Hoosier. That makes 3 people in the state of Indiana that drink tea. LOL. I am not so all alone.

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I just got a box in the mail. The box came from LiberTEAS. For those of you who don’t know she puts awesome samplers together that she sells on her website. More importantly ,for those of you who don’t know she only had one left and is too busy to make more for a little while and I got the last one. It’s sweet.

Enough with the immaturity. I now have to give a proper tasting note on Steenbergs Milky Oolong. I haven’t had this tea for 3-4 weeks. I wrote a note off memory just because it was my first favorite tea. I got a little more from LiberTEAS ( thank you sooo much! ) and so now can write a note as I sip, properly.
Dry leaf smell is fruity and floral, my mind jumps to-DESSERT.Leaves are slow to unfurl and the fruity notes start to intensify once infused. Liquor is a pale golden color. The first drink you can’t help but notice the sweet fruity taste, for me it’s something between strawberries and blueberries. It’s literally hard to believe this flavor comes naturally with no additives. There’s really no astringency and my mouth actually waters while I drink this magical oolong. I tap my feet through 4 more steepings, increasing the time 15 seconds each one, it’s still a testament of amazing deliciousity. This would be a good tea for someone who typically sweetens to go ‘oh naturale’. Before ending this note I must also thank Pureleaf for suggesting I drop my temp from boiling to 190 degrees thereby encouraging the full potential of flavor to be released. I was happy with it before, yet when making this change there was a distinct increase in it’s sweetness.
Tapping my foot to Silly Wizard-a celtic/gaelic band from the 70’s&80’s. The set was Fisherman’s Song/Isla Waters/Parish Of Dunkeld/Twa Brithers.

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I’m going to check this out. I’m on a major milk oolong kick! Thanks for the great review! If you know of any other really nice milk oolongs, please let me know!

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As the description listed this pu’erh is quite smooth. The dry leaf has a pleasant aroma that is devoid of any earthy,aqautic,or vegetive notes. Instead I find it to be floral and sweet. The liquor is the wine like red, with a touch of brown,that I’ve found common with all of the pu’erhs I’ve tasted. It’s flavor has an earthy sweetness about it, with the sweet lingering notably in my palate. I detect a hint of something minty, though I’m not sure what, maybe spearmint. This will be the second time in a week that I’ve denoted a toothpaste- minty fresh kind of flavor. The drink is refreshing with not enough astringency to make mention of. This could be an ideal pu’erh to replace any bad experience someone could’ve had with pu’erhs in the past.I’m really enjoying this one, and I’m on my fourth steeping at the time of the writing. Thanks Puerhshop.com!Great cuppa!

tunes=Mumford and Sons(yes more Mumford)-White Blank Page/Thistle and Weeds/
Dust Bowl Dance/After the Storm/I Gave You All/Liar.

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Doug F

I should receive my pu erh shop order tomorrow. Looking forward to some new pu erhs. Are you an Avett Brothers fan as well?

tunes&tea Starting to dig Avett Bros, just got learned ’bout ’em. Serious sound they got, lotsa talent.
Thomas Edward(Toad)

This is a nice cup of tea, I like Mumford and Sons also my favs is the Cave and Little lion man :)

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I came back to this tea because the first time I made it the water was too hot and I was sure I ruined it. Luckily I believed this to be the case and made a smidge with the small bit that was still in the corner of the sample bag. I ended up getting half a cup and was glad I did. The astringency that was overpowering in my first cup is hardly present. The lemon tone of the tea is in proportion overall. I assume the sweetness of the chun mee is intermingling with the citrus to trick my mouth into thinking that it’s more lemon than it actually is. There’s a nice balance here and even though I don’t gravitate toward greens I thought well enough of this drink.
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Oh how I hate it when I ruin the one cup of something I have to sample. SIGH

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I’ll start by saying that this note will be somewhat limited in that,so far,I’ve only had a few black teas and am not well versed in them. I liked the roasted smell of the dry leaves, though I have nothing to compare it to. The leaves didn’t quite double in size after unfurling. the wet leaves smelled alot sweeter than I expected. Color was a more red than brown with a hint of gold. With the first drink I noticed a bold woodsy/leathery flavor, heading towards, but not entirely to, malty. Smooth with a pronounced smoke establishing itself within a few sips. The other thing that emerged was sweetness that I didn’t detect initially, and yet a hint of sour as well. There was alot going on in this drink, it seemed to be pulling me in two different directions, if that makes sense. I don’t feel I’ve done this tea justice and would like to log it again after I’ve gained more experience with black teas, but it was a sample that has retired from my cupboard so it will have to wait until I come across it again (as I’m sure there is a fair possibility). In general, a good cuppa that I would suggest to anyone, especially those who are partial toward black teas.
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drank Black Pekoe Tea by Gorreana
60 tasting notes

I just tore into this wonderful little drink a moment age.Dry leaf smell made me hungry. I’m not proficient in cooking spices to recognise what it was; a sweet minty smell. Red brown color. Wet leaves didn’t unfurl much,stemmy with pieces.First drink caught me off gaurd, so smooth yet rich. The maltiness, which reminded me of red wine, stood out.A wisp of smoke was present along woth a minty sweet/sour I felt in my outer jaws.Full body yet light and airy. I went ahead and steeped a second time and was glad I did. It may have lost too much for some of the more experienced drinkers, but you will hear no complaints from me. The malt eroded away to even sweeter notes. Something else about this drink; it’s very thirst quenching-no astringency. I have to agree with a post I saw (spoiler) from TeaEqualsBliss where she said it was ‘juicey’. Thanks Pureleaf for this one. I only wish I had enough to drink it all day. That’s OK, it’s going on my wish list. Yummy for my tummy.
Tune-Chris Cornell/Can’t Change Me(french),Two Drink Minimum,When I’m Down
If you,ve not heard his solo stuff and are a fan treat yourself. He spans several genres you may not predict.

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Just got samples from Puerhshop and I’m so excited!For a greenhorn like myself to see the tiny cakes,balls,and the tightly packed pieces from larger cakes is absolutely unreal.I feel like a big timer right now!I must write this note quickly before the delusion wears off. Dry leaf smell is definitely aqautic,reminds me of a fishtank after it’s been emptied.Wettened something woodsy is added.Color is a deep red brown-almost looks like wood stain.The first taste is smooth and bold,still woodsy but add earthy as well.The sweetness has caught me by surprise.I hate to say this and risk being misleading,but I’m reminded of caramel popcorn,Caramel popcorn ribbons wrapped in cedar.It’s not a powerful sweet,but it’s there. The aqautic portion of this equation is limited to what the nose detects on the way to my mouth.Between the slight dryness and the cedar tone I’m wanting to say that it’s heading toward malty rather than the mossy I expected.It’s quite delicious,even now that I’m on my 5th steeping.Strength of the aftertaste doesn’t match the drink,it’s there but seems like it should be greater.I really love that sweet ribbon I mentioned and it’s present in the aftertaste as well. I would definitely suggest this.If my novice palate can appreciate this pu’erh then I fear no displeasurable experiences for the general drinker. Tunes;Jamie Cullum-Gran Tarino/Twenty Something/Wind Cries Mary
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Doug F

I like how you include your music selections. Keep ’em coming!

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This is actually a revision.
I feel I have to write a note on this tea. It’s the first loose leaf purchase I made and it turned out to be a great stab in the dark. I must admit that cost helped drive my decision and for under $10 I wasn’t very apprehensive about it. As it turns out it is a staple around our house. Daily is there an afternoon pot of either this, or another similar Asian grocery tea, once all are in from work/school.
Dry leaf is sweet and nutty; which I will explain why I’m sure it’s nutty in a minute. Leaves aren’t necessarily quick to unfurl, mostly larger leaves with some pieces. Wet leaves are sweet smelling yet I can’t place what it reminds me of. Color is exactly the red/brown as of the picture on the can.
At first sip there is a nuttiness to the flavor (still not telling why yet). A smooth drink with no astringency. I can drink this one from my Stanley thermos a couple hours after infusing and it is still tasty.
I will often steep this 5-6 times only bringing the steep time up a tad for the last 3 steeps. I will now admit the ignorance I maintained about multiple steepings when I first started. I would lay my leaves on paper towels and re-use them 2,3,maybe 4 days in a row. I didn’t know any better and didn’t suffer any displeasure either. So if times are hard, know that you can REALLY stretch your tea dollar when needed.
So now let me finish the story (if you haven’t opted out due to sheer boredom due to my rambling). My wife is coming along on the no sugar thing with some teas, this one she still uses a spoonful. I had just poured us each a large mug when she pointed out I had to go to my job. I poured the remainder of the pot in my thermos along with what I THOUGHT was my cup and dashed (ahhh you see where it’s going).Once on the road I poured a small cup for myself and when I threw back a swig of the tea,rather than my face contorting in horror as would happen if accidently taking a drink of sweetened coffee,a look of stupified (which comes very naturally) wonder appeared instead.
Somehow I had just drank peanut butter toast…a childhood favorite. The one spoon of sugar from ny wifes cup mixed through 6cups of this oolong was a creamy peanutty surprise.Dare I say I may have to use this formula again.
For those of you who hung on for the ending bravo to you, not that your lives are any further blessed or there was any enlightenment to be gained.

Though I try this tea with a hint of sugar from time to time I still don’t seem to get the same effect that I did on this occasion. I think I still prefer this one without sweetening. Just wanted to revisit this drink since it is so commonly drank at our house.

tunes-Bobby Hebb/Sunny;Leon Russell/Tight Rope;The Stranglers/Golden Brown;The Who/Eminence Front/Reign On Me;Looking Glass/Brandy;Bobbie Gentry/Ode To Billie Joe

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Actually, I did gain some enlightenment from your review. I really must try more (1) oolong tea and (2) non-flavoured tea. Great review!

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I had a pot on the go and so I took notes that I will try to decipher now.Golden color.Nice big leaves.First taste was malty and I thought I detected a hint of root,though not earthy.Licorice maybe.By the third cup a creaminess started to show up and the maltiness toned down to a light cedar taste.I’m gonna try to keep my tastings written while drink is in hand,this wasn’t my ideal note.
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Dave here.
I’m trying to get back into the swing of things as far as writing reviews. my tastes have changed greatly from when I was last on here, Now I typically drink sheng puerhs daily, though I’m really looking forward to getting enough good blacks to equally divide my time between the two. I occasionally drink white, yellow, & greens but still stay away from blends & non-camellia sinensis. I’m no authority & always welcome suggestions.

I’m a wimp when it comes to astringency so take anything I say about this characteristic with a grain of salt(ASTRINGENCY WEENIE MAN, or AWM for short).

Other ramblings;
About tunes; I, like many, love them. I like adding them to my notes, but I feel like if someone were, let’s say knitting or painting or reading a book, that it would help the readers to get a better feel for how the writer may be impressioned about his environment toward his tea experience.

I wish I would have paid more attention to the grammer teachers so many years ago and not doodling band insignias. I should revisit the proper use of commas for starters, which I love.
I also love, and probably over use, parenthesis (the use of them may be a second personality coming to surface).


Indiana,United States

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