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I love how this tea smells.

I brewed it up last night for some iced tea and it’s got a pretty good flavor overall. Am I slightly disappointed that it doesn’t taste like an actual root beer float? Yeah, I am. But looking at it realistically, it’s tea.

And as a tea, it’s pretty darned tasty.

I am considering adding either whipped cream or root beer flavored vodka to it. Probably the whipped because it seemed to lack that super creamy flavor I expected.

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I tried this partly because of the great reviews here. Chocolate, raspberry and almond? Sign. Me. Up.

When I open the tin, it smells like a raspberry truffle. Yum. Yet another tea I could just sit and smell all day long.

Once brewed, the taste lives up to the smell – so long as I use enough leaf.

This one will be staying on my shelf.

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drank Wild Cherry by Teaopia
44 tasting notes

I waffle on this tea.

I really like passion tea from Tazo so I think that’s why this tea is ok to me – it’s full of hibiscus.

But, that’s also why I’m not always keen on the tea. It has an amazing cherry scent. I open the bag just to take a sniff once in awhile because it smells that good.

But I only brew it when I’m craving Passion tea because it has such a strong hibiscus flavor. I’ve tried brewing it for a shorter time. I’ve tried brewing it longer. Nothing seems to bring out the cherry more.

Maybe I should try it iced?

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drank Mojito by Tetley
44 tasting notes

When it comes to bagged tea, I don’t have a lot anymore. This is one of the few you’ll still find on my shelf.

I like the mix of mint and lime. I find I like it better iced rather than hot.

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drank Ice Age by Teaopia
44 tasting notes

I have a tin of this at home and a smaller tin at the office.

I first tried it cold brewed at home and it makes an amazing iced tea. Minty and citrus-y and sweet without needing added sugar.

I even enjoy it hot, but as with other Rooibos teas, I have to be very careful with steeping it too long – something that happens far too often at work when I get sidetracked. I either need a timer or this tea just goes back to living at home and cold steeping.

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drank Strawberry Fields by Teaopia
44 tasting notes

Maybe I should’ve tried this one iced. Most of the reviews rave about it, but I found it wasn’t that great brewed hot.

I ended up mixing it with the creamed earl grey also from Teaopia and that helped it, but it’s not a tea I would buy again.

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drank Summer Breeze by Teaopia
44 tasting notes

Not my favorite Rooibos. It’s nice, light and slightly sweet and I suspect it would make a delicious iced tea, it’s just underwhelming brewed hot.

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The first time I tried this tea, I’ll admit I was slightly disappointed. When you open the tin, it’s got a fantastic (if slightly strong) fruity smell.

Once brewed, it loses a lot of that fragrance and comes up a bit short on flavor.

It does make a nice, light green iced tea in the summer.

Before I discovered the wider world of loose leaf teas available to me, it was always on my shelf. Now I’m trying to use up the tin I have so I can experiment with other options.

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Tasty, standard chai tea. Nothing really outstanding, but nothing bad about it either.

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drank Mateccino by Teaopia
44 tasting notes

This tea was a first for me – I’d never had a mate or a chocolate tea before receiving it as part of a sampler.

I’m not much of a coffee drinker, so having a tea with slightly more caffeine is a good thing.

I enjoyed the flavor on this one and would probably keep it stocked if I knew it would stay around. It’s slightly chocolatey, slightly bitter and pretty tasty overall.

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I’ve always enjoyed tea. Lately, I’ve stepped away from the grocery store selection of bagged teas and found the world of loose leaf teas.