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I’m not drinking this because it’s the sort of thing I enjoy, in fact, I would never touch the stuff if I wasn’t sick. My friend told me he buys it for pleasure and I was like “What!!?”

Just not my thing.
It’s not BAD, I’m just not a huge fan of herbals. It’s minty, it makes me feel better when I’m sick. Which I guess I am, I woke up this morning with a sore throat, one of those “I obviously swallowed some razor blades while I was asleep” deals.

My husband has been sick for almost 2 weeks with this cold, so I thought I was free…but no. And the baby started with it on the weekend which is not cool. If you can tell me something more pitiful than the sound of a baby coughing, I’d like to know what it is.

So to sum up, I woke up this morning, remembered this tea and actually had a mug of this before my morning coffee. WHOA, I MUST be sick!!

I will probably have another mug before bed, even if it’s a placebo. Being sick means wanting to feel comforted, so this will do.

Stay away from the house of illness!

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 10 OZ / 295 ML

Oh, I would never ever in a million years drink this if I wasn’t sick, either. I hope you feel better soon. This is a good sick tea.


Thanks :)

Glad I’m not the only one who doesn’t drink this for fun! It IS a good sick tea, though.

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I last reviewed this 12 months ago and ended it wondering out loud on Steepster if there were any caramel oolong teas out there. I still wonder that because I bet it would add a tasty buttery note, which is what I want in a caramel tea!

I also had this rated at 73 last time, but you know what, after drinking some sub par caramel/toffee teas lately, I realize I need to bump this one up.

Here’s why:

- it has a good, sturdy base that didn’t seem bitter even when I accidentally left it steeping too long, and it’s also substantial. Thick? Insert very smart tea connoisseur terminology here… What I mean is, it is a nice deep color and holds up very well to milk. I think this is the base DTT always uses. and it’s good. It makes for a bold tea that is comparable to coffee. I wouldn’t say the base itself is super delicious but it does its job well, as far as I’m concerned. What I love about their Cafe Vanilla tea can also be said for this one.

I didn’t cheap out on the leaves this time, so it was decently flavored.
Is it my dream cup of caramel tea? No. Do I need to always have this on hand? Nope. I’d rather spend my money on Butiki’s Caramel Vanilla Assam. But, someday when I order another sampler pack from DTT, I will probably include this. And the two or so cups worth of leaves I have left are not going in my swap pile.

So, with all that being said (or ally hat being said, which is what my iPad thought I was trying to type) – I will bump my rating up.

Flavors: Caramel

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I guess DT discontinued this one but I had about enough left for 2 cups…now one cup.

It’s a welcome drink after the cup of crappy caramel brule I just had. That wasn’t the official name but it should be!

Anyway, back to bananas.

I’m enjoying this. It’s a bit old, but still tasty enough. This cup isn’t heavy on the banana flavour but it also doesn’t taste fake at all, which is greatly appreciated. There’s nothing worse than fake chemical banana taste. Except maybe fake apple taste.

My first few sips were ruined because I just had a piece of toast with avocado and salt and pepper on it, so when I had a drink it was like a peppery banana.

That’s gone now, and this is a very pleasant oolong.

I much prefer the Coconut Oolong (which they just brought back, hooray!) and the Vanilla Orchid oolong (man I hope that’s still around) from DT, so I’m not tremendously sad that I only have one cup left of this guy.

STEEPSTER would you hurry up and make an app already? It’s 2014! My iPad hates your website! I can barely like people’s posts and this whole draggy bar thing to say which temperature you used is hella annoying and impossible!

eta resteep was decent!

195 °F / 90 °C 4 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

They also discontinued my fave Banana Dream Pie. Way to discontinue all the good ones David’s!


Boo, I liked this too


Oh no, they discontinued banana dream pie?! Good thing I have a bit left!


Just like Teavana with the tea heartbreaks. :/


Amen on “draggy bar thing”, as you call it. I’m on iPad also but when I get too frustrated I go to laptop.


I only have an iPad and an iMac which is upstairs, so Steepster has to deal with my auto corrects and inability to heart half the posts I attempt to… And I usually fudge my draggy bar info because I can never get it spot on where it should be!

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I overleafed this intentionally because I’ve found myself disappointed by caramel teas lately, which I at least half attribute to me being stingy with my leaves .

Soooo this is kind of bitter and astringent and lacking in flavor even with the overleafing.

It smells good…that’s about it.

Not for me, I have better caramel teas so I don’t need to waste my time with this one. In fact, I’m not even going to bother finishing my cup.
It’s making my teeth hurt.

So, to summarize…“Nah.”

Boiling 3 min, 30 sec 2 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

Whats your fave caramel tea?


I’d say now it would be Persimmon Tree’s green caramel tea, Kusmi’s Caramel and Mariage Freres’ Wedding Imperial which has chocolate notes too but mostly caramel to me.

Also Red Leaf’s caramel matcha which probably doesn’t count but it’s super rich and caramelly…I just made myself crave some haha

Caramel teas are hard to find


I mean a good one is hard to find, because they’re a dime a dozen and mostly don’t impress me


Yeah, there are LOTS of caramel ones out there. You might check out Butiki’s Caramel Vanilla Assam if you haven’t yet. Seems pretty widely adored around here :)


Oops!! Racking my brain for those I can’t believe I forgot the Caramel Vanilla Assam! I think it’s probably my favorite of the bunch. Duhhhhh


i should send you a sample of Tea G’s straight up caramel tea.


What is this magically tea of which you speak?


Caramel by tea gschewenljweiruwo54u…..


You make it sound amazing! I hadn’t even heard of that company before (no shocker there)


if you want me to send you some just hit me with your address in a PM. Happy to send along a cup for you to try :)


Done, thank you!!

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This is one that TastyBrew had ordered on my behalf and shipped to me, as I don’t think the company ships to canada, or else it was a ridiculous price to do so.

I just had it for the first time in forever, and it was very good. I only got one steep out of it, the second was bitter and flavorless.

However steep one was definitely very blueberry, and absolutely creamy, with that sweet vanilla note.

I’m not sure how often I will be In the mood for something like this, because lately I don’t seem to want these overly flavored blends, but it is a nice cup if you’re looking for a sweet treat.

edit I realize this review tells you nothing except that it tastes how it’s supposed to….. :P

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

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Yeah, so they’re selling this in the store now as a big idea, so since I’m working on sipdowns and I had a bit of Big Apple and a smidgen of Forever Nuts left, I decided to give it a go this afternoon.

It’s supposed to taste like apple pie.

It tasted like apple cinnamon, but for me there was something very important missing – the pastry note.

It was perfectly fine as an apple cinnamon tea, I couldn’t really taste any white tea from the Big Apple in it.

Ultimately I’m realizing I’m not the hugest fan of herbals, and that’s what this seemed like to me. I also noticed a film in my cup which I suspect came from Forever Nuts, a tea I used to love when I first came into this world (the world of tea, I mean), but now was just happy to sip down.

Davidstea is very much “Meh” to me lately. I think I have to sell off a bunch of my stash. I have so many.

On to the next!


Sorry to hear you’re a little disappointed with DAVIDs. I’m sorta in the same boat, even though I rush out and buy samples of all the new teas as soon as they come out. They just fall flat.

The teaware is adorable though.


Agreed, the teaware is really cute!

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My friend put through a H&S order recently and gave me a one cup sample of this, I’m not sure if she bought some or just got a sample from them herself.

After a few mugs of light oolongs and green teas I was definitely in the mood for something substantial as my last tea of the night. I figured an Assam would do the trick. I didn’t read any reviews first so I wasn’t expecting this to brew up so light compared to other dark and stormy assams I’ve tried, but when I took a sip I was pleasantly surprised at the nice taste.

Actually I was pretty pleased with myself in general because I immediately pulled a dominant sweet potato note out of my cup….Bready and mildly roasty and quite unique.

I tasted it straight but did end up adding a splash of milk, as I am usually wont to do.

So, it wasn’t quite the dark and “substantial” cup of tea I set out looking for, but I enjoyed it and will try the resteep tomorrow!

Flavors: Baked Bread, Sweet Potatoes

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

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Sipdown! Well, sort of. I think I still have some sealed bags somewhere. But this was a swap sample. An oldish one.

This was buttery and green tasting and milky and vegetal but not overly so.
I resteeped it once, which honestly is about as many times as I ever want to resteep…. Must drink all the teas!

Flavors: Butter, Grass

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Wow, given the amazing reviews of this I was hoping to love it… Buuuut the sample I had is likely pretty old and I didn’t find it flavorful at all.
It tasted almost like an oolong to me, it was buttery and green and a pretty good tea, for a straight tea, which it wasn’t.

I didn’t get any almond or cookie taste whatsoever. I even tried to make a small cup of tea with this, using more leaves than normal to ensure I wasn’t underleafing.

Sooooo I’m disappointed. But I won’t rate this on account of it likely being old.

180 °F / 82 °C 3 min, 0 sec

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After drinking the Dammann Freres Caramel Toffee tea , I decided I wanted some of this.

I sit here sipping it as I watch House of Cards, which admittedly is a little bit over my head because I’ve never been overly politically minded (or at all, hah)

This tea is great. The base is so tasty and the flavoring is perfectly complimentary.

As additional proof of how yum this is, I paused my show on netflix and went down to the rec room in the basement for a minute, it’s my husband’s man cave and when I was down there I found the big tub of sour soother candies he has, and couldn’t resist taking one. (These: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-crHysvrKvOo/T224pqUdYzI/AAAAAAAACSw/Yl5MQ0Y2ZzI/s1600/sour+soothers.jpg)

So I came back up, eating that, and once I was done I saw I still had a bit of tea left, so I finished it. You’d think after super sweet/sour candy, something like a mellow flavored tea would taste like nothing much, but I was shocked that it tasted extra buttery and delicious. Butter! I hadn’t noticed that before! Candy is so helpful!

This one brews up a light brown but actually has lots of flavor.

I will definitely restock this bad boy once I run out. Or before that, so I don’t run out.

I wonder how a resteep would do… I want more now.

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec 2 tsp 10 OZ / 295 ML

i just finished a cup of this….. lovely. =0)

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So here’s where I am now. I had jumped head first into the world of teas after Davidstea opened in my city a number of years ago. I gave up coffee and became a huge tea freak. From there I joined Steepster and started ordering teas online like a madwoman (not that anyone here would know what that’s like…)

I was swappin’ up a storm and drinking like 6-7 cups a day and I had this tremendous stash to get through…..then. I got pregnant in Spring 2013 and my baby played a funny little joke on me by turning me into someone who had zero interest in drinking or even smelling most teas. I wanted only coffee all the time which was hilarious because of course you can’t really do more than a cup a day when you’re pregnant.

Anyway. In December 2013 I had my baby girl, and now I’m on maternity leave and though I still LIVE (I cannot emphasize that enough) for my morning cup of coffee (or two…), I am trying to get myself excited about tea again, because I have TONS.

So my mission, which I choose to accept, is to first sip down all the samples I have, sent to me last year by lovely Steepsterites, pre-baby.

Here’s what I love (or I did before, and am trying to again):

Butiki teas in general because the flavours are subtle and not fake tasting and don’t overwhelm the tea base

Harney and Sons Paris is my all time favorite tea.

Mariage Freres and Kusmi are also on my awesome list.

I love creamy earl greys.

Also have an appreciation of oolong.

I have a mega stash of super flavored teas to work through, or I may try to sell them if I decide they are no longer for me. The sip downs will determine!

I love swapping!
Please note my Cupboard contains everything I have including minuscule samples of teas so it is not intended to be reflective of what I have available for swap…

When I rate, it goes like this:

85 -100 = WIN! awesome, I love this and keep it on hand
70 – 85 = pretty darn good but I don’t NEED to own it
55 – 70 = not necessarily terrible but not a tea for me!
30 – 55 = missed the mark as far as I am concerned. Wouldn’t drink it willingly.
0 – 30 = I likely won’t rate this low very often, so if you see it, consider the tea a great big FAIL and probably disgusting.


New Brunswick, Canada



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