532 Tasting Notes

drank Caramel by TeaGschwendner
532 tasting notes

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drank Muscat Oolong by Lupicia
532 tasting notes

The fifth Lupicia tea I tried from my order.

This is just to say “wow”. So grapey. Amazing. Natural tasting, incredibly fruity.
Like REAL grape juice, but with the sweetness tempered by the oolong base.

I didn’t even know that “Muscat” was a grape related word up until recently. I kept seeing people use it to describe Darjeeling tea and I was all like “wtf is this?!”.

Anyway. I can’t see myself ever tasting grapes in a Darjeeling but never say never.

I’m so off topic.

This tea.
It’s really refreshing and natural tasting. I bet it would be delicious cold brewed.

Lupicia, you’re awesome.

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Lupicia tea #4!

I will make this short as it’s bedtime.

This was a well done dessert tea. Definitely tasted like chocolate and strawberries, but not in a gross, artificial way.

And the pu’erh just seemed to add a deep richness to it, a subtle earthiness that took away from the sweetness. In a good way.

This isn’t one I would need to stock, once it’s gone it wouldn’t likely make it back on my shopping list but it’s pretty awesome how well done the flavours are. Good when I’m having a chocolate craving! Which is most of the time, really :)


No mushrooms I hope


This one isn’t bad as a latte


No mushrooms! Lol. The flavour hides the mushrooms.

Good idea Sil!

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drank Milk Caramel by Lupicia
532 tasting notes

The third Lupicia tea that I tried from my recent order.
I kept telling myself I’d hold back and wait to finish some older teas before digging into these, but I was too damn excited. I have zero restraint at the best of times, to be honest.

This was the first one to disappoint me, sadly.
I’m not sure where the caramel is?

I added some milk, which brought out the creamy aspect, but really I was just tasting a toasty green tea. Perhaps there’s an underlying sweetness that one could attribute to caramel flavouring, but I am not that one.

Maybe different steeping parameters would make a difference.

It also doesn’t help that to me this tastes a lot like Harney and Son’s Tokyo, which I also bought recently.

And which I haven’t reviewed yet, but did try, and found the caramel taste to be lacking from that also.

Thus far, my favourite caramel flavoured green tea is still the one from Persimmon Tree.

I shall keep messing with these other two though, lawd knows I have enough!

If anyone would like to try this, hit me up. I was so excited to taste it after reading other reviews, but I feel as though I’m definitely missing something.

Courtney compared it to Nina’s Japon in her review, and strangely enough I also found that one to be suspiciously lacking in caramel taste. Maybe my tongue is broken where caramel is concerned. Or maybe I’d notice it if I tried sweetening these teas.

Ah well. So far the only disappointment from my long awaited Lupicia order!


Darn! I really enjoyed this one. I hope the others work out a bit better. :)


I also didn’t taste much caramel in Nina’s Japon. But it was still pretty good


Did you add any sweetener, just a bit it bring out the caramel? I haven’t try this tea, just guessing. Also I’ve noticed more flavors as tea cools.


I really liked this one too – love the nutty roasty hojicha, I thought that gave it a bit of “burned sugar” that I associate with caramel.
Sorry that you aren’t enjoying it – but you seem to like most of your Lupica order – maybe this one just isn’t meant to be…


I didn’t mind the nutty/roasty hojicha, I just didn’t get much else out of it! I’m wondering if my idea of what caramel is doesn’t line up with reality, haha. I will try this again with a bit of sugar though!

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drank White Peach by Adagio Teas
532 tasting notes

Received this as a sample from Cavocorax and decided to use it up as a cold brew.

Left it overnight, gave it a try this afternoon.
It was ok!
I have trouble with most peach flavoured things, because they always seem to strike me as overly artificial. This was was no different, but at least it wasn’t overly sweet.

I still have some left in the fridge to drink tomorrow, any cold fruity tea is refreshing these days!

Thanks Cavo :)


I have the same problem with peach. It seems to be a difficult one to get right!


Lupicia’s Momo supergrade oolong is the best peach tea I’ve had

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Someone was giving away samples of this at a local flea market recently. I’d never even heard of “Steeped Tea” as a company, so I had to google it. Looks like it’s basically Epicure but with loose tea. I’ve never been much into those home party business gimmick sales dealios, but I admit to buying random jars of Epicure.

I can’t see me entertaining the notion of doing it with tea though, seems cheap somehow. Like, where does all this tea even come from? I guess I can’t help but compare it to Body by Vi and other ridiculous empty promise pyramid schemes. Soooo negative connotations over here, clearly!

Anyway, this wasn’t half bad, I cold brewed my sample. It was moderately strawberry tasting but pretty hibiscus heavy. The dry leaf smelled freakin amazing though.

I cannot see myself seeking these teas out anytime soon. Though it’s kind of neat that this company exists, as far as getting the word of “loose tea” out to the masses!


Yeah I have several of their teas and was even asked if I wanted to become a consultant for them, but something just holding me back. I find their teas are really hit and miss as to whether they’re great or not. I just couldn’t take the plunge. I think I agree with you. It almost does seem to… cheapen it a bit.


And would you believe I woke up this morning and someone on Facebook had invited me to a Steeped Tea group as they just started selling it?! Hilarious timing, considering I hadn’t heard of it until I googled it while writing this review.


I’ve tried a few and was always disappointed so I don’t want to bother with them any more. The idea of doing tea-parties, like they used to do with candle parties, just seems so outdated when we can order online. ALso, when we can swap teas in this group to try things out!

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I still really enjoy this. One of very few rooibos teas I can not only stomach, but like very much!

It never occurred to me to try cold brewing this. I’ve been drinking it hot at night. But I still have lots of lemon chiffon and lemon lime cream tart left to play with.

Not sure which of the three I love most!


Weirdly enough, I preferred this one hot and Lemon Chiffon cold brewed.

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Thank you to Angel at Teavivre for this sample!

I have to admit, though I have thoroughly enjoyed all of these fresh, bright Spring 2014 green tea offerings Teavivre has sent me to try, I feel like I am no good at describing them other than to say they are crisp and vegetal, and very enjoyable. Always with the spinachy/seaweedy notes, sometimes buttery, sometimes a bit nuttier.

Always clean and fresh tasting, great for this time of year.
I used to fancy myself NOT a green tea fan, but that’s because back then I’d only tried the grossed bagged green tea dust, and I’d always used boiling water and oversteeped. No wonder I hated it!

These Spring 2014 teas have been so nice to try because I can see what green tea is supposed to taste like.

I only wish I were better at distinguishing between them all.

I think next time I am going to try three at once, do a little taste test/sip off so I can hopefully reach a new level of understanding with them. Always trying to expand my tea horizons and improve my tastebuds!

Thank you so much for sending these my way. When I want a delicious straight green tea, I know exactly where to go!

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drank Piña Colada by PureAromaTea
532 tasting notes

This one was a sipdown!
I cold brewed this and left it overnight. It made for a really nice tropical iced tea!

Definite obvious pineapple and coconut notes, but the green tea base is also very noticeable. Maybe a little TOO noticeable for me, but perhaps I left it in the fridge too long.

The last of my fruity samples from this company, which turned out to have some offerings that made for tasty and refreshing iced teas!

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drank Cookie by Lupicia
532 tasting notes

Oh buddy, oh pal. This is a different tea.

Different, good.
The second one I tried from my long awaited Lupicia order.

One I’d eagerly anticipated from the moment I first heard of it.

First of all, I have to say that without thinking about it, I automatically associate the word “cookie” with “chocolate chip cookie”, so all this time, that’s what I thought this tea would be. No, I obviously didn’t read the description or ingredients list.

So when I finally cracked open the bag and sniffed the leaves, I was a little surprised it didn’t smell like chocolate at all, no cocoa notes. I was also surprised to see that it looked like a CTC tea.

However, what I smelled when I sniffed the bag was a buttery, subtly sweet cookie note.

I didn’t even try it black, I just had to follow Lupicia’s suggestion and add milk immediately.
What resulted was a buttery, creamy delight. A subtle cookie, with a substantial base, perfect for the flavouring. Sweetness that was more of a suggestion than a reality. I’d like to try with a bit of sugar next time. And maybe black, one day.

So far Lupicia is two for two! Way better than my Adagio experience!


So excited for this one!


YAY!!! so happy that you are enjoying your long awaited Lupicia order!!!


I love this one too :)




Sooooo true, Sil

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So here’s where I am now. I had jumped head first into the world of teas after Davidstea opened in my city a number of years ago. I gave up coffee and became a huge tea freak. From there I joined Steepster and started ordering teas online like a madwoman (not that anyone here would know what that’s like…)

I was swappin’ up a storm and drinking like 6-7 cups a day and I had this tremendous stash to get through…..then. I got pregnant in Spring 2013 and my baby played a funny little joke on me by turning me into someone who had zero interest in drinking or even smelling most teas. I wanted only coffee all the time which was hilarious because of course you can’t really do more than a cup a day when you’re pregnant.

Anyway. In December 2013 I had my baby girl, and now I’m on maternity leave and though I still LIVE (I cannot emphasize that enough) for my morning cup of coffee (or two…), I am trying to get myself excited about tea again, because I have TONS.

So my mission, which I choose to accept, is to first sip down all the samples I have, sent to me last year by lovely Steepsterites, pre-baby.

Here’s what I love (or I did before, and am trying to again):

Butiki teas in general because the flavours are subtle and not fake tasting and don’t overwhelm the tea base

Harney and Sons Paris is my all time favorite tea.

Mariage Freres and Kusmi are also on my awesome list.

I love creamy earl greys.

Also have an appreciation of oolong.

I have a mega stash of super flavored teas to work through, or I may try to sell them if I decide they are no longer for me. The sip downs will determine!

I love swapping!
Please note my Cupboard contains everything I have including minuscule samples of teas so it is not intended to be reflective of what I have available for swap…

When I rate, it goes like this:

85 -100 = WIN! awesome, I love this and keep it on hand
70 – 85 = pretty darn good but I don’t NEED to own it
55 – 70 = not necessarily terrible but not a tea for me!
30 – 55 = missed the mark as far as I am concerned. Wouldn’t drink it willingly.
0 – 30 = I likely won’t rate this low very often, so if you see it, consider the tea a great big FAIL and probably disgusting.


New Brunswick, Canada



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