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The always awesome Sil picked this up for me when she was at the teaG store in Chicago…. I hadn’t even tried it before but it sounded good and I wanted another caffeine free option for the nights.

I’ve had this two or three times since, once at the movies and once or twice at home and oh man. I don’t get the crappy rating this has. For a decaf tea, it’s frickin’ AMAZING. Like the “Vanilla comoro” of caramel teas.

It’s the caramel tea of my dreams…the kind with a creamy note rather than that burnt sugar note I’m not fond of.

It makes me wonder how TeaG’s Cream black tea tastes, because at some point I will definitely be ordering more of this one, so perhaps I should try the Cream tea also!


Thank you Sil!


“cream” is REALLY subtle…i enjoy it, but more as an addition to other teas to soften them or add a little something. I actually bought cream and caramel my first round so that i could make a CAFFINATED version of this lol

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Oh. Em. Gee.

I ordered this recently, thanks to Courtney for the joint order.

I’ve been all over breakfast teas lately, I realized it’s a pleasure I look forward too. Strong black tea with a sploosh of 10% cream. So the tea has to be able to stand up to that!

I’ve been switching back and forth between H&S Queen Catherine (which I don’t really enjoy because of the smokiness) and A&D Tiger Assam, because I have massive amounts of each.

I was looking forward to trying something new this morning.

I was not disappointed.
Malty AND dark! Soooo bready, so strong and delicious.

Didn’t seem live up to a resteep but that may be because I added too much cream before tasting.

This is one I will want to restock, in massive quantities :)
Something to wake up for!

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drank Caramel Apple by Butiki Teas
552 tasting notes

Another Butiki sample from the awesome Courtney!

This, unfortunately, is another one of those teas that I just don’t “get”.

I found the predominant flavour to be the roasty Gui Fei Oolong, which I did enjoy but may not repurchase. I’m not sure how much I enjoy the super roasty oolongs.

I’m not really noticing any strong apple or caramel notes. Just a faint hint. I hate when that happens, based on the other reviews I feel like there’s something wrong with my tongue.

Ah well.

More for everyone else!

Thanks again, Courtney!

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After a few misses in the form of bland or super fake chemical tasting tea concoctions from other companies, I didn’t think I would ever enjoy a cupcake tea.

Leave it to Butiki!

I could acutely taste all of the flavours in this one, chocolate, strawberry, espresso…yum.

It’s one I would consider ordering at some point!

My only complaint is I found it a little thin, but I had intended to add some milk to hopefully make it a bit thicker/add a creamy note, but the baby kept me busy and I missed my chance.

Another time!

Thanks so much to Courtney for sending a sample my way!!


yum. love it!

Butiki Teas

If you would like to thicken it up, I think using 1 1/2 teaspoons would work great, especially if you plan on using milk. :)

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A great big thanks to Courtney for sharing a sample of this with me!

I really enjoyed it.

It seems to be a pretty complex white tea. I definitely taste the floral and coconut a nd banana aspects, with a nice sweetness as well, could be vanilla.

I wouldn’t have thought that flowers would go well with the other flavours, but of course Butiki made it work!

I would love to know which perfume this was based off of!

A nice summery cuppa. well done.

Butiki Teas

It’s based off of this perfume: http://www.luckyscent.com/product/53600/vittoria-apuana-by-profumi-del-forte. The custom blend customer sent me a small vile of it that I still hoard and save for special occasions. Normally, I can’t stand perfume and am pretty allergic to everything but this I love!


Thanks for the info!! :)

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Yeeesh. What a difference time makes.
Last time I had this I thought I loved it, but I made a mug the other night and couldn’t even finish it, I dumped it. All I could taste was chemicals
Not sure if this had anything to do with being sick or not but it turned me off so much I won’t even bother trying again.

A shame. But it’s not like I needed anymore tea anyway.


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I’m back logging this so far back I can’t even remember.
I had bought some more at DT to try cold brewing one last time, and reached the conclusion it may have been better hot brewed and then iced, because it just seemed to lack flavor and depth when I cold brewed it. Nothing compared to the amazing smell.

At least I don’t need to buy it!


I think I like this one better hot too. And with milk. I won’t bother cold-steeping it now, especially with your review.


i love this as a latte

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drank Easter Tea by Dammann Freres
552 tasting notes

I’m so behind. I still exist!

I drank this the other night, super old sample from Shmiracles, I guess I was kind of clinging to my samples of fancy French teas.

I enjoyed it, though not enough to buy. Definitely got a fruity cherry with a sweet note sort of taste, though I wouldn’t say chocolate specifically.

It was tasty, I could see how it might be an Easter related tea.

My new goal is to get through the rest of my fancy French tea samples that I’ve been hoarding, to see which I truly love.

BUT, now I have a nasty head cold so it will have to wait.

Strangely enough, for the last couple of days my favorite teas haven’t tasted right to me. Must have been the head cold creeping up. Yuck.

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drank Golden Fleece by Verdant Tea
552 tasting notes

I’m so behind on reviews.
I’m still drinking tea but I keep finding better things to do than come on Steepster. Like going for walks and I recently decided to start watching Dawson’s Creek again from scratch. It’s been like 15 years. News flash, this show is BAD. So dramatic it’s hilarious. Was I this angsty? Who knows.

Anyway, this tea…. Finally cracked open my bag from my recent Verdant order, it’s good stuff. It’s like if someone cut all the golden tips off a tippy sort of black tea and filled a whole bag with them. Except these leaves are long and fuzzy and really nice.

And the tea is pure sweet potatoes, without the maltiness that you get from a black tea. It’s sweet and slightly cinnamon and very tasty.

I made it western style as always. Maybe someday I will get a gongfu pot of some sort!

So to summarize – tea good. Dawson’s creek bad.

Cameron B.

Hah, I started watching Charmed from scratch not too long ago. It’s like wow, were the special effects really always that bad…?

And I still have a sample of this tea from MzPriss that I need to try…


I definitely was that angsty ;)

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drank Golden Blend by Harney & Sons
552 tasting notes

I ordered a couple samples of this with my last order. I was hoping it would be a less pricy alternative to the Golden Monkey.

I love love love Golden Monkey.

This tea is not Golden Monkey.

I can see where it has that bold Assam aspect to it, but the only real notes I can pick up are a slight smoky note, subtle spiciness, and vague raisins. No maltiness, no cocoa for me.

Nothing like the flavour explosion of GM.

I had this straight up, but I think it begs to be tried with milk or cream.
That’s how I like my Assam. To my tongue, this is more of an Assam than a honey golden tippy type of tea.

I have more than enough to try again! But when it comes down to my next H&S order, it’s the monkey all the way.


Have you tried GM from Teavivre ?


I sure have!
I lovvvvved it and will be ordering some when their black teas go on sale in August!


And the price is amazing too. I still have some from last summer. Too much tea….

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I love tea. I love my baby daughter, my husband, my dog Wally, Netflix, shopping, and tea. Some other stuff too, but these are the most important!

Some favourites -

Butiki teas in general, I love how the flavours are subtle and not fake tasting and don’t overwhelm the tea base. Trust that I will be dramatically mourning the loss of this company!

Harney and Sons, Teavivre, Whispering Pines and Mariage Freres are some more tea companies I appreciate. Along with Davidstea as it was the ‘gateway drug’ to my tea addiction. Though I’m mostly over it now, I’ve definitely moved on from the artificially flavoured teas and am trying more quality straight teas!

My ultimate goal is to try as many French teas as possible – and to finally find a source in Canada for Mariage Freres so I can buy Wedding Imperial, and Black Orchid for sure.

I would like to try any Taiwanese Assams that exist in the world!

Also continuously on the hunt for Fauchon – La Naissance.

When I rate, it goes like this:

85 -100 = WIN! awesome, I love this and keep it on hand
70 – 85 = pretty darn good but I don’t NEED to own it
55 – 70 = not necessarily terrible but not a tea for me!
30 – 55 = missed the mark as far as I am concerned. Wouldn’t drink it willingly.
0 – 30 = I likely won’t rate this low very often, so if you see it, consider the tea a great big FAIL and probably disgusting.


New Brunswick, Canada



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