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199 Tasting Notes

drank Earl Grey by The Tea Brewery
199 tasting notes

My Nova Scotian friend received some of this as a gift and passed on the rest to me, with a warning that it’s “strong”.

I thought it was a decent cuppa Earl Grey, a bit strong but not too bad. I like EG teas to start with so it was a perfectly enjoyable way to start my day, with a bit of milk :)

I’m a bit depressed because I haven’t been able to drink as much tea lately, so I’m being choosy and drinking ones I love, make it worthwhile. I miss writing reviews. I’m still reading everyone else’s though!!


cutting down on caffeine? i really need to cut down on MY caffeine intake that’s for sure. i’m always thinking, “i’ll cut down on caffeine … next week. i swear.” but that has yet to be seen. i do know what you mean though. doing things that are hard are, well, hard! but they tend to pay off in the end don’t they? don’t they? :)


yeah, stupid caffeine! suckily for me my fave tea is black. boo.


Have you tried any CO2 decaf black teas? It at least is better than chemical decaf process so I’m told.


i have a Darjeeling CO2 decaf at home but haven’t tried it yet. i got it with the idea that i could add it to some of my rooibos teas to give them more OOMph. i am sooooo very tired of rooibos.


rooibos cold brewed + alcohol sometimes makes things more fun lol


I’m going to have to google this CO2 thing!!

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I got some of this from Dustin in a swap and also Scmiracles sent me some because she is totally awesome!!

I tried this once a few months ago at my local fancy tea shop, but then she never had anymore in stock. Speaking of fancy, I feel fancy when I drink it.

It does get pretty strong pretty fast and I remember the lady at the tea shop telling me this, so I steeped it at 95 degrees and only for about a minute and a half, I do not regret that decision as I can actually taste a hint of bitterness even at that time!

It’s delicious though, chocolatey and caramelly and the scent of the tea is intoxicating. I know it’s all in my head because it’s my curse to always want things I cannot have, but I swear it even SMELLS like quality. It’s so nice to be able to try this!

My ultimate life goal of visiting Paris one day (and England for that matter) is just emphasized now because when I get there someday, I will absolutely be raiding Mariages Freres!

Thanks so much for the samples, you guys :)
I am truly enjoying my cup of this while I rewatch Season 5 of True Blood, two of my favorite things at the same time, too much awesomeness!!

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Weird that I never reviewed this before! I had definitely received a sample in a swap from someone when I first began this tea journey. I wasn’t super impressed, I remember being disappointed. It was actually one of the first Della Terra Teas I tried and one I’d had high hopes for given the other reviews.
In hindsight I can now recognize that I definitely underleafed that first time around, and that my sample was probably contaminated from sitting in its little baggie in the sample box for so long.

While I wouldn’t go so far as to say I loved this tea on round 2, I definitely enjoyed it more. It still wasn’t super cookie tasting to me but it had more flavour than my first try. I have enough for a nice strong second cup so I don’t intend to skimp on the leaves.

Glad I got a second chance, thanks Dustin!!

ETA forgot to mention that oatmeal raisin cookies are my favorite, because there’s a little old lady who lives inside me. Don’t even try to replace the raisins with chocolate chips, that’s blasphemy! So that being said, you’ll have to excuse my lack of raving over this tea. It’s not a real cookie!

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Look at me, the first one to rate this tea.

Sadly I didn’t love it. There was something sort of off. It tasted better than the dry blend smells (fakeish and bitter), but I still found it to be too chemically enhanced for me, really artificial and with overly strong flavouring. No pie. Never thought I’d say this but I way prefer these flavours with a rooibos base, and this just makes me appreciate their Lemon/Lime/Chiffon/Cream Tart teas that much more!

If anyone wants to try it, let me know, I will never drink a whole oz.


we can toss that into out future swap list. I’d try it :)


(if there’s a future planned swap with Sil, you could always throw in an extra 1.5 tsp for me too :P)


haha…we still have to figure out when we’re getting together. I have a giant bag waiting for you guys!


Yeah guys, no worries i will reserve some for you!


Lol I totally have this…forgot I ordered some the other day on a whim

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ETA Courtney Courtney Courtney!! thanks!!! :)
Oh lawdy, I can’t remember who sent me this but I will go back and check. So many samples lately!

Funny, I’m definitely losing my mind. Not sure how I even remembered this much but…. I had cold brewed this the other day, for a long time. It was tasty. But I’ve been cold brewing tons of teas to try and get through a lot of my stash, and as caffeine free options to drink iced now that it’s so warm outside.

I drank this and liked it but for the life of me couldn’t remember what the hell it was! Until I saw the sample bag on the counter and it all came back to me. Oy.

To summarize. It was fruity and potent and delicious as a cold tea. I didn’t use a ton of it, maybe 1.5 tsp in a biggish jar, but left it for like, days, haha. So that worked out.

I will be all set once I can properly thank the lovely swapper who sent it to me!!

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Finally scored a sample of this as it’s been on my ‘must try’ list for awhile given all the glowing reviews. Thank you, Dustin!!

I have unfortunately not yet found a 52Teas blend worth raving about, perhaps just due to my own personal tastes. This one wasn’t really an exception, thus far.

It’s definitely got blueberry flavouring in it, can’t deny that. There’s a slightly off chemicalish note that I’m guessing is maybe the cheesecake aspect?? Not sure. Maybe it’s one that should be aired out??
I didn’t taste any pastry notes either.

Also, as far as claims that it should be a good breakfast tea, what with containing Assam and all…. I disagree. The liquor of my tea ended up very pale and not full bodied at all, no strong tea taste telling me to “wake up!!”…. I let it steep for awhile. I will try again using boiling water as I had originally brewed it with slightly cooled down water because I’ve read that helps bring out the flavours of 52Teas blends.

As it stands it was perfectly drinkable, but did not live up to its claims, for me. Also the slight chemical after taste was not delicious.

So far I am just pleased to cross this off my wish list. If my next cup drastically improves I will be sure to let you know!

Tried this again, added some more leaf to yesterday’s steep and let it sit for quite some time. It did get darker but still not what I’d consider a breakfast tea. It still didn’t blow me away. I have enough dry leaf left for one more (strong) round so whenever that happens I will report back.


Weird. My cups of this brew SO dark I feel like if I put my finger into it, it’d meet resistance. xD


For me it’s not a breakfast tea either since it’s so sweet.

It’s a shame you don’t like it, but at least now you know that you don’t.


Hmmm. I’ve got this on the way. I’ll have to see how it goes.


I may have underleafed but next time I make it, I will know for sure!


That’s so weird. Bad batch maybe? I totally get not liking it (in fact, I don’t like it anywhere near as much as I did at first) but it makes some of the darket colored liquor I’ve seen. That’s what I don’t understand.


Funny, I’m the opposite, totally underwhelmed by this at first and now I really like it, I don’t love it, but I do like it a lot.


bleh. I can live without


I had the same reaction from this tea, though it appears as though many people love it. I thought it was just me who was underwhelmed.


@allie – i think the original version people were all over. the reblend seems to be more hit or miss


That seems to be a common theme for 52teas. People go nuts for the first round and the reblend is less than amazing. Cough…marshmallow treat.


He says he uses the same ingredients for reblends. So maybe people are just finding they’re not as good as they remember?


That’s kind of my theory. The first time it is so new and crazy and excitement spreads through the interwebs, then the reblend hits, and the hype has killed it.


I’m glad I don’t love anything so far because it means one less company to feel compelled to buy from!

Also Marshmallow Treat used to actually have marshmallows in it from what I’ve read, but he changed it to make it vegan friendly. I say bring back the marshmallows and let the vegans pick them out, heheh. :)

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I ended up receiving samples of this from three different people, lol! So thanks very much to Courtney, Cavocorax and Jackie T!

I tried some for the first time today, made it in my Contigo travel mug to take to the theatre when we went to see Iron Man 3. (Awesome, in case you were wondering!)

I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about this given that I didn’t love the Vanilla Cream rooibos I had the other day, but it smelled decent.

I was pleasantly surprised that the rooibos took a back seat. It was true to its name, apple cinnamon; the yogurt wasn’t super noticeable but i am sure it added a bit of a creamy note and probably toned down the spiciness, which i appreciated.

Luckily I still have a few cups worth left so it will make a nice caffeine free option for a little while! Maybe I will order an oz at some point.

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Crap. I should have logged this while it was fresh in my mind.

Got this from Cavocorax (thanks!!!) and I’m pleased to say I actually enjoyed it! I guess honeybush is less offensive to me than rooibos. Also it’s one of the first 52Teas blends that I’ve had decent luck with. (Pumpkin Caramel Cheesecake was decent even if not really cheesecakey, and i liked Butterbeer!!) I will try it again later.

I recall it being sufficiently strawberryriffic but not fake tasting. Maybe not pie tasting either but that’s no surprise, given my vast and unwavering love of all things pie. I can’t imagine I’d ever consider a tea as being a truly good pie replication. Buttery flakey awesomeness is hard to clone.

Anyway, I digress.


I found the same thing with honeybush. Unless the rooibos taste is non-existent (thank you Lime and Lemon Chiffon!) I don’t like it at all.

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Thanks ever so much to Courtney for sending me a sample of this to try, now I can knock it off my list!

I think I’ve come to the realization that I’m not a hunormous fan of cinnamon in tea. I don’t love chai, I didn’t love Davidstea’s Stormy Night because of the cinnamon…. I do like it if it tastes like a baked good, like oatmeal raisin cookies or that amazing Brioche tea. But just not as a main feature. And while this is perfectly enjoyable, it’s not like the BLAM!! Butiki awesomeness that I’ve grown accustomed to. Because mostly what I taste is cinnamon. Not much of the creaminess. Not getting a ton of other flavours besides the spiciness.

It’s not you, Pumpkin Creme Brûlée, it’s me.

ETA as it cools I’m getting some pumpkin taste. I guess I’m also not a huge fan of pumpkin flavoured things either, I do like Davidstea’s Pumpkin Chai though. I realize that goes against everything I just finished telling you, haha.


Aw sorry this one didn’t work out. I absolutely love it, especially with a touch of brown sugar :) But I also love pumpkin haha.


I will try it sweet next time! I am also wondering if maybe I didn’t use enough leaf for the size of my cup, given it was kind of weak…


I found this one a bit weak too, but if you add a bit more leaf + some sugar? AMAZING.

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I don’t know if it’s the catnip or the fennel but I can’t handle the smell of these leaves. The brewed liquor isn’t much better. I bought and drink this for one reason and one reason only – IBS. I don’t enjoy it, but it seems to help.

It’s just not my cuppa tea! I definitely don’t drink it willingly. My friend loved it though, and it’s rated surprisingly well for something that grosses me out!

I had it in a pretty Davidstea tin that I decided to use for something else…. It took forever to get the stench of this out of it. But I will keep drinking it, so long as it keeps making me feel better.

I am not going to bother with a rating as I’m not sure whether to rate it on taste or functionality!


I wonder if there is any other tea you can blend it with to hide the flavors you don’t like?


There’s already so much in it… Maybe some honey? It’s bearable… Barely :)


I like chewing on candied or roasted fennel seeds, or making fennel tea (for some things) or drinking a tea I like that has peppermint in it (for other things). I just need to be careful with peppermint because my BFF is severely allergic. If you can deal with the flavours separately, I highly recommend it. Otherwise, good luck getting this one down when you need it! :)

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So here’s where I am now. I had jumped head first into the world of teas after Davidstea opened in my city a number of years ago. I gave up coffee and became a huge tea freak. From there I joined Steepster and started ordering teas online like a madwoman (not that anyone here would know what that’s like…)

I was swappin’ up a storm and drinking like 6-7 cups a day and I had this tremendous stash to get through…..then. I got pregnant in Spring 2013 and my baby played a funny little joke on me by turning me into someone who had zero interest in drinking or even smelling most teas. I wanted only coffee all the time which was hilarious because of course you can’t really do more than a cup a day when you’re pregnant.

Anyway. In December 2013 I had my baby girl, and now I’m on maternity leave and though I still LIVE (I cannot emphasize that enough) for my morning cup of coffee (or two…), I am trying to get myself excited about tea again, because I have TONS.

So my mission, which I choose to accept, is to first sip down all the samples I have, sent to me last year by lovely Steepsterites, pre-baby.

Here’s what I love (or I did before, and am trying to again):

Butiki teas in general because the flavours are subtle and not fake tasting and don’t overwhelm the tea base

Harney and Sons Paris is my all time favorite tea.

Mariage Freres and Kusmi are also on my awesome list.

I love creamy earl greys.

Also have an appreciation of oolong.

I have a mega stash of super flavored teas to work through, or I may try to sell them if I decide they are no longer for me. The sip downs will determine!

I love swapping!
Please note my Cupboard contains everything I have including minuscule samples of teas so it is not intended to be reflective of what I have available for swap…

When I rate, it goes like this:

85 -100 = WIN! awesome, I love this and keep it on hand
70 – 85 = pretty darn good but I don’t NEED to own it
55 – 70 = not necessarily terrible but not a tea for me!
30 – 55 = missed the mark as far as I am concerned. Wouldn’t drink it willingly.
0 – 30 = I likely won’t rate this low very often, so if you see it, consider the tea a great big FAIL and probably disgusting.


New Brunswick, Canada



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