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Holy sweet mother of dragons this is delicious!

SUCH a rich, thick, silky smooth mouth feel. So chocolatey. Yum.

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I am pretty sure I like this, but I accidentally messed up my cup because I decided to add some sugar to it and I had a stevia packet at my desk that I stole brought back from Disney World…anyway I’ve never really had Stevia but I thought it would be less artificial tasting. Dude, that is NOT sugar.

So future me will add sugar to my next cup of this.

First impressions though, I thought it was a great blend of flavours. The earthy base somehow brought to mind like a graham crust, weird. Went really well with the chocolate, mint and cheesecake.

Will enjoy the last few cups in my bag for sure!


LOL. Some people (me too!) really can’t stand the taste of stevia. And sadly it’s in SO MUCH STUFF now. There’s a small batch soda company that just started distributing and I was SO EXCITED until I read it’s sweetened with stevia. :/


Yeah, I thought it would taste way more natural considering it’s made from plants, isn’t it? Blech


stevia is like cilantro… for some people they are genetically not able to taste it the way it tastes… ie for some people cilantro = dish soap.

i can taste stevia in anything…no matter how small the amount. it ruins everything.

and this tea..is THE YUMS! so tasty…


The thing with stevia, is that the plant actually tastes OK as a sweet plant (we grew it when I was a kid) but the extract they use to make the sweetener packets is just… blech. Each company uses its own method and has its own purity measures and its own additives.

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drank Assam Banaspaty by DAVIDsTEA
630 tasting notes


I bought a small tin of this on a whim after Christmas because it was like $3.00. I figured worst case scenario it would be a good strong tea to have at work in the mornings with milk. It is, bold, strong… but not overly GOOD.

I think I may have become a bit of a tea snob, somehow, without actually really knowing what I’m talking about most of the time as far as tea is concerned.

But I’ve been so spoiled by Assams from Butiki and A&D and other companies, that something like this falls short of the mark, for me.

I first notice how broken up the leaves are. After drinking Butiki and WP lately, I’ve become accustomed to seeing long, lusciously unbroken leaves. Not this. And not to say that broken up tiny tea leaves can’t be good, i mean check out Crimson Horizon, i love that one! But this just tastes like if you were to open up a crappy generic black tea bag from a hotel lobby or something and dump it in your cup.

Is it gross? No! Just bitter, way too bitter for me. SLIGHTLY raisiny. I will definitely drink it all, with my usually sploosh of 10% cream, and I don’t feel like I wasted my $3 considering how much I got. And a reusable tin as well! But I won’t mourn it when it’s gone, and it’s going to be a generic black tea space filler when I just want to make something strong and bold, quick and easy without fussing around at work.

Overall, I would rate this tea a big, fat “MEH.”

Signed – The Uneducated Tea Snob


i have yet to find an unflavoured black tea from david’s that i like. blech


Yeah, which kind of implies that their tea bases are so cruddy the only way they will taste moderately good would be with the addition of artificial flavouring… which I’m not even overly keen on anymore.


I have Nepal Black, and when I started I bought 100g online for the free tin. It’s over two years old now and I still have about 30g in the tin. It’s just not special at all, even though it does have nice full leaves etc.


I know what you mean about being spoiled by Butiki and other brands. My love for David’s has definitely dwindled. There was one black I liked ok, but I agree that their straight blacks are meh.

Maddy Barone

I still enjoy their flavored teas. Santa’s Secret is a keeper for me, and I like Cranberry Pear and Glitter & Gold. But I’ve been drinking the Whispering Pines and What-Cha teas for straight blacks, and I really like them.


Yeah, they have a few flavoured blends I enjoy, like Fantasy island, cream earl grey, vanilla orchid, coconut oolong, I used to love Santa’s Secret, it was my number one all time fave but I think I’ve gotten over it :)


Their Wild Black Yunnan is pretty good. Not the best Yunnan I’ve had but I still quite enjoy it.


Occasionally they bring in a decent special issue black but I agree with you on this one. When I got a sample of it from one of the local stores it simple tasted flat and stale like it had been improperly stored. The CTC I get from one of the Indian grocers for under 5$a pound, is about a thousand times better than this one was to me.

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I guess I reviewed this before and didn’t have much luck.

I am grateful that Angel sent over more samples of this for me to try, because according to everyone else’s tasting notes, I should definitely give it another go.

I need to try it again to really form a proper opinion, I still feel so ignorant compared to everyone else. “wheat toast with honey, cocoa notes with a campfire in the distance…”… yeah. I don’t get that.

All I could really compare this to was the Mao Feng Keemun, which I really liked. I found this one to be much less sweet, and I didn’t get any cocoa notes, personally. But I think my bar for cocoa notes in straight black tea has been raised up to the Verdant Laoshan Black level, and so anything less is hard for me to discern. (I used that word twice today, WOTD!)

First impression, a tiny bit of smoke, slightly bitter…. mineral?? I don’t even know what that means. I wish there was a tea school near me so I could learn to train my tongue. But I guess that would just entail someone telling me what I’m supposed to taste, me nodding with a blank face while getting really mad that I still just taste straight tea. What’s in this cup?? TEA. Also in that cup. Still tea, guys.

I can note a difference between different types of tea (like, darjeeling vs. assam vs pu-erh vs oolong, for example), and when there’s a painfully obvious flavour profile, I’m all over that (LB, or a tea with vanilla beans cut in – G.O.)… but LAWDY do I ever have troubles catching specific notes in a tea like this one.

I am truly envious of all you “whole grain toast with honey slathered on top and a mug of hot cocoa in front of a campfire” people!!!

But that being said, I know I’ve come a LONG way. And I always know when I love a tea, I just can’t always verbalize WHY. Someday, tongue. You and the brain will be on the same page.

I will try this one later, I would like to write a better review for Teavivre!


i still struggle with the right words… and i think sometimes what i taste doesn’t come out right when i try to explain.

Maddy Barone

Well, heck, I don’t taste much of anything at all, so my tea notes are usually pretty bare. “No bitterness” is one of the best things I can say about a tea. People must think I have no imagination. LOL

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I was pretty excited to try this, but ultimately I think it’s another strawberry tea that I have issues with. Only because I find most often, anything strawberry flavoured tastes… like added flavour, not natural. A bit overwhelming.

I was hoping for more cheesecake for sure! And maybe more rhubarb, but I very likely just had trouble discerning the rhubarb element of this tea.

The pu-erh was definitely earthy, even though I rinsed it. Not BAD, it added a good backbone to the tea.

Happy to have tried it, but likely one I will pass on to someone who truly enjoyed it :)


I liked this one, but I missed any cheesecake notes in my cup. Milk did help the creamy aspect. I like strawberry flavour in Butiki blends…much better than others, I think.


Oh absolutely, Butiki has a a decent strawberry flavour, I just didn’t LOVE this one

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drank Minted Monkey by Tippy's Tea
630 tasting notes

I’ve had this one a couple times now, most recently being last night as we sat down to watch a movie. My husband decided to put on Dumb and Dumberer which was a plan i was NOT super keen on, I didn’t LOVE the first one and i am not a big fan of stupid idiot comedies.

I know this isn’t a movie review site, but I feel compelled to tell you that I laughed out loud a lot of times and so I can’t really hate on it like I thought I would. It was stupid funny.

The tea, however…. definitely tasty. I guess the spectrum of all my reviews is pretty much like “hey, this was enjoyable” or “yucky, so bad that I dumped it out”… with a bit of “meh” in between.

This one definitely falls under the “enjoyable” category. I’m a pretty big advocate of the ‘Not So Vanilla’ tea, which, with the addition of mint, became this tea.

I think if (when, really) I were to repurchase from Tippy’s Tea, I am likely to just buy twice as much Not So Vanilla and skip this one.

While it was good, I love vanilla so much that I don’t want anything (mint, for example) to overshadow it.

I liked how it’s not an artificial “chocolatey” mint tea, because whatever cocoa notes exist would come from the golden monkey tea.

(I wouldn’t complain if it was a bit more chocolatey though…the tea base I mean. I wonder if anyone’s ever mixed Laoshan Black with mint leaves??)

Soooooooooooooo, good tea, definitely worth trying.

I remain a superfan of the “Not So Vanilla” though.


Yep, those movies suck. I’m glad you enjoyed the tea though. We have thought of using laoshan black tea for this. I am a big fan of the laoshan black tea that Verdant tea sells. That stuff is delicious. Or even a dian hong would work well. We’re slowly expanding our tea inventory so in the future we will definitely be experimenting with different base teas. None of our blends are ever set in stone.


Looking forward to seeing what the future holds!

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I really liked this tea while I had it. It was just kicking around in my stash for so long that I decided the other day to just dump what was left in my steeping basket and make a super potent cup of tea, just to get rid of the rest. So it was like 3-4 tsp of leaves for one 12 oz cup. I only let it steep 2 min because I didn’t want to get all crazy.

It actually was a nice, flavourful cup. I would totally recommend it. Creamy, fresh, light, really nice. Definitely OOLONGY. I was just done with it. And now I have another tin to use for one of my Butiki teas……. hmmmmmmmmmmmm….

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Another sample from the generous Angel!

Before brewing this (Western style for me), I had finished a mug of the Superfine Keemun Mao Feng that I have recently been super impressed by.

I wasn’t sure what to expect of a “red black” tea.

First sip, I was surprised at how…sour (?) it seemed to taste on my tongue!

Not BAD, but nowhere near as sweet as the aforementioned Keemun.

It was a light color, and it had sort of a strange taste that felt somehow familiar to me, but I couldn’t place my finger on it. The closest I came was like kind of a bitter raisins taste. But I’m not entirely sure.

I appreciate the opportunity to try this one, but it’s not one I would purchase.
Perhaps gong fu style would make a big difference overall.

I’m not rating this time around because I feel like I need to try my second sample first :)

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This was pretty good for a sludgy, artificially flavoured tea!

I saw the newsletter where it was unveiled, and knew I’d have to at least try it. So i was at the mall recently and picked up 50g. I was going to get 25 grams as per usual, but the smell of the leaves in the can in the store, along with the knowledge that it’s a fleeting flavour…. i had to get 50.

I made some earlier, here at work, and I accidentally put too much cream in it. I use 10% cream. I had to add the cream to my cup before the tea was ready, rather than standing around uselessly waiting for it to steep (time is money, people), and i added too much, so this was very light even though I let it steep forever.

I HAVE read other reviewers comment on this brewing up quite light for an EG, therefore the cream thing may not have totally been my fault.

Anyway, though it came with the typical layer of oily sludge in my cup, the flavours in this tea are really tasty. I found it was all very well balanced, and the milk/cream made me not mind the sludge. The rose and bergamot makes the fake chocolate thing take a backseat, so it wasn’t at all bad!

I don’t regret buying 50 grams, I’m sure it will come in handy as a desserty tea treat at work :)

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This is the first tea I tried out of the generous bunch of samples sent to me by Angel of Teavivre.

I don’t know WHY, given that I’ve only tried a few in my lifetime, but when I see the word “Keemun” I always get a little nervous, because I expect them to be smoky. I don’t really do smoky teas, I don’t really dig them.

I was SO pleasantly surprised when I tried this! I absolutely LOVED it!!

Wow. It was such a rich, bright, flavourful cup of tea. A bit of malt, and honey and raisin notes, and not even 1% smoke!

It’s not at all what I expected. It was such an enjoyable cup that I will absolutely order some in the future. Thanks so much Angel, for allowing me to try something I otherwise would have balked at!


I’m pretty excited to try this one. I think it is one of the samples I received recently as well!


Adding this to my ‘wish list’! :)


i’m curious as to how this will compare to the other keemun i love from teavire. I’ve got this one here to try.


I get nervous for the same reason so I’m going to have to try this one!

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I love tea. I love my baby daughter, my husband, my dog Wally, Netflix, shopping, and tea. Some other stuff too, but these are the most important!

Some favourites -

Butiki teas in general, I love how the flavours are subtle and not fake tasting and don’t overwhelm the tea base. Trust that I will be dramatically mourning the loss of this company!

Harney and Sons, Teavivre, Whispering Pines and Mariage Freres are some more tea companies I appreciate. Along with Davidstea as it was the ‘gateway drug’ to my tea addiction. Though I’m mostly over it now, I’ve definitely moved on from the artificially flavoured teas and am trying more quality straight teas!

My ultimate goal is to try as many French teas as possible – and to finally find a source in Canada for Mariage Freres so I can buy Wedding Imperial, and Black Orchid for sure.

I would like to try any Taiwanese Assams that exist in the world!

Also continuously on the hunt for Fauchon – La Naissance.

When I rate, it goes like this:

85 -100 = WIN! awesome, I love this and keep it on hand
70 – 85 = pretty darn good but I don’t NEED to own it
55 – 70 = not necessarily terrible but not a tea for me!
30 – 55 = missed the mark as far as I am concerned. Wouldn’t drink it willingly.
0 – 30 = I likely won’t rate this low very often, so if you see it, consider the tea a great big FAIL and probably disgusting.


New Brunswick, Canada



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