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follow up: 3rd steep was still really good. the 4th steep, a full steep, is still as flowery as the first (the earlier steeps were shorter tho, eastern style)

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delightful! i made a weak first steep and that was the first adjective that came to mind. subtle and smooth, too..on a 2nd longer steep. i love this! thank you for sharing some with me, Ellyn! hugs all the way from the Philippines! :D

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i have had a few genmais but after a couple of months of not having had much tea (when i got back to the philippines, i didnt have water heating implements and time to get some and prepare some tea so i subsisted on matcha mixed with cool water to keep me awake in class, thanks to Red Leaf Tea i was able to pay attention to biochem this summer) when i had this, i was like…transported to japan! ah, it is wonderful to have good tea on hand!

Thanks to Azz for this swap! Im enjoying every sip of it!


yssah!!! How are you?

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Ok, this is the weirdest thing…

Mr. LBG came to me as a surprise…name and instructions followed in a message (which I had forgotten about). Anyway, idk what possessed me to enter it in my catalog as a chai (this is the first time this has happened) and so I set out following the website instructions for Laoshan Village Chai! Boiled a tbsp w milk (smelled like it was burning) but tasted fine nevertheless. It was already somewhat sweet on its own but I wanted it sweeter and since I do put sugar in my chai, I added honey as recommended.
The taste of toasted rice was predominant and I thought it was weird to put rice in a chai..and then it dawned on me…checked the website, and yep, it’s a Genmaicha! lol.

So my second steep followed the directions ok..tho it was infused with some of the milk I boiled it with ^^’

Unfortunately, this mistake was not as “successful” as this tea’s origins. I taste the toasted rice but not much else :( Will update after the 3rd steep ^^’

Update: Yay, the milk washed off with the 2nd steep and now I’m getting lots of other notes with the toasted rice..hm, lemme see…the original sweetness I detected before the addition of honey, chocolate..some green-ness!…and something else I can’t place ^^

Many thanks to Ze Teamaker for sending me this surprise sample!

Update: I am still steeping it…I think it is the 5th or 6th…not complex as earlier steeps but still with the fun toasted rice flavor that I like!

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Oh dear, it looks like I might be ordering from Zen Tea after all…now I know why everybody’s abuzz about this! It has a very light note of coconut and a sweetness that is not in the other EGCs. What more can I say? I like this EGC a lot!

Thank you for sharing this tea with me, sweet Veronica ! (pretends to be visiting for afternoon tea) :D


It is a good one. Enjoy!

Marcel Duchamp

You have definitely made me curious about this one…

yssah - LIT/ Khesed

go pick up a can of matcha from them while you’re at it. it’s almost half off and if you haven’t registered for Zen Tea yet, pls use my referral link
http://zentealife.com/index.php/rewardpoints/index/goReferral/referrer/360/ ^^

Marcel Duchamp

I will check it out. I’ve been going tea crazy lately. haha. So much tea on my shopping list. :-)

yssah - Love is Tea (LIT)

it is a relatively safe indulgence :)

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This will not be a totally precise tasting note as this was tasted together with 5 other EGCs but this one has a solid flavor that lasted 3 steeps and can possibly live up to another steep or so.

For the 1st steep, I liked how this tasted more than I did the other 4…but not so much more than ZenTea’s :)

Hot or cooled down, this did not get bitter! Hooray! And in the end (after the 3rd steep), this was the best tasting of all 6 EGCs that I tried.

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Got it yesterday and actually conducted an EGC tasting last night. Almost forgot this one coz I hadn’t logged it in my catalog yet so I rushed to steep it alongside the 5 EGCs but then i realized this was not an EGC!

No matter, it tastes just as good as one. Or rather, this trumps them all in my book! Many thanks to Piccolo for the very generous sample..but I’m afraid it will not be enough for me, haha. I gotta buy more of this!

Silky – perfectly describes the beautiful taste that coursed through my tastebuds and captivated me (sigh)

order it here:

Thank you for offering a beautiful EG, Teajo Teas!

update: 2nd steep was still ok. 3rd was not quite but then again, neither were the others. maybe it was because i left them sitting too long? i noticed that with EGs they dont taste so good when cooled and actually become bitter-ish. all of them except for one….which you shall read about in my next tasting note!

Marcel Duchamp

An EGC Taste Testing sounds like a lot of fun to me! You know I love EG too. A little unrelated but Are you going to buy A&D Damn Fine Tea new EG?

yssah - Love is Tea (LIT)

It is fun but the “work” part of it that requires me to take it seriously takes a bit of the fun out haha. Like how it becomes a “have to do” and urgent ^^’ but yeah, still fun. Would be more fun with friends :D

I want to. Being in the permanent collection means it is good enough! But how many of it I will buy depends on the feedback. I cannot sell it here in the US but I could probly swap out some!

Thanks for asking, Marcel :)

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sweet…and nice! it smells really good. the black tea is not strong but i like it just as it is :)


I keep meaning to try this. If I remember I’ll get 20g next time I’m in.

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ok, so this loose leaf newbie is growing up. this has ruined my enjoyment for the cheap bagged genmai that i thought i would enjoy forever! i never should have tasted them side by side. i was afraid this would happen.

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Chai was my first love, and later fell hard for Earl Grey. Will always have a soft spot in my heart for tisanes. It has been a while since I last joined and now I am more into matcha but still into other teas most definitely.

Swapped some teas here before with the LIT brand and had to change name to be registered and now selling loose leaf tea in the Philippines as Khesed :)

To see the teas listed here on Steepster:

Swap friends on p.2 of swap credibility thread :)


Clovis, California and Manila, Philippines

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