first time i met Soho, i smelled him before i actually saw him. his coconut aroma was so strong, i was afraid it might get into the others!

after a while in his intense presence, his sweet scent tried to seduce me. and though i succumbed to a cup, it led me to conclude that i will just swap him away.

and then, in the process of portioning it out, the scent continued to tantalize…and i succumbed again! but this time, it got me thinking…maybe i dont want to swap all of it! maybe, maybe…i might even buy a pound of it…sometime in the future*

so ok, i like him well enough. even though his flavor is not as rich as his scent. and even though the 2nd steep is but a shadow of the first. maybe i will double the tea just to get a strong enough taste next time.

funny how the heart changes in the span of a few weeks.

many thanks to Isabel who showered me with a ton of teas out of nowhere, lol.

*a pound not entirely for personal use but to stock my online tea shop with

Marcel Duchamp

Excited to try this one.

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Marcel Duchamp

Excited to try this one.

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