102 Tasting Notes

drank Muscat Oolong by Lupicia
102 tasting notes

this did not get any time to cool down…it was sipped off way before that happened. it has a really nice grape flavor hmmmm just how i would like my wine to taste – and without the alcohol to boot!

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note to self: when steeping 2 similar looking teas side by side, unbox teas in separate areas. i almost mixed up this one and the heavily roasted! but thank goodness, i can see the slight difference in color as this was just the teeniest bit greener. the color of the brewed tea did show that i was right – and i had put this in my white teapot while the other in my brown kyusu (haha, sorry purists, it was the only other pot i had available!)

on to the taste: like i have read, i fall under the majority preferring lightly/moderately roasted! thank you Teavivre for helping me figure this one out with your nice teas!
this one is naturally sweet but i need to steep it longer (for a minute or so) vs my usual less than a minute steep to get my desired strength but it’s all good coz the instructions say 1-3 minutes. and freshly boiled water (some oolongs need lower temperature and shorter steeps to avoid getting bitter but this one and apparently the really good quality ones allow/need higher temp and longer steeps). not gonna work for cold steeping i guess.

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oolongs are harder to steep, i think! i like that it doesnt get bitter so easily and i can steep it over a minute no problem. but maybe not for 3 coz it does get every slightly bitter along the way. i got more of the tgy taste in this one but like the sweetness of the lightly roasted oolong more :)

on the other hand…the flavor of this remains for more steeps. i think i will enjoy this more gongfu style or shorter more frequent steeps

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drank Kyobancha by Yunomius
102 tasting notes

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what is it with flavored puerhs? i tried to steep them longer but i just got stronger lavender, lol. but i liked this flavor best (side by side with samovar’s blood orange and davids coffee puerh)

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i know i should rinse first but as i read that somebody enjoyed the first steep of puerh the most, i decided to taste it. i liked the flavor actually. but it was lost subsequent steeps. drank them still, for the healthy elements :)

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drank Coffee Pu'erh by DAVIDsTEA
102 tasting notes

it’s good coffee..but not tasting any puerh. hmmm…maybe flavored puerh is not for me. did a side by side with samovar blood orange and natural tea leaf lavender puerh. i was able to detect puerh in the others but the coffee flavor in this makes up for the lack. great for those wanting to sub tea for coffee but now im wondering about the caffeine content of this.. it might be half coffee half tea lol

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i thought today would be a green day but as i was going through the yunomi box, found this one up next..just as well coz i found a chocolate to snack on :D

a quick first steep right after boiling, i could sense the maltiness. i like to try tea when it is not yet too strong. it is nice. second steep twice the time but middlish is not good..so im steeping for longer for a stronger flavour.

hm! i thought id left it too long as the tea had already sorta cooled but rather than bitterness, i get a slight sweetness, initially elusive but gently spreads out. maybe it’s just my inexperience but i dont get any cocoa notes on this one? still good tho. (bites on nestle crunch and sips..hm. i think this tea is better not paired with chocolate. or i just got the wrong chocolate, lol.


I’ve got a couple of Japanese blacks from Yunomi. I find them different but quite good.


one of the stuff in the box was kyobancha roasted green tea..left it steeping for far too long and it became a strong dark drink just like coffee but not bitter at all XD

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drank Dragon Well by Foxfire teas
102 tasting notes

surprising! sweet in scent and in flavor. how is it possible to make a dragonwell taste so different from the others? cold steeping this :)

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tea number 7 of the yunomi groupbuy.

so it was salt hahaha. i thought it to be sugar but it does make sense to preserve it in salt too. i would still prefer sugar as a preservative for this tho.

i am slightly successful on this one but still have to try again with #2 batabatacha. i rinsed it as instructed and steeped. it was still a bit salty so i set this one aside. the 3rd is ok, i can taste the sakura without the saltyishness. it is so pretty, i took out my nice white ceramic teacup and took lots of pictures. then inspiration: added some sencha for the most real sakura sencha ever! cold steeping in the fridge right now!!!!

went back to the 2nd steep (after rinse) and sipping it. hmm, not bad..not as salty or maybe i am just getting used to it? acclimatization does wonders apparently. and im even thinking the sakura flavor is more pronounced now. sip. sip again. sips until the cup is finished. can’t wait to try the cold steep!

ps. ive always wanted to get some of those cherry blossoms from japan and now it is here

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Chai was my first love, and later fell hard for Earl Grey. Will always have a soft spot in my heart for tisanes. It has been a while since I last joined and now I am more into matcha but still into other teas most definitely.

Swapped some teas here before with the LIT brand and had to change name to be registered and now selling loose leaf tea in the Philippines as Khesed :)

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