89 Tasting Notes

drank Red Matcha by Pure Matcha
89 tasting notes

I really like matcha and I really like rooibos. Plus, I’m tickled pink to receive a tin of this from an angel named Charlotte I would never have been able to try this otherwise. Come to think of it, there are a ton of teas I would never have been able to try if not for my dear Steepster family! So thank you to Charlotte and everyone in Steepster. You make the tea experience so much more than I thought it could be :)

Now, on to the Red Matcha! Being a newbie, I clumsily opened the tin and dropped a bit more powder than I had planned into my (brother’s) shake bottle. Made a mental note of the need for a spoon. Next, I put it under the water dispenser and tiny clouds of powder flew. This helped me inhale the aroma, lol. Upon hindsight, I note: it is better to put in water first..or pour water oh so gently. Ah, matcha truly is an art requiring much grace!

So I shake it, and sip it, and oh, the water’s gone down…add some more water to make up for too much powder from earlier…and sip down some more, imagining the possibilities of mixing this with other things. I did like the teabag rooibos w/cinnamon and vanilla so I think I will try that for a start :)


Matcha powder up your nose…Been there…


thank goodness, i’m not alone hahaha


I haven’t tried it like that yet. Is it good that way? :P


rooibos w cinnamon & vanilla? the wissotzky teabag was good. Lariel liked it too.

i didnt get to try it yet..was too immersed getting the feel of it plain? haha. i think the powder tastes better with less water (i put a lot of water in).

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Wow, thanks to Jackie for a big sample of this. She gave me more of this than the other samples coz she knew I love EG. So sweet ^^

It is a nice EG Cream and I’m happy I got to try it in this never-ending journey of tea and EG :)

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After tasting a lot of teas today (17), with only a few that were good, I kinda needed a tea to make me sigh in happiness.

So I reached for this sample from Dustin :)

I have never had this before but thought a Rishi EG can’t be bad.

It is a reserved EG. But that is fine with me. Flavor was a bit muted but it seemed dignified that way :)

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of the 14 teas i tasted today, this was among the top 3. the bergamot was very subtle but the lavender was just right.

hm, i wonder how it will turn out if i mix it with some EG?

i like it but buy it? maybe. will have to try other lavender EGs :)

thanks to Azzrian for this sample!

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ok, im a little surprised by the current ratings but maybe the other (10+) teas i tried with this with werent all that good that is why this one stood out (with a couple others)

it is sweet and tasted fine enough while warm. it didnt get to the cool stage because i brewed only small samples haha

but this is good. thanks Kasumi for this sample! wanting to try other plum oolongs :)

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i thought to try some teas today and of the 14 teas, i liked this, versailles lavender, and plum oolong the most.

of the 3, i liked the scent of this best.

yes, i would buy this! thanks Nicole for this sample :)

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To play it safe, I steeped this at a lower temp and shorter time than normally recommended for oolongs. It seems that this can tolerate 170F and 3mins tho.

1st steep: lightly sweet, lightly floral

looking forward to next steeps!

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This is CLOVE. It smells and tastes just like real cloves!

While it is not bad, I would prefer to have this mixed with something else. I know it would be perfect for flavoring chai. And it would probably be cool with the orange flavored black tea too :)


Mm, clove. I love clove all on its own, but it’s a flavor that is great for mixing! I’d suggest it with orange, cranberry or cinnamon.

yssah - Love is Tea (LIT)

im sure in time, i will come to love it on its own too..like i did coconut-flavored tea :D

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drank Raspberry by Love is Tea (LIT)
89 tasting notes

I tasted this together with the Cherry and Clove.

While the cherry is super sweet, this one is a bit toned down in sweetness but it has its own charm that I can’t put in words right now…will have to try it again sometime.

Bottom line: I like it :)

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drank Cherry by Love is Tea (LIT)
89 tasting notes

well, I can’t really say much except: this tea tastes exactly as it smells – sweet and fruity. kinda like…candy :)

i’m satisfied.

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Chai was my first love, and later fell hard for Earl Grey. Will always have a soft spot in my heart for tisanes. It has been a while since I last joined and now I am more into matcha but still into other teas most definitely.

Swapped some teas here before with the LIT brand and had to change name to be registered and now selling loose leaf tea in the Philippines as Khesed :)

To see the teas listed here on Steepster:

Swap friends on p.31 :)


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