432 Tasting Notes

This smooth and pleasant tea accompanied my morning yesterday. These dark medium large leaves mixed with around 25% golden tip yielded 3 good steeps using my usual method of 1 TSP/225ml/94°C/1 min+1 for next steep, which is slightly less resilient than some of the Yunnan’s I’ve been drinking. The last steep was weakening and I will probably extend the steep time the next time I drink it.

The first steep smelled of malt, cocoa, a musky, grainy scent, and red fruit. The taste was sweeter than the scent with with a strong barley note mixed with cocoa and caramel. There was a faint leather spice mixed in with light malt and a touch of fruit. The tea had a slightly metallic, mineral note that leant a certain coolness to the flavour of the tea. The tea was very smooth on the tongue.

Future steeps introduced a light bright floral note, plum mixed with red fruit and a light hay note. The caramel evolved to cane sugar.

Altogether this was a smooth, pleasant, and uncomplicated accompaniment to my day.

Thanks boychik for the sample!

Cameron B.

How many steeps did you end up doing? I might have to try the rest of my sample this way. :)


I tried 4. Steeps 1 and 2 were really good, with strong flavour, the third steep was weakening, so I tried the fourth steep at 5 min and really it was just fading cocoa, some malt , and indistinct sweet notes. I would try adding 1.5 to 2 minutes for the third steep and not bother with the fourth.

Cameron B.

Gotcha, thanks a lot! I’ll have to try this today. :)


Glad you liked that;)

Cameron B.

So I tried it with 1 minute, 2 minutes, 4 minutes and I liked it a lot! I need to try other Yunnans that way. :D


Yay! I’m glad you liked it that way. I do it with a lot of my Chinese teas, and it helps me discover another character to them. Some I prefer this way and some Western style and a few I steep at very short intervals.

Cameron B.

I tend to prefer the lighter, more tippy Yunnan teas, so this method kind of emulates that even with darker ones. Which is nice! Thanks again for the suggestion. :)


I like the tippy Yunnan’s too. I love the diversity of them. I once had one ( well it wasn’t specifically labeled Yunnan, but its leaf morphology and some aspects of its flavour suggested it was) that tasted of violets and grape jelly on top of other notes.

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I must admit to appreciating this tea more than I first thought. It has become a tea I turn to when I want a nice classic robust cup of tea. It has great fruit and malt tones, with brown sugar and a complex mix of spices without that lemony or sweet potato tones of some Ceylon’s. There is something thick and satisfying in its texture and it has a potent dose of caffeine, my fingers are buzzing!

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drank Gui Fei Oolong by Green Terrace Teas
432 tasting notes

This tea was my accompaniment to the world cup today.

I got 15 steeps out of it (35,25,35,45,55,65,90,80,95,125,180s, 5,6,8,10 min) after the rinse. I found it kind of interesting it started savoury with vegetal,wood, and almond meal among the fruit and floral notes and ended savoury, with fruit and floral notes that vied for dominance within the centre. My favourite steeps were the second set of three where apple, magnolia and honey were the more prominent notes. The other thing I noticed with this tea was a bit of a disconnect between the scent and the taste. With the scent promising warm apples with cinnamon and raisins, whereas the taste was not as sweet and often much more floral than expected. Anyways I did very much enjoy this tea. Below see the scent and taste notes I found. Thanks again Green Terrace Teas this was my first Gui Fei and I appreciate the chance to try it!

Scent: cream, soft creamy floral that opens up to Magnolia, apple flower, apple( which dominates most of the steeping)’ plum,raisins, cinnamon, raw almond, woody tone, light vegetal scent.

Taste: cream, soft creamy floral that opens up to Magnolia, apple flower, pluumeria, apple( which dominates most of the steeping)’ plum,raisins, cinnamon, raw almond, woody tone, artichoke, cooked broccoli stem, musk, celery leaf.


Wow! 15!


That’s amazing.

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Sip down. I never did do a proper review for this tea:). The Blueberry is sweet and jammy. The rooibos is present and slightly woody but not really a problem for me. I think the thing that makes me hesitant to repurchase this tea is that the cream is very milky to me and I hate milk. This is a strange food aversion as I love other dairy products, but I never liked milk and I don’t even have it in cereal. However once I get over that, the tea does taste a bit like a warm blueberry scented latte with vanilla. If you like milk with a bit of fruity sweetness and don’t mind a slightly present rooibos, this may be a tea for you.


Me too!!! I HATE milk, but I like almost every other dairy products except for cream and butter.


I even like double and whipped cream ( preferably unsweetened) and unsalted butter, but milk I just don’t enjoy and even worse it makes me congested.

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This was the generous sample I received with my Yunnan Sourcing order.

I think this would appeal to those looking for a nice, robust malty tea.

It has malt and tart fruit ( longan, currants) in abundance, but these are supported by dark honey, spice ( cinnamon and a sweet, citrusy, spicy floral), cocoa, salted butter, and alfalfa. It has a really nice balance between the tart, sweet, bitter, and creamy notes. It has a good dose of caffeine.

The tea itself has nice resilient ( they hold up to multiple steeps) leaves, that are a long deep black brown with around 25% gold tips. They have a fresh, floral, hay like tone when dry.

This tea would make a good every day tea for those who prefer a malty tart tea!

205 °F / 96 °C 1 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 5 OZ / 150 ML

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drank Doctor Who - Five by Adagio Teas
432 tasting notes

This was part of a small adagio order that I made shortly after they began offering sane shipping fees to Canada.

The first tones I get are the cream and almond. The almond is slightly amaretto like and something cherry like. The cream actually has tones that remind me of milk. I think the caramel is there but it kind of supports the other notes with a burnt sugar note.

The base tea is fruity and slightly bitter with malt tones and a hint of coffee like tones. It’s not too bad but tastes a little rough compared to the teas I’ve been drinking lately.

I do really like the flavour though. I love cherry notes in teas, and it melds well with the others.

Does this represent the fifth doctor? I can’t say. I haven’t bothered with cable TV in a long time and I haven’t watched it online. I should though. I really liked Dr Who as a kid when they showed it on TVO. The Dr then had really curly dark hair. I think I may have seen one or two of the new episodes.

Having said that I can see why you enjoy this Sami, and it is well thought out!

Sami Kelsh

Heehee, I can’t believe I only just noticed this note! I’m obviously biased, but if you need any recommendations on Doctor Who to watch, I’m your man! ;)

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drank Himalayan Gold by Nepali Tea Traders
432 tasting notes

As this tea cools I am admiring its leaves. They are really beautiful to look at with furry silver to gold loosely twisted buds among dark chocolate brown blades. The dry leaf smells sweet with a hint of smoke.

Using one TSP in 225 ml of 94°C water, I got a pale copper tea that smells of honey sweet potato and cinnamon,citrus tones and a hint of salty butter.

This light bodied tea has bright citrus and sweet potato up front opening up to cinnamon tinged honey mixed with salted butter, with the briefest echo of its roasting process. As it cools there are also slight sweet grain notes, a faint hint of plum and cocoa, and a hint of clover floral tone. It has a sweet honeyed aftertaste.

This tea is both light and bright and very warming and comes across as very elegant. It is sweeter than a Darjeeling, but is not as heavy, grainy,or chocolatey as many of the Chinese blacks I’ve had. This makes a very pleasant afternoon tea.

Thanks boychik for giving me the opportunity to try this tea. I enjoyed it very much!


You are welcome. Glad you liked it

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The first time I had this tea it reminded me of both summer and fall. It had that tarry pine pitch smell that soaks out of rail ties on very hot days, that oddly provides a bright camphor type tone to the tea, as well as enough charred grain and smoke insence to make me think of fall curled up by a fire reading a book. This is not an overly smokey tea but smoke does influence and add spice to the flavour.

The dry leaf smells of sugar, charred grains, cocoa, and fruit, and a hint of bright camphor.

This is a very resilient tea for a keemun, brewed for steeps starting at 4 minutes I am now heading into the sixth steep.

My preferred brewing parameter for this tea is one TSP/225 [email protected]

Brewed this way I get a minimally astringent broth that smells of charred grains, smoke insence, cocoa, caramel, warm red fruit, and plum, light pine tar/camphor tone, with a hint of menthol.

Roasted grains, smoke insence, and caramel are the first flavour tones. These mix with sharp fruit and cocoa. It finishes with a bright pine tar/menthol note mixed with red fruits and plum. A smoke tone creates a note that is a little roasted pecan like. It has a very sweet aftertaste.

Later steeps had notes of charred grain with smoke insence spice, cocoa, caramel, and plum. Tart fruit notes faded but are apparent as it cools. There was camphor/pine tar in aftertaste. These steeps had a spicy yet cool toned flavour. There were also hints of vanilla orchid, dark chocolate, and a spicy floral tone as it cools as well as a grainy note reminds me a little of horse feed.

My last steep had plum, caramel, cream, over mineral roasted cacao note.

Using more leaf intensified both the sweetness and smokey/Tarry nature of this tea, whereas using higher temperatures increased the astringency and created a woody, drying note in the tea.

This is a robust and very nice counterpoint to the other tea I got from the seller. I very much enjoy them both!

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