430 Tasting Notes

The dry leaf of this sample was quite broken up, but the basil was visible against the lighter white tea and I saw pieces of lemon rind and fruit. The sent is of slightly sweetened lemon and basil. The basil is more savoury and less spicy smelling than Tulsi (Holy Basil). The white tea and lemon combine in flavour to sweeten and emphasise each other. The tea provides a certain thickness and sweetness to the tea. The basil is quite present but is not quite as strong as I thought it might be considering the amount of it in the dry leaf. It provides a hint of me nt and licorice and savoury spice. The blackcurrant is present but buried in the background. A pleasant cup that tastes more of its herbal elements than others. Thanks Dexter3657 for the sample!

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Itsp 200ml. 2min 30s. Brews to a pretty orange tinged red.
Biscuit, sweet fruity tone like cooked apple peals, malt ( but not as strong as suggested by dry tea).

Top notes are fruity cooked apple with dried berries and a hint of cinnamon and nutmeg over a fairly biting bitter, malty base. More tannic than astringent but the astringency is definitely there leaving a tingling on the tongue. Faint vegetal tone between the fruit and malt. Biscuit is only slightly present. Thinner body that is given texture through the astringency. Not bad as a breakfast tea, but I think this is one you should under leaf a little, or it might be too bitter with ought milk and sugar.

The dry leaf is about the size of the CTC in Twinnings Irish Breakfast.

Thanks JustJames this is my first Ugandan tea! I like the fruitiness of it when brewed carefully.


Sadly, fruitiness is not allowed in Uganda anymore.

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Drinking this tea I can’t help but compare it to some of the Dancongs I’ve had. It has the slight astringency they can have, but it is not quite as thick, rich, floral or as sweet as the oolong. It does have the hint of cream and fruit the ones I have had. It is a bit thinner than most black teas I’ve had until later steeps, but it has an interesting blend of contrasting flavours and I quite enjoyed it. The product description said the tea had cherry notes. I instead got mainly citrus, pink grapefruit and apricot tones. I may have had more cherry tones in a longer steep. In later steeps cocoa and malt came out as well. The tea is quite naturally sweet with the stevia like tones I’ve found occasionally in pouchongs. Altogether a really nice tea, which leans towards a dark roast oolong. Thanks Dexter3657 for the generous sample!

I used a little over 1 TSP in 200ml of water at around90°C

1min. Maple coloured brew.
Scent- roasted note, citrus rind/grapefruit, slight floral green note.
Flavour- top note is bright with citrus pink grapefruit notes. Underneath the top notes are roasted notes and cream. As it cools a slight green floral iris note appears, it becomes sweeter and creamier, with an apricot vanilla fruit tone. the tea has a creamy texture that dtssipates into a slight astringency. The dominant flavour is the roasted note with grapefruit. The tea has an aftertaste of sweet fruit, vanilla and cream with a slight astringency.

1min 20s
Scent – similar to first steep, but slightly less intense.
The tea has this beautiful gilded seppia tone.
Flavour- the taste is sweeter and softer. There are still a grapefruit and citrus note along with a mineral tone that is more apparent than the roasted tone. It is creamy and there is a slight bright citrusy floral tone. There is a hint of peach and apricot. The roasted note is breaking down into minetal notes and a woody tone. It is mildly astringent and very sweet with an all most Stevia like tone like I’ve found in pouchong at times.

1min 60s. Bright fruity scent, grapefruit and citrus rind, green floral scent, woody note and something sweet and deeper.
Flavour- cream, mineral, wood, citrus rind with hint of grapefruit. The cream has vanilla notes and the tea sweeten as it cools. The roasted wood note is stronger as it cools. There is a hint of cocoa and honey under peach and grapefruit. Bright citrus aftertaste contrasts with a sweet cocoa note underneath.

3min. Cream, malt, hint of honey, cocoa, fruit, mineral tone. Woodiness has dissipated leaving a vegetal tone.

4 min cream, honey, malt tone, fruit as top note.

5min and 6min malt, cocoa, tastes less sweet, but still gives a hint of tartness. Cream and a hint of soft fruit appear as it cools.

6min and 7min. Malt, cream, touch of cocoa.


Thanks for this very insightful note, I love this company.

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drank Fruits d'Alsace by Harney & Sons
430 tasting notes

For some strange reason, I had it in my had it in my head that the cherry would be stronger in this tea but in reality the flavouring is more dominated by cooked stone fruit ands a falavour that reminds me of baked red delicious apples with skin or plum kuchen. I found plum, apricot, and cherries in the flavouring which also has a certain brightness with a hint of tartness. The base was sweet , rich and thick, and contributed a bit of malt, honey, and biscuit tones. The aftertaste is kind of an interesting fruity flavour blended with citrus and a hint of wintergreen, along with a bit of bite from astringency.

All of the flavours kind of blended into each other, without it being incredibly distinct about what you are drinking. The tea re-steeps quite well, with the cherry becoming more distinct.

Thanks JustJames for a tasty treat!


sounds like a buch of beautiful flavors!

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drank Nordic Almond by Herbal Infusions
430 tasting notes

This tea smells a little bit like across between shortbread and scones with a touch of almond flour. The taste is subtle but pleasant. The base tea underneath is quite sweet, with a touch of astringency. The initial flavour note was kind of like a powdery shortbread cookie, followed a by a touch of almond extract and assert note that reminds me of licorice or perhaps stevia (I haven’t had it for a while). Mostly reminds me of shortbread with a touch of almond extract. Thanks to Dexter3657 for the chance to try this limited edition tea.

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This tea is a little different than some of the Taiwanese blacks I’ve had before as it is neither dominated by fruit, or the mint spicy tones you often find. Instead it actually does reference oatmeal, not in the aged tea/ exhausted steeping type of oatmeal flavour you get but actual oatmeal with grain, malt and a little hint of nut in it, contributing to a savoury comforting, rich flavour. As secondary notes it has fairly strong malt tones, sharp fruit ranging from long an to red currant, and honey tinged cocoa.

I brewed it 5 times (20, 30,55,120, &240s). It seemed to have a nice bit of resiliency, with malt retaining prominent notes and the cocoa honey note increasing in the first few steepings and the fruit changing from longan to a currant note in later steeps.

Maybe not my favourite Assam but still a warm, comforting and pleasant cup. Thanks to TastyBrew for allowing me the opportunity to try another of TTC’s black teas!

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Thanks to Tea at Sea for providing me with this lovely sample. As others have noted they have lovely packaging even these samples come in lovely resealable packaging with cute graphics.

This tea is tightly rolled like a green oolong. It is not smooth and smokey like a gunpowder green tea, but pellet like light to dark olive nuggets that smell of seaweed, dried alfalfa and a touch of red clover flowers.

I steeped 1 TSP in about 135 ml of water and got 4 good steeps out of it (45, 60, 80, 100s) at about 85°C.

The tea brewed to a nice bright yellow tinged green initially smell in of a light and soft slightly spicy floral with alfalfa underneath, becoming both sweeter and nuttier with later steeps.

The tea itself had mostly a rich smooth taste with the flavour initially more savoury and becoming sweeter and nuttier.

Flavour notes I noted were: slight spinach note, hay, clover, butter, plum, apricot, cream, honeydew melon, choclo ( a type of corn), alfalfa, buttery sweet greens, clover nectar, cooked peach, and chestnut.

Altogether a nice, smooth, and mild green tea.


What a note list! ;-)

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drank Hong Jing Luo by thepuriTea
430 tasting notes

This is another bilochun style black it has loosely curled black nuggets with prominent golden tips. It smells of smokey cocoa. Taste wise it is closer to Teavivre’s black dragon pearls than my other bilochun style black tea from Zen Teahttp://steepster.com/yyz/posts/225415. With Teavivres tea having a slightlier creamy texture and taste. I actually prefer this one though.

I steeped this tea 4 times ( 60, 80,110,300s). I found it a little less resilient than zen’s Phoenix Pearls.

The scent is smokey, with cocoa, honey and light nutty notes. It brews to a coppery maple colour.

It tastes of light smoke with a cocoa mole sauce note with later steeps referencing a hint f the flavour of Chile. The cocoa smoke lies over citrusy malt tones and a touch of honey. Later steeps release a light nutty tone as well. Overall a nice savoury, cocoa noted tea.

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drank Phoenix Pearl by Zen Tea
430 tasting notes

This tea is getting a little old but is still very nice. The dry tea is a dark bilochun style nugget with some lighter brown notes and a few golden tips present. It smells very sweet of honey and cocoa. This tea remains quite sweet and retains it’s honey cocoa grainy malt notes throughout its steeping. Like others have noted it is quite a forgiving tea.

After a rinse and a one minute steep I had a deep maple colour brew with a scent of cocoa, honey and grainy malt. It tastes of honey, cocoa, a barley grain note, and aslfalfa with malt more present as it cools.

I steeped it again for 80, 110, 180, and 300s. The tea became slightly sweeter in the later brews with the malt rising in the early ones than blending more evenly with the other flavours a slightly nutty note appeared as well. Altogether a nice honeyed, cocoa tea with grainy, nutty notes. Quite enjoyable.

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I thoroughly enjoyed this well balanced oolong courtesy of a sample sent to me by the thoughtful Dexter3657. This green oolong has a really nice soft, sweet blend of floral notes (gardenia/lily/sweet Williams), fruit peaches and vanilla sugar, papaya, citrus notes and hints of pineapple, mineral notes, cream, and the sweeter tones of artichoke. I may prefer a slightly more biting floral green, but I enjoyed the soft sweet floral notes of this oolong.

I steeped this tea 8 times after a rinse (30, 30, 35, 40, 50, 60, 85 and 105s).

The dry leaf smells of fruit, peach and pineapple, vanilla and a light floral accent of lily and gardenia. They are tightly rolled and are a bright spruce green with light olive accents.

30s. Light green tinged yellow brew with a peach tinged with citrus pineapple scent with a floral green top note.

It tastes of gardenia mixed with citrus notes, pineapple, cream, peach, a hint of something powdery and vanilla. A nice mix of fruit and soft floral, with a silky texture.

30s. Slightly deeper yellow brew.
The flavour is a green floral mixed with sweet Williams, cream, warm peaches, papaya and pineapple. It is very sweet and has notes of warm cooked snap peas and vanilla.

35s. Deeper flavour with a green vegetal note of sweet Jerusalem artichoke. There is a softer green floral with lily and gardenia, peaches sprinkled with vanilla sugar and cream. There is a freshening feeling in the front of the mouth.

40s. Mineral note, light gardenia, lily, peach, snap pea, sweet cooked peaches, cream, with a vanilla hint. Still a creamy texture.

50s. Similar but more intense flavour than 40s, with greener peach, vanilla note, artichoke and gardenia breaking down into a nutmeg like note.

60s. Sweet, slightly more fruity than floral.
Tastes of a mineral green soft vegetal note, peach and gardenia.

85s. Savoury with gardenia, nutmeg, cream and stronger artichoke note, faint reference to aftertaste of peach.

105s. Vegetal, mineral, gardenia, cream.

Sorry I posted this in the wrong place originally.



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