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I’m really enjoying this bright and lovely tea this morning thanks to the generosity of CrowKettle.

After a four minute steep I’m left with a sweet scent that is a blend of citrus, sweet fruit such as tart plum, cinnamon, a hint of cardamon and nutmeg and a touch of floral like gardenia and rose cross.

The tea tastes sweet combining citrus/malt, honey, floral, plum, and spice notes. It is a pretty orange red colour, and tastes smooth but refreshing. as it cools it combines to create a taste like lemon scented waffles with a hint of sweet syrup.

The second steep is sweeter with stronger pastry notes. Caramel notes are present with hints of raisin.

Looking forward to further steeps throughout the day.

Thanks again for this very generous sample!

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This is quite a nice Ceylon. It seems to lie between those Ceylon’s that are sugary sweet, those that hold lots of citrus notes, and those with deep malt notes. It’s a pretty well balanced cup, with just the right touch of briskness.

The tea smells of malt, a touch of brown sugar, spice (cinnamon and a hint of nutmeg), citrus, and berries with some deeper slightly bitter notes. The flavour is deep and robust with all of the above notes. This Ceylon would take milk well. It is not an overly sweet tea, and has a lovely citrusy and spicy aftertaste. I’m quite enjoying this cup. 96°C 4 min.

Edit: The resteep is lovely and sweeter. I think that this tea would benefit from a shorter steep than I first gave it. Cocoa notes are present in this steep.

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drank Black Lavender by Herbal Infusions
435 tasting notes

This tea is kind of interesting. I’ m not sure if it was quite what I was expecting, the flavouring is subtle and the base underneath is quite robust. The scent of the tea is a blend between vanilla, lavender, and the base tea that gives it a slightly floral caramel like scent. When hot The lavender is slightly dominant over the vanilla, but both are only subtly present over the base. As it cools, the mint displays its presence both in the flavouring and the sensation on the tongue, but its flavour blends masterfully into the lavender and vanilla. The lavender and mint are present at the first sip but the vanilla is the strongest note afterwards. The vanilla is kind of a French vanilla ice cream vanilla, cool and creamy. The mint acts to emphasise the ice cream note by creating a bit of crispness in the blend. I am enjoying this without additives but brewed a little stronger it would go excellently with milk or cream. I brewed 1 heaping tsp in 225 ml for 2.5 min. the first time I had this I used 1.5 tsp but I found the base to be a little bitter and strong at that point but if you take milk you might want to use this amount. A really lovely blend.


Sounds like a well-balanced cup.


It is:)

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drank Yu Lu Yan Cha Black by Verdant Tea
435 tasting notes

I’ve been thoroughly enjoying this lovely tea all day today.
I find it lays somewhere in between the two Xinyang Hong Chas I have. Appearance wise it is closer to the Yixiang tea version with black straighter leave an with some golden tips, but it’ s flavour is closest to The Old Tea’ s tea. Perhaps if I steep the Yixiang tea Gongfu tea it will display more sweetness.

I brewed 1.5tsp of tea in a 150 ml gaiwan and chose to do short steeps at boiling. As of now I steeped for 5,10,15,25,35,50,75,96,120s on top of am initial rinse. I am still getting a rich and dense flavour. Even the rinse was flavourful.

Over the course of steeping this tea I have tasted chocolate ( cocoa in the last couple steeps), caramel/honey, malt, citrus, longan, citrus zest, cinnamon, cream, and jasmine. Malt and chocolate, fight between each other for dominance depending on the steep, by later steeps the Malt is prominent with cocoa underneath, the caramel/honey lies underneath and intensifies as it cools.

This tea has been lovely company throughout the day and I may have a cup or two before I go to bed.

I’m trying this tea thanks to TastyBrew and our fabulous swap. Thanks, I love it!

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drank Goût Russe Douchka by Dammann Freres
435 tasting notes

I’m enjoying this tea more and more as it cools and the flavours intensify at first it seemed a little mild. I really like strong Earl Greys.

The ingredient list is bergamot and orange essential oils, but the way they merge together reminds me of sweet lime, with sharp bright citrus notes.

Brewed, I smell light leathery notes from the base, mixed With hints of cooked lime mixed with bergamot. Maybe this is a tart orange like the ones bought for juice in Ecuador.

The initial flavour was not quite as strong a citrus note as I was expecting but the flavour intensifies as it cools. The flavour is bergamot with hints of ginger and spices,the orange oil tempers it and kind of removes the floral notes from the bergamot. The base tea is robust but is kind of innocuous after a 3.5 min steep. Enjoyable but not a must have for me.

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drank Random Steepings by Various Artists
435 tasting notes

More lavender experiments…

This time I used less than 1 tsp lavender
2 1cm thick slices of ginger
A pinch of dried lemongrass

I like it but I think I have to decide what I want to be in prominence and increase the proportion of it. Right now I have the spicy floral lavender and the heat of the ginger but I think I want more of the lemon tones ginger can have. The lemon grass kind of grounds the other two flavours adding a touch of tartness and a bit of depth to the flavour. Nice for when I’m not in the mood for lavender by itself.

Hadn’t tried a lemongrass-lavender combo before. Making note!

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The dry tea smells very much like the dessert it’s named after! Brewed for 4 minutes, the brewed tea smells of chocolate, and amaretto infused with a touch of wood smoke, with the smoke and some of the cocoa coming from the base tea. The chocolate and amaretto notes are prominent with the smoke adding a note that reminds me a little bit of a mole poblano sauce. The bit of smoke helps to make th tea seem more robust and deepens the chocolate note. It makes me think of late fall, early winter evenings curled up by a fire place. Very nice, I can see why this tea is sought after.


sigh i love this one…


I love this one too. I need to find a supplier for it… still waiting to hear from Cadeau Vendome to see if they’ll stock it.


I know I’ve seen it at other sites than Df, but so far they either don’ t ship to Canada because of our food importation laws prevent them from shipping all of their stock to Canada, or the shipping is more expensive than even th MF site.


I wonder what is in the tea that they can’t import it.


It’s not the tea I think, these stores also sell other forms of gourmet foods. There are several restriction on the importation, of dairy products( especially unpasteurised), meats and some forms of plant goods. Some of them sell alcohol, which at least here in Ontario has to be done through the lcbo. I wrote one of the stores to see if they would be willing to sell me just tea but I haven’t heard back from them.


Oh, right. That makes sense. Please keep us informed if it becomes possible. :)


For sure! It is still available on the dammann site. It’s 14.50€ with shipping starting at 12.00. The other places that have it right now and that ship to Canada have had shipping at 20€ and up.


Yeah, I’m thinking of making an order with my Christmas money, but I’ll probably order from that other site because the shipping is less.


Maybe they will be able to get it in… So far they have offered a pretty good service. I Would have received my most recent order from them in 5 days if Canada Post hadn’t sent my parcel to the wrong sub station.


That is so impressive.


Yea, I received my package in less than a week from France. Still waiting on a reply to my email though, which I sent in both French and English. ;)

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I bought this tea as part of an attempt to find a tea similar to a really amazing sample I had of a tea of this type. While this one is not the caramel chocolate tea I am looking for it definitely has it’s own charms and merits.

This tea is more robust than the other Zhengshan Xiaozhongs I have . It is not smokey, but it has stronger roasted notes than my others. it is sweet with hints of caramel, spice and honey, tempered by the bitter notes of molasses. it also Has notes of roasted sweet potato and grain, as well as plum and citrus lychee notes. In later steeps the molasses tempers into caramel over darkened bread crusts.

While it is not exactly the tea I am a searching for it is a nice easily drinkable tea which offers good value.

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The dry tea smells like the orange raspberry peach juice you can get in the grocery store. It would probably make a great iced tea.

Orange,cherry and strawberry are the most apparent fragrances once brewed. After 4.5 min. in 10 oz, the resulting brew is a nice blend of fruit and base tea. The fruit flavours balance each other, with the peach and cherry tempering tartness from the other fruit, and the orange adding a certain brightness while tempering the sweetness. The blood orange is well done and has notes from the blood orange compote from theJaffa cakes I had recently. This is a really nice fruity black that would be great in summer!


Sounds yummy♡


oh yum..this sounds soo good.

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The dry leaf smells of raisin and vanilla and is mostly dark leafed with a scattering of golden tips among the slightly broken leaf. It brews up to a nice dark rosewood coloured brew.

After 3.5 minutes, the tea smells of malt, sweetened cooked barley, a cross between sweet potato and roasted marshmallows, citrus, and caramel.

It tastes of malt with nice deep bitter tones, a hint of floral, cocoa and caramel, finishing with citrus and spice notes.

It has a smooth, rich, dense flavour. Thanks TastyBrew for a thoroughly enjoyable first cup for the day!

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