432 Tasting Notes

drank Yixing Hong Cha by Nannuoshan
432 tasting notes

This tea tastes very much like a brighter lighter cousin of a Xiang luo Keemun I have. It has bright winey fruit tones on top, which come off as plum and blackcurrant in early steeps, mixed with the upper tones of malt underneath this is bitter cocoa, Ovaltine, barley like grainy notes, that open up to the light and bright floral notes I find in Keemun which are kind of a cross between a lemony green floral and spicy carnation. There are also nice touches of spice and burnt butter toffee notes especially in the first steep. The tea is very light in body but is given texture by the sharp upper notes and a bit of astringency which emphasise the light bubbly note of the tea. The tea has a moderate tone of caffeine which contribute to the tea making me feel alert and refreshed.

The dry leaves are very thin twisted needles that are dark brown with thin lines of gold and copper. The leaf smells of bright citrus and grainy notes.

I steeped 1.5tsp (2g) in a 150ml gaiwan. Altogether I steeped it 5 times ( 45, 45, 60, 90, and 180s) at 90°C. The first three steeps were significantly consistent in flavour profile and texture after which the flavour faded significantly.

I really enjoy the sense of well being this tea leaves me with as well as the bright, sunny nature of this teas flavour profile. I definitely wouldn’t mind revisiting this tea in the future. Thanks very much Nannuoshan for sharing it with me!



i loved this one a lot

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drank Rougui by Nannuoshan
432 tasting notes

I once had a seller tell me that this was a man’s tea in China, just like Lapsang Souchong ( generally the low t no smoke iteration) is a woman’s tea. I’m not sure why specifically, maybe it has to do with the scent of cinnamon from baked goods after all that is why many women’s perfumes have heavy doses of vanilla and spice, or maybe it has to do with the heat it can create in your mouth? I took this with a grain of salt as I am a woman and I tend to like this style of tea and currently have a few in my cupboard, and was more than happy to select this tea as a sample during Nannuoshan’s offering.

This particular style off oolong is one of the Wuyishan yancha ( rock teas) which are bar type Oolong’s famous as a group for having mineral notes and often floral, fruity, cream, and cocoa notes. The cream in these teas is often distinct and often creates the sensations in my throat that I get when I have dairy vs the taste of cream I get in rolled Oolong’s.

Rou gui is also known as cinnamon or cassia rock tea and often exhibits distinct cinnamon like scents and at times in the taste and spiciness of the tea itself.

This tea from Nannuoshan is from a 2013 harvest because of that most of the flavour and scent notes from its roasting have dissipated leaving a tea that smelled distinctly floral when I first opened the bag, and then settled into a fruity vegetal fragrance. The leaves are large and relatively wide and range in colour from cocoa brown with a tinge of burgundy to an off black.


This picture shows Nannuoshan’s tea in comparison to the teas I have from other companies.

I steeped 2g of tea in 100ml yixing pot at around 90°C for this sampling.

My first steep was 45s as I usually find 60s to be too intense for me when I steep dark Oolong’s.

The colour of the broth is a slightly peach toned golden brown. The initial scent is quite fruity with notes of peach and a hint of lychee deepening to notes of bittersweet chocolate, cherry, a hint of roasted grain, vanilla, cinnamon and a very faint hint of nutmeg.

The tea tastes of stewed peaches and cherry with cream, a roasted char note, mineral notes and a green vegetal note which is a cross between cut grass, hay and roasted vegetables. There is a hint of clover and spice in the initial taste. At first the tea leaves a tingling on the roof and back of my mouth. This feeling of spice intensifies in the aftertaste which is mostly of cream, spice and fruit notes with a bitter cocoa undertone. The spice is cooling at first and then becomes peppery and warming.

I resteeped the tea another 6 times (45, 50, 60, 90, 120, and 300s)

The heady fruit tones dissipated by the 4 the steep with mineral, floral, spice and grainy tones moving forward in the profile. The floral notes ranged from sakura, to rose and Osmanthus. I also tasted notes of honey and a bit of musk in later steeps. The spice at times is mixed with a hint of bitterness that can emphasise the mineral notes in the tea.

This tea seems to lie somewhere in between the flavour profiles of the rou gui’s I have samples, being neither as floral or as fruity as the others. It does have a nice balance of flavours and creates a strong spicy sensation in the mouth which I find pleasant. It is not as resilient as some I have sampled but the first 4 steeps were really flavourful and memorable.

Thank you so much Nannuoshan to the sample. I always appreciate the chance to try another offering of one of my favourite styles of tea.

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I had no intention of buying a Taiwanese oolong when I went to this teashop on Monday but the owner and I started discussing teas we enjoy and she wanted to show me this one. Once I smelled it I was sold. It smelled like candy; a slightly floral, fruity candy with hints of melon and stone fruit and spice.

The dry leaf is a tightly rolled glossy blue spruce green with bits of yellowish olive.

I used enough leaf to cover the bottom of 150 ml gaiwan and gave the leaves a rinse. I used water @96°C.

I hoped for a resilient tea as the seller suggested this tea could be steeped 6-8 times even using western style brewing and so far it’s delivered. I am still enjoying this tea after the 11 th steep and it is still imparting a well balanced sweet fruity spicy floral tea that has a creamy body and produces a tingling in my mouth. I started with short steeps because of the intensity of fragrance. My times so far have been 5,7,10,12,15,20,25,30,40,60,80s.

Flavour notes I have noted are: cream, tart peach, melon, papaya, pineapple stewed pears, and apricot which appears more towards the end; honey, candied rose petals, gardenia, a bit of lilac, and magnolia, with the floral notes heading towards a nutmeg spice later on mixed with a creamy cool magnolia and orchid; corn, sweet vegetal notes with a bit of artichoke later on, and occasional hints of sandalwood and citrus notes. The sweetness and floral spice mix often intensifies in the aftertaste. Overall this tea is leaving me feeling balanced and cleansed and I look forward to continuing this session. What I have noticed is this tea appreciates a rest between steeps. Once I have allowed it to rest this tea tends to have a more balanced flavour profile. This tea is also very well balanced between it’s floral and fruity elements with both being well present but with neither overpowering the other. I’m looking forward to continuing this session and am enjoying my impulse purchase.


I’m finishing off this session after 19 steeps. (The final ones being 130, 180, 240, 300, 300, 360, 600 and 600s). The tea still retained a fruity honeyed sweetness with spice and still produced a tingling in my mouth.


i’ll be looking to try this company out later on…


:-). She has some beautiful teaware ( especially some really gorgeous tea tables) and a larger selection of puerh, and Oolong’s and other teas than what is on her site. She also has black buckwheat tea.

I ended up steeping this tea 19 times and it’s not completely exhausted yet.


Buckwheat tea?! That excites me.


awesome YYZ…may have to grab a zipcar and go check it out….when i’m allowed to buy tea again. sigh


Sounds good! I’m going to have to pick some up.


Weirdly they look to be the same company, but with wildly different websites.


The golden tea club is the old site but hadn’t been taken down. I would concentrate on the gc-tea site.


However I think the goldenteaclub site looks like it’s the only one set up for US customers. I would contact her if you are interested in a specific item because the GC site allows for smaller volume purchases.


Oh, that’s weird! Ok, I’ll look at the gc-tea site. :) And I’m in Canada, so no worries. :D

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This tea is a nice resilient tea with a lively cream, and sweet vegetable flavour that became sweeter and spicier towards the middle grouping of the 11 steeps I gave it ( 45s, 25s, 30s, 40s, 45s, 50s, 60s,90s,110s, 3min, +5min (after a rinse). It also taught me that I think I prefer fruitier Jin Xuan’s ( this is quite a nice tea but I am finding I prefer either really fruity or really floral green Oolong’s).

The leaves were a bright colour with noticeable attached stems and smelled of cream, peach, and clover.

This tea needed a noticeable longer first steep than some of my green Oolong’s. I tried 25s at first and found it to be quite weak. The broth is a light yellow that deepens in later steeps.

The tea smelled of corn, milk, and peach and citrus.

I found the following flavour notes: corn, peach, cream, sweet coked vegetables, citrus, honey, a light soft floral, lilac, and indistinct spice.

The tea retained a thick creamy body throughout the steeps without much of the tingling sensations I get in my mouth from green rolled Oolong’s.

Altogether a nice tea that delivers the notes promised.

Thank you Angel and Teavivre! This sample has taught me a bit about my preferences when it comes to Jin Xuan. I appreciate the opportunity.


I’ve tried one of teavivre’s milk oolongs. didn’t like it

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The first time I tried this tea its beautiful, soft floral flavour and the beautiful colour of the tea stayed with me. It was not as biting a floral as I usually prefer in green Oolong’s but it had distinct lilac, gardenia and magnolia notes that remained distinct above it’s other notes despite its soft creamy nature.

It’s been awhile since I first tried this tea but I recently had time to revisit it and what I stated above still stands.

The dry leaf ranges from a pale milky green to spruce green and has a bright floral scent tempered by citrus and green notes. tightry leaf ranges from a pale milky green to spruce green and has a bright floral scent tempered by citrus and green notes. Then leaves are a bit more loosely wound than some rolled Oolong’s I have seen.

The following are my impressions of this session:

40s colour pale gold green tinged yellow.

Scent, bright yet soft green and citrus tinged floral, with hints of lilac, the creaminess of magnolia, and a bit of gardenia.

Soft but rich flavour. Citrus note on top opening up to a green floral note that is almost freesia, and then suddenly dissolving into honey with a bit of peaches and cream. Hints of cut grass mixed with the green floral, and the slightly drying citrus note dissolves into cream. Aftertaste of creamy green floral and honey.

20s. Above plus a hint of spinach in the scent. The event is also sweeter.
Citrus with a hint of spinach immediately opening to lilac and honey. There is much more spice in this steep. Cream, peach, and cool green notes become apparent as it cools. It leaves a tingling on the upper roof of my mouth. There is a floral spicy and cooling aftertaste.

22s. More blended a fragrance with all of the above notes plus magnolia.
Sender in body with cream, green,spicy floral notes, and a hint of spinach up front. The spice lingers and builds with the following honey notes. The aftertaste is a spicy floral that is first warming than becomes cooling.

26s good blend of all the flavours with green floral and honey up front with a hint of vanilla opening up to a slightly bitter spice note that tastes a little bit like chewing on cinnamon sticks. This sweet spice is mixed with a bit of spinach. Cream blends the early and later notes together.

30s the floral is a little bit warmer and more enveloping it is still a green floral but is more gardenia like with its rich heady fragrance and is full of spice, the honey, cream and vegetative notes are very much in the background. I love this steep.

35s. Creamier in mouth feel and taste and sweeter with honey, cream and magnolia opening to cream, honey and spice with a very faint hint of vanilla and spinach and a hint of stevia, warming opening up to cooling and a lingering mix of honey and spice. Another wonderful steep.

40s similar to above with the introduction of a mineral note and nutmeg. Lingering honey and cooling spice.

50s spice and a soft floral up front opening to green notes and nutmeg mixed with honey and spinach with hints of mineral notes and cream. Creamy on the tongue.

70s similar to above with mineral and nutmeg notes moving forward and slightly less honey.

110s cream, honey, nutmeg, cinnamon and spicy warm flowers.

180s cream and honey with nutmeg and vanilla dominant with lilac in the background. The tea still has a creamy and thick body.

320s cream, spice, gardenia, hints of cornsilk, honey, spinach and a mineral tone and a brighter green note. The tea is still yielding a dense creamy body.

This is a really lovely tea for when your craving a soft creamy floral. I would definitely consider picking up some of this in the future.

Thanks too Angel and the ever generous Teavivre for the chance to sample their tea.


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This is an Assam that reminds me of a Darjeeling it smells of muscatel, honey, peaches, and pastry and brews to a copper gold red.

Top notes are peaches and muscatel with honey opening up to malt and grainy pastry notes and an indistinct bitter note. It is a bright and light tea with enough astringency to give it body. It resteeps very well with a consistent flavour and a little more body. This is an interesting tea but not at all what I expect in an Assam. The leaf is not fully oxidised and contains green and light yellow blades among darker pieces. I have never had an Assam processed in this way and it’s an interesting experience.

The following is an interesting article on the history of this estate and Assam teas in general.

95°[email protected]


Awesome article!


are you hitting the tea festival this year lady?



I probably shouldn’t but I do want to pick up more of my favourite Dancong and I haven’t ordered from any where yet (though I do have two orders sort of planned).

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drank Jin Jun Mei by The Finest Brew
432 tasting notes

This tea makes me happy. It reminds me very much of one of my favourite JJM’s that I bought from a now closed aliexpress store. While that tea was a little sweeter and more resilient this tea shares with it the good balance of tart fruit and malt, cereal notes, and cocoa which make it a great all day tea.

The dry leaf is quite pretty although it does not look quite as tippy as the picture and smells strongly of malt and cocoa.

My first steep was in the lower 90°C range for around 45s which resulted in a Maple coloured brew. Later steeps were short steeps at boiling which brought out more of the red tones in this tea. My steeping times were (45, 10, 12, 20s, 2min and 7minutes).

The tea smelled of hints of the upper tones of malt, cocoa, honey, plums, and cream.

I captured flavour notes of a smooth, slightly tart mix of malt, oatmeal, barley, and cocoa, with longan, plum and faint citrus notes, honey with cream, and hints of a slightly green floral note with bits of cinnamon in the first steep. Honey lingered in the aftertaste.

Subsequent steeps added notes of lychee, cream, sugar, cucumber water, cocoa butter, and mineral notes to the above. The early steeps at boiling had more assertive flavours and were more astringent. Throughout the steeps the tea maintained a medium density. Altogether a very nice all day tea.


heh… the teas was a little sweater :)


Oops! Corrected. Thanks!


What an adorable wooden spoon/scoop!


ashmanara It was actually included with one of JusTea’s Tins. They sell it at one of my local grocers right now. They are selling them separately on their website http://justea.com/shop/handcarved-spoons/. It’s worth asking if they come with the time if you ever order from them online.

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This Assam casts off scents of baked goods, citrus a hint of sweet potato, cocoa and spice.

It brews to a deep red orange.

The first sip is full of spice over the deeper tones of malt, mixed with cocoa, charred crust and a bit of sweet potato. This opens to a mix of red fruits and citrus blended with molasses, malt and a bit of bread. This one has a dense mouth feel. There is a mild bitterness that tempers the sharp fruit. It is not overly sweet. This is not an Assam that is rich in honey or dried fruit. In fact the fruit references a tart red wine. What it does have is a good blend of malt, spice, tart fruit and grainy bread notes. It reminds me a little of pumpernickel, or a dark crust artisinal brown bread. It’s a little like breakfast in a cup.

Edit. The second steep is a little sweeter with a bit of apricot among the other fruit, spice, bread, cocoa and molasses notes.

205 °F / 96 °C 3 min, 45 sec 1 tsp 8 OZ / 225 ML



Sounds yummy


I totally agree with the above.

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I just had to cups of this pleasant tea. I have decided that it would make a nice travelling tea as it did not get bitter when I over steeped it a little and it has very little astringency.

The leaf is mostly dark with scattered greenish gold buds and a few rust coloured leaves scattered here and there.

I steeped one teaspoon in 225ml of 95°C water. The first steep was over three minutes.

The tea brewed to a beautiful orangey red and smelled of sweet potatoes, malt cocoa, honey, soft and spicy sweet floral notes and red clover nectar.

The tea had a denser body than some Nepali teas I have had and a soft flavour. I detected notes of: honey, sweet potato, a spicy complex floral ranging from rose to spicy clover, cocoa, a light hint of muscatel, plum, cream, and malt. As it cooled it developed pastry and cherry notes.

The second steep of 3.45min. Tasted of cream, oatmeal, honey, sweet potato and malt with cherry, hints of cocoa and a spicy floral towards the end of the sip.

Altogether a nice and pleasant tea.


Oh yeah, those are beautiful notes.

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drank Organic Black Tea ( Keemun) by T&T
432 tasting notes

This is a nice example of a classical Keemun. It brews to a nice red colour and has the classical fruity red wine notes blended with a really nice floral spice mix with honey and grain notes to tie them both together. A bargain for its price and better quality than I expected in a grocery store tea.

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