426 Tasting Notes

drank Tung Ting by Ten Ren
426 tasting notes

This Tung Ting has quickly become one of my favourite everyday green oolongs and has left me with a desire to explore more of its type.
It is affordable and has a flavour profile that lies between the peaches and cream of Jin Xuan and the Green Floral of a green TGY. It is a good stepping off point for those who want to expand their horizons with green oolongs but are not sure if they will enjoy a floral green.

The dry leaves are a tightly rolled olive green with wide bands of a darker Khaki green. With carefully managed steepings, the leaves have lots of flavour in them. During this Brew session I am currently on the 10th steeping and they are still are offering a rich flavour. I brewed them in a Gaiwan with steepings starting at 30s and increasing 5s each time until the last 2 sessions which were around 90s.

Brewed the scent and flavour profile has included gardenia, orchid, cream , cinnamon, floral spice, peaches both fresh and poached, cantelope and vanilla throughout the steepings.

The floral spice was dominant through out the first 4 steepings followed by undertones of fruit and cream. The floral, fuit, and spice tones were relatively equally balanced through out the middle steepings and the soft fruit flavours maintained dominance in the later sessions with the floral tones and spice tones slowly dissipating.

The spent leaves are fairly large with rich green with reddish brown oxidized edges.

Quite a nice and affordable option for someone who wishes to explore this type of oolong.

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drank Random Steepings by Various Artists
426 tasting notes

I added about 1 part lavender buds to 4 parts of a light roast Dong Ding and the went really well together. The oolong is very floral with acents of gardenia and carnation and the lavender helped to increase the intensity of the floral spice and sweetened the tea while adding just a hint of lavender flavour.

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drank Amaretto Cherry by Teaopia
426 tasting notes

I get a little bit cherry at first sip but the dominant flavouring is amaretto. The scent is stronger than the flavouring. The tea underneath has a touch of astringency and has a touch of cocoa in it. Another tea to miss from Teopia.

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drank China Keemun by Zen Tea
426 tasting notes

This tea brews to the colour of maple wood.smells a little like something that has been treated with mild hickory smoke, mixed with chocolate and dried figs. It tastes of charred sweet potatoe, a touch of cocoa and a faint suggestion of smoke with an aftertaste like dried fig. A Sweet initial flavour is followed by a freshening tingle in the mouth, with little to no bitterness. The tea is fairly smooth. It leaves a tingling on the lips and under the tongue. Pleasant. The first time I had this it tasted very smoky, I think I overleafed it that time. This time I reduced the leaf and I quite enjoyed it.

This is my first unflavoured Keemum, so I am unable to speak about how well it represents it type, however it was enjoyable enough that I would like to try some more.

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drank Green Tea with Orange by Big-Active
426 tasting notes

This tea is another nice presentation of a simple flavouring. It smells and tastes of dried orange with peel use in baking sweetened with dried pineapple which brings out a slight juciness to the flavouring, but the flavour remains unmistakenly orange. The base underneath the tea is a gun powder style green tea with no smokiness. It does provide a medium body and thicker mouth feel to the tea and adds a refreshing note to the flavour. The base tea is sweet with a faint reference to spring greens and just a touch of bitterness. The tea resteeps well with the orange becoming more dominant and with the influence of the base tea beginning to dissipate after the third steep.

180 °F / 82 °C 0 min, 45 sec

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Pleasant for breakfast. Less licorice in the base this time, pleasant earthiness/ bitterness mixed with natural tasting apricot with a touch of peach.

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If you love the scent and spice of tea roses and you enjoy white teas see if you can find this tea. The flavouring and scent is spot on. It has become one of my favourite white teas. What makes this unique compared to other rose white teas I have had is that It manages to reproduce that crisp, sweet, spicy fragarance and taste of tea roses without falling into the trap of becoming bitter, or powdery or of being overly sweet like many rose teas I have had.

This tea consists of a good quality Bai Mudan, rose petals and flavouring. The leaves are mostly intact or in larger pieces and with fury white buds, the leaves themselves are a variety of colours ranging from grey to green. The dry leaves smell of tea roses with the slightly dusty citrusy smell of bai mudan behind it.

The brewed tea smells of tea roses. It tastes of the sweet, spicy taste of tea rose, a slight bit of citrus and a sweetness from the base. It has an aftertaste that is spicy and citrusy not powdery, overly sweet, or perfumy. There is also a slight reference to a spicy, floral, yet sweet Gewürztraminer wine. The base is silky. There is a slight freshening feeling in the front of my mouth. The tea resteeps really well. It manages to be both refreshing and warming at the same time. This is not a subtly flavoured white. The flavouring is quite strong nevertheless it is really enjoyable.

175 °F / 79 °C 1 min, 0 sec

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drank English Breakfast by Twinings
426 tasting notes

This tin seems to be the new north american standard of being basically just fannings this has made the tea more bitter than it used to be and has diminished the sweetness.

After a short steep of under 2 minutes the tea is the colour of mahogany. It tastes of a hint of smoke, bitter artichoke, a hint of bisuit with a small hint of sweetness and malt underneath the bitter tones. As it cools the biscuit and sweeter tones come more to the

forefront and the bitterness receeds and a fruity citrus note appears. There is a bit of astringency but it is not overwhelming just enough to make the tea feel lively in the mouth. The tea does pack a good caffeine punch.

I decided to try again and reduced the steeping time to 1 minute and reduced the amount of leaf. The tea smells of biscuit, lemon and stonefruit. The bitter taste is now reduced to a pleasant level and the tea is smoother. The top note is a slight bittersweet flavour and slightly floral(rose) with fruity notes of lemon. This is underlayed by stonefruit, malt and biscuit. this was much better.

The tea is still decent but the local stores have been increasing the cost of the tin by $2-3 lately and I can get much better full leaf teas and bops for just a little more money than the cost of this tin and I will probably purchase them over this in the future.

1 min, 0 sec

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drank Pansy Tea by Biofix
426 tasting notes

Pansy’s are one of my favourite flowers so I was intrigued by this tea. After looking it up online I was surprised by its extensive history as a herbal medicinal, especially as a expectorant, a diuretic, and an anti-inflamatory agent used both internally and externally. As a child my mother worked for a rather famous, German trained Naturopath and she also would take me along to seminars and courses on medicinal plants so I thought I would be exposed to the medicinal uses of this plant before.

I am feeling the beginnings of a chest cold coming on so I thought why not try it. I love Ginger tea when I’m sick but it’s nice to have options!

Pansy tisanes may include just the flower or the flower or the whole plant. This tisane did not specify what it contained. The Tisane brews up to a nice rich yellow. It smells sweet, spicy, herbal, and slightly woody, with hints of ginseng. Tasting it brings back memories of some of the chinese herbal medicinal teas I had when

living near Dublin. It is sweet, slightly floral, with almost a taste of honey and grape, with slightly bitter woody, spicy, vegetal notes underneath. It seems to work I can feel it loosening in my chest.

**As with many herbal medecines it’s medicinal efficacy has not been studied or verified. It has been used historically to treat some cardiac ailments so consult your doctor before using.

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

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drank Silver Needle Premium by Rishi Tea
426 tasting notes

This is quite a nice tea from which you can draw a lot of complex intricate flavours, over multiple steeps, from a small amount of leaf. Of my two Silver Needles that I own at the moment this is the one that I go to want something softer, and maybe more meditative. The other one I own is Zen Tea’s offering.

Dry, the tea smells of straw and hay mixed together with soft and slightly powdery, sweet and citrusy notes. The leaves are pale yellow to pale green with fine silvery downy pale hairs. The leaves are around one inch long.

The first steep of around 50 seconds resulted in pale beige with a grey tinged tea. it smelled faintly of buttered rice both slightly nutty and creamy, of faint citrus notes, of notes of straw and grain, and of a touch of smoke. It tasted sweet, with a smoky note, a hint of citrus/vitamin C and of straw, all underlain with a silky sweet note that hinted of a mildly flavoured bready fruit and a taste that reminds me of Choclo ( a corn staple in many countries in Latin America). The tea has a noticeable full and silky body. The sweet flavour intensify as it cools.

The 2nd steep had a scent that hints of citrus, with nutty sweet grains, and a faint combined floral/vegetal note like blooming alfalfa mixed with a note of jasmine. The smoke was gone leaving a hint of amber. It tasted of citrus notes, combined with wildflowers nectar (clover and someting spicier), with the straw receeding to the background. The tea remained sweet, but in a cooked fuit / squash or grain type of sweetness. Their was a faint taste of smoke. The aftertaste was mainly a mix of sweet, citrus and vegetal notes.

The 3rd steep was a silky straw, and grain flavour, followed by sweet floral nectar/citrus flavour with an aftertaste of stewed mild flavoured plums with a lingering sweetness.

In the 4th steep the sweet nectar references were more dominant with citrus, straw accents in the background

The remaining steeps required an increase in brewing temperature and maintained a sliky, warm sweetness over straw flavour.

I have steeped this tea up to 10 times before and it is a nice tea when you have some time to explore subtle nuances in flavour and scent. A nice example of this genre of tea. but I am going to hold off rating at this time until I have an opportunity to compare it to Zen Teas option.

170 °F / 76 °C 1 min, 0 sec

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