391 Tasting Notes

drank Teardrop of Peony by Zen Tea
391 tasting notes

Teardrop of Peony, is a complex flavoured white with a mao feng base that brews to dark gold and whoose scent and flavour reminds me of late fall or early spring in the forest or countryside.

It smells of smoke, lemon, nuts (walnut) , pine, and peony. It taste rich. The tea has a creamy, nutty base, which leaves a tingling sensation in the mouth at each sip. The lychee/ citrus flavour reminds me of some earl greys, and may make a replacement for those moving away from black teas. It taste a bit of pine and smoke.

The tea generally leaves me feeling really alert whether this is due to lychee, or whether the tea simply has a higher level of caffeine than other whites that I have tried I don’t know.

There is an aftertaste of floral spice from the peony, and nut. The tea tastes more citrusy than sweet. The dry leaf is very beautiful with twisted ropes of light grey (almost white), dark grey and yellow/green leaves interspersed with large dried red peoney flower petals.

The tea rebrews really well with flavour lasting into the fifth infusion. The nuttiness disperses after the second or third. A fairly unique tea and a nice step away from the either the soft and silky or fruity unadulterated whites, or the very soft and flowery, or fruity flavoured whites I’ve had.

I really like this tea and would like to keep it in my cupboard.

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drank English Breakfast by CJay Tea
391 tasting notes

This is a nice very affordable everyday tea.

The dry tea is mix of grey black and reddish brown leaves with raisony, biscuity odour. Tea brews to a nice reddish brown with an aroma of citrus and spice.

It has a smooth and pleasant taste and clean mouth feel. with a shorter steep, it has fruity, sightly spicy top notes, with base notes referencing artichoke and a little bit of malt. The aroma of tea is deeper than flavour though this may be the result of what I ate before hand. With a longer steep, the flavour intensifies, with the base notes becoming more present and the top notes remaining light and fruity. Makes a nice bright breakfast tea drunk without any additions. This is a type of tea i’d be more inclined to add lemon to than milk. Resteeps well, though it becomes more astringent.

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drank Nina's Japon by Nina's Paris
391 tasting notes

I quite liked this tea. The dry tea greeted me with the smell of caramel, coconut and the tang of fruit. It appears when dry that there is more black than green leaves but once steeped the bancha leaves opened up quite a bit. I steeped it at the temperature at which I would steep bancha.

When steeped the first scent that hits my nostrils is that of the toasted rice followed by a sweet scent tempered by vanilla and the buttery scent of caramel. The sweet taste is pleasant when steeped about a minute. The first notes I taste are the bancha and black tea with the black tea producing a slightly citrousy note and tempering the sweetness of the bancha, followed by a sweet fruity note, and a sweet buttery and slightly salty and nutty note from the caramel and rice. The caramel and vanilla and salt remain on the tongue. The green tea leaves me with that clean pleasantly aware feeling I get when I drink it. For me the tea is sweet enough as it is . The empty tea cup smells of vanilla and caramel. I would not add sugar to it.

I probably wouldn’t drink this everyday as it is approaching too sweet for me but it is all over a nicely balanced tea which is fun to drink and I wouldn’t mind keeping a bit of it in my cupboard.

Thanks to Sophie and Laurent for the sample!

note: The 2nd steep was not as sweet, the vanilla and fruit were more present. It was not as buttery but the nutty flavour of rice was more present. It was slighty astringent and more flavour contributed by black tea.

180 °F / 82 °C 1 min, 15 sec

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drank Earl Grey Cream by Zen Tea
391 tasting notes

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drank Strawberry Cream by Zen Tea
391 tasting notes

As others have already noted this is a really lovely flavoured tea where all the components, both tea and flavouring are allowed to shine through.

It is not heavily sweet, it has a nice creamy flavour and has the soft strawberry tones of a srawberry mousse or yogurt. This is not a tart fruit tea for those who prefer them. The introduction of strawberry leaves adds a touch of bitterness and adds some depth to the base. The tea underneath is fruity and not to heavy but has enough depth to take milk. A nice anytime tea or a light desert tea.

caveat: make sure you shake up the bag a little before taking a scoop out the pieces that create the creamy taste tend to settle to the bottom if the bag has been jostled around!

195 °F / 90 °C 2 min, 45 sec

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drank Ti Kuan Yin by Sea Dyke Brand
391 tasting notes

This tea was quite a good grocery store bargain with a sweet spicy taste lasting through at least 5 infusions.

-Mid roast leaves green and greyish brown.
-Smells like a like a mixture of sweet floral and grape like the purple heritage iris’s of my grandmothers garden.

1st steep 30s colour pale gold. creamy spicy sweet brew, smell reminds me of brown sugar and oatmeal and apricots, tastes of warm heated peaches and banana, mixed with ginger chai without the heat. slightly buttery.
2nd steep 35 not as creamy,spice, stone, similar notes to first steep moving into more floral notes,freshning sensation at back and top of mouth.
3rd 40s smell more spicy fruit, spicy sensation on tongue, more floral
flavour. Taste reminds me of spicy carnation smell over hint of peaches and cream.
4th 45 still tastes slightly creamy with peaches and cream when hot with a little bit of spice, smells of cream and spice, almost nutmeg. slight bitterness from a floral/vegetal base note.
5th steep 55 scent and flavour peach and asparagus, weaker spice, weakening.
6th steep 120 thin broth, weak but pleasant flavour.

-spent leaves olive green edged in rust, with occassional holes and some evidence of being stressed by insects during growth.

185 °F / 85 °C

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drank Eight Candles by Della Terra Teas
391 tasting notes

I do enjoy this tea, even though its smell at times reminds me of vanilla air freshner. At first sip the tea leaves me with a creamy marshmallow vanilla taste and mouth feel at the back of my throat combined with a drying sensation and slightly woody, bitter taste at the front of my mouth followed by an aftertaste of caramel and spice. It does become quite astringent at the second steeping. A warming and interesting desert tea.

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drank Marie-Antoinette by Nina's Paris
391 tasting notes

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drank Mayan Mist by Della Terra Teas
391 tasting notes

This tea had a scent of orange, cream, pepper, spice and dried orange peel combined with a faint woodiness that reminds me of myrh. The creaminess may come from the coconut. It tastes creamy orange woodiness followed by spice and a reference to sandalwood. The aftertaste is slightly powdery. This is a warming tea. Pleasant.

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