432 Tasting Notes

I think I am in danger as I really enjoyed this introduction to Sheng. I loved the mix of exotic woods, spice, fruit, floral notes, leather, honey, vegetal notes and cream. I also loved the warming sensation it produced in my body. Can see why people can get addicted to this style of tea. It was also really long lasting I ended up getting 27 steeps out of one tuocha steeped in a 140 ml gaiwan. Thanks so much to TeaVivre for the chance to sample this tea. It has definitely left me with a desire to sample more.

I used short steeps and near boiling water for this tea.

10s rinse.

5s: slightly darker broth than my average green tea.

Sweet, straw like nnotes, honey, cocoa, cotton flower in the scent with flavours of cotton flower, straw, honey, cocoa, hint of ffruit, plum, and a touch of artichoke and leather. The tea had a creamy buttery texture and produced a slight tingling on the underside of the tongue.

7s deeper gold colour. With regards to the scent and taste, the leather note is stronger, with hints of aged cedar mixed with sandalwood, honey, floral notes and cocoa.
There are some vegetal green tea notes, with spinach, artichoke and spice, hint of frackensence. Plum. Creamyspicy woody, honeyed floral taste overlying some bitterness

9s frackensence, cedar, plum, floral notes, aged spicy woods, honey.
Cream, artichoke with spinach, exotic wood and spices, some honey, over some bitter tones. It presents a warming sensation in my body.

11s similar to above but a little sweeter and fruitier smelling.
Cream, spinach and artichoke frakinsence, aged cedar, allspice, honey, leather,plum, aftertaste of spice. Warming in the body, cooling in the mouth.

15s. Spice, plum, hint of spicy floral.

Cream, exotic woods and spices, indistinct savoury veg, hint of leather,

20s. Floral mixed with woody notes_ plum and artichoke.
Similar to above still spicy exotic woods, veg,plum, and honey over bitter notes, a little more drying in the mouth.

23s. Spice, cotton flower, plum, brighter than last steeps.

Even blending of above flavours exotic spices devolving into a spicy floral note cream, fruit. Gardenia.

26s similar to above but slightly more bitter and spicy floral notes are slightly biting.

30s tart intro to scent mix.
Cream honey ,veg note, gardenia, plum and a touch of exotic woods.

34s More honey and plum, bitter veg tone and gardenia mixed with exotic woods.

40s bright spice over letter, woods and greens, smell a little of perfume.
Frakinsence, cream, aged cedar, artichoke, plum.

46s. Cream, plum than other notes in succession.

54s. Plum, cream, woody notes, spice. Honey

62s same as above with some floral notes. Honey move forward with cream.

70s Much more intensely sweet with hints of licorice to the honey, plum, spice. A mild woody dryness and lots of warmth and heat produced in the. Front of the mouth yielding to a cooling.

80s similar to above but slightly creamier.

90s slightly stronger cedar, and spice notes, very warming.

110s spicy exhautic woods, salt, cream, some savoury notes.

120s. above mixed with bitter sweet greens

130s honey, spice, greens, cream.

140 s similar but a little weak.

160 s same.

180s. Licorice woody notes, spice, plum

3.30min plum, woody notes, licorice, spice.

4 min softer version of notes above.

5 min creamy soft with licorice appearing with spice and honey.

6 min. Honey, cream, sweet cooked greens, faint hint of spice.

Thanks again I really enjoyed it!


Wow! That is a large number of steeps.


Sounds amazing.


i cant believe you never tasted sheng before


I know! Pu-erh in general intimidated me for awhile.


Welcome! very addictive;)

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This tea was sent to me as a sample with my Capital Tea order. I was excited as I have been interested in trying some of their African teas. This tea has beautiful dry leaves that are tightly wound dark needles that smell floral and spicy and citrusy. The first time I steeped this tea I used a sugar spoon from a tea set to measure the leaves and I realise I under leafed it. It is a testimant to the quality of this tea that even these first steeps were very good and rich in flavour as I used only about 1g of leaf. Later I used 2g of tea. The broth in both cases is a clear medium orange-red.

First steeping:

3 min. Scent: Molasses, citrus notes, sweet potato, cocoa, spice, stone fruit.
Taste: Cocoa, sweet potato and roasted skins, brown sugar, darker tones of malt, a touch of molasses, roasted notes, dried stone fruit.

As it cools, it tastes lighter in the tongue and becomes spicy and cooling with hints of pepper and herbs with touches of rosemary and tthyme, over the other notes.
Sweet, rich and savoury. The tea itself is very smooth on the tongue.

4.2min The resteep is spicy with herbacious, floral, spice and pepper notes over sugar/molasses, sweet potato and sweet red fruits with cherry and plum. This steep is still rich but feels much lighter on the tongue. There is a touch of butter.

6min. Scent: weet, more citrusy and spicy
Taste: Malt, spice, butter, fruit, cocoa

2g. 3 min. With more leaf the scent is similar but with stronger malt tones and more distinct cocoa, fruit, and roasted tones and spice notes.

Sweet potato notes are stronger and more biscuit, with a bit of briskness, and a deeper malt tone. Along with spice and fruit.

Altogether this is a rich sweet tea with savoury, spicy, fruity tea with cocoa and malt notes. Both lighter and heavier leaved options are excellent. Thank you so much for giving me the chance to try this tea!


I need to quit reading your reviews! I keep finding more teas I need to try based on your excellent reviews. :)


Its really worth trying, Its been a nice accompaniment to the day and pretty forgiving. I forgot a bought the Resteep from my second steeping and it is still pretty nice and is a little more fruity.

Zen Tea Jazz and Sci Fi Books

I love your tea reviews that paint beautiful pictures and gets my taste buds rollicking as though I am sipping the tea myself :-)



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drank Rum Raisin Ice Cream by 52teas
432 tasting notes

I got this tea in a mystery pack! It actually reminds me more of old-fashioned bubblegum, with its fruity spicy sweetness. I had a raisin in my leaf this time. The leaf is finely chopped and smells like a brighter version of the brewed tea. The brewed tea contributes a deeper scent and I can also catch a bit of vanilla in the tea as well.

The tea itself tastes to me like it smells with a bit of a vegetal note. Not exactly rum and raisin to me but it is a nice bubblegum tea!

The Resteep is very fruity and a little more rum like with hints of vanilla.

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This tea has long, medium large slightly curled and loosely wound leaves covered in a copper gold down. They are beautiful to look at.

I used 1.6g in 150 ml of water, and the result was a golden brew that lasted me through 5 good steeps. ( 50*2, 2,3,5 min) in 85-90°C water.

50s. Honey, smoke, cocoa, spice, dried fruit.

Savoury spicy taste like a mole sauce, dissolved in honey and smoke flavour added in.
Plum lies underneath. The taste is surprisingly bold and rich for a delicate looking tea. The broth is creamy with a medium viscosity. Touch of malt apparent as it cool.

50s hint of butter, malt and stronger fruit among the other previous scents.
Very faint hint of candyish floral.

Savoury, smoke has dissipated and fruit, cocoa, lighter malt and spice all meld into each other, hint of citrus, bright mole and fruit, with a hint of beer.

Honey and citrus as it cools along with cream and plum!

2min in strong honey cocoa, plum, light malt, nectar, light citrus., butter. Faint leather and grains with a touch of smoke. It has a faint nutty tone.

3min leather, plum and a hint of grape, malt, honey, floral tone, hint of cocoa.

5 min, honey, malt, and floral notes, a hint of ash.

7 min. Discarded, vegetal.

This tea was richer and more savoury then I expected initially, but it was a great accompaniment to the first half of my day.

Thanks boychik I really appreciated the chance to try this tea. I like it.

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Revisiting this tea this morning, it has developed a yam tone and has a great floral spicy gardenia note mixed with ginger, cocoa and a good dose of malt, mixed with honey and red fruits. The spiciness seems to have increased as it’s aged. It’s not quite as fruity as when I first opened it, but right now its a lovely warming cup and a great way to start the day. The last time I resteeped it 5 times so I look forward to spending more time with it this morning.

  • the fruit tones and honey come out a little bit more in later steeps. I wonder if I used a little more leaf this time?

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drank Black Pearl by Mountain Tea
432 tasting notes

This is a dark roast Sumatran grown oolong, with small tightly rolled nuggets of tea that seem to have been allowed to rest as there is no smoke or charcoal notes apparent.

After a rinse, the tea yields a maple coloured brew that maintained a fairly consistent flavour profile.

I used 1 TSP of leaves in 150 ml of 95°C water.

The first three steeps (35,30,25s). maintained a scent profile consisting of apples, and a sweet floral at times cocoa, malt and cinnamon were present.

The tea tasted of an empire like apple, sometimes with skin, cocoa, butter, malt, a floral note, and cinnamon. Often the darker more bitter notes would be most apparent when hot and then gave way to a more balanced tea full of fruit, floral and spice notes. In the last steep of this set an oatmeal note appeared.

I then did 2 steeps of 35 and 45s, that were fairly weak. Next time I would increase the steeping time by more than 10s at this point. The tea at this point had more oatmeal and malt, less cocoa and fading apple.

The last two steeps were 60s and 2 min. These steeps had tones of apple, oatmeal, malt, cocoa, cinnamon and a hint of honey.

Altogether an enjoyable oolong with good and distinct apple tones. Thanks Nicole, I’ve been wanting to try more of Mountain Tea’s dark Oolong’s.

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