380 Tasting Notes

Last night I enjoyed eight steeps of this tea and will probably have a few more today.

This is quite a fruity green oolong with nice floral tones which manages to be both soft and punchy at the same time. It is not a biting green oolong. Its floral tones while spicy and obviously present never present this sensation. However this absence seems to turn into a slight bitterness which is usually absent for me in Oolong’s of this type. It may be that I chose a slightly too long steep time, as the rinse had quite an intense flavour. The punchy tones are apparent in the great fruit tones which I really enjoyed!

The dry leaf smelled intensely of snap peas, melon rinds, and a grape hyacinth. they were composed of cool toned spruce to olive green shaded irregularly sized nuggets. Once brewed the tea had a light yellow green coloured broth.

I steeped this tea at around 85°C and so far I have done eight steeps after the rinse (35,30,35,45,55,70,85,120). The tea is still yielding a flavourful broth. The tea was creamy from the first steep and left a mild tingling at the roof and front of the mouth.

Similar tones have been found in both the scent and flavour. So far I have detected:

°Pineapple, melon ( at times even cantelope rind), mango, orange juice, and that bright tone from the white of orange rind. Pineapple has been the dominant fruit tone so far.
°Lilac and clover nectar, with lilac dominating the earlier steeping, and clover the second half. The floral notes contribute a pleasant spiciness to the tea.
°A slightly woody tone
°Savoury tones including snap pea, artichoke and spinach.

The dominant tones have been fruit and floral notes.

So far I have enjoyed this tea and look forward to further steeps today.


Mmm, later steeps now give me a camphor sweet taste in the back of the throat, similar to ginseng oolongs, did you get that?


I didn’t take it past eight steeps this time but I could see it heading there with that slightly woody tone, mixed with spice and some savoury bitter notes:)


Your descriptions are just amazing :-)


So are yours, whether it’s tea or the beautiful place you live.

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drank Random Steepings by Various Artists
380 tasting notes

Drinking what I believe is some Random Yan Cha, scent as a replacement from an aliexpress dealer as a replacement for a tea I ordered. I can’t particularly recommend this dealer. It was my first buy from them, but they listed my order as shipped then told me it was out of stock and tried to foist year old green tea on me as substitution. Then they said they would refund me by PayPal, instead of waiting for the end of the delivery period or me making a dispute, which did not happen. Finally especially since it was a really small sale I just gave in and let her send me a random black tea. The tin is really cute and the tea smells like creme caramel.

Brewed so far it tastes like creme caramel with a tart fruit compote on top, with hints of cocoa. Later steeps are spicy. It’s actually kind of nice, but I doubt I’ll deal with this seller again.

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Mmm, this tea is pretty good! You can make it very sweet and chocolatey, or give it a more bright and floral toned flavour depending on how you brew it. The tea is twisted and coiled and reminds me of a thinner leafed Laoshan Black. There are scattered golden tips and the dry leaf smells of chocolate and longan.

I brewed 1 level TSP in 225ml of water.

The first time I brewed it at 90°C. The brew was a pale golden brown, oak colour with a scent of honey, cocoa and longan.

Flavour wise the first sip was of cocoa, avery light roasted grain note, caramel, and butter. This opened up to sweet bright longan over sweet plum and light floral spice note with the sweeter brighter notes of gardenia. There was an udertone of cream, and chocolate with a pinch of nutmeg. The tea had a sweet lingering aftertaste and was creamy and very smooth.

The second time I tried it at boiling as suggested. This produced a red orange brew, closer to the classic Keemun colour.

Brewed this way the scent was of a stronger roasted grain note, caramel, more distinct sweet and spicy floral note, cream, dark chocolate, nutmeg and longan.

The tea tasted lighter than when brewed at 90°. The top notes were floral notes mixed with spice that left acooling sensation at the front of the mouth. Caramel and longan and tart sharper fruit notes, mixed with plum lay in the centre and were followed by roasted grain, dark chocolate and a slightly woody note. Overall the effect was bright and sweet.

This is the lighter, softer and more chocolate tasting option of the two Keemun’s I purchased from this seller. Brewed at a lighter temperature it reminds me of some of the smokeless Lapsang Souchong’s that I have had. Brewed Either way it was delicious.


This tea sounds delicious



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drank Random Steepings by Various Artists
380 tasting notes

I sprig of tarragon
6 or 7 peppermint leaves
2 cardamon pods

Scent is an equal balance of tarragon and peppermint.

Peppermint dominates the taste with the tarragon adding a slightly licorice toned sweetness. Cardamon is slightly there but barely noticeable.

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This tea definitely smells very juicy, the sharpness of the passion fruit is cut by a fruity jasmine that together slightly reminds me of starburst candies. this sample is a little old now, so I can imagine that a new batch may smell quite intense.

This tea is a mix of black and green teas. This includes a CTC so I am going to be conservative with my brewing time and temperature. It is also scattered with jasmine flowers.

I brewed this @ 87°C for 2.45 min, which resulted in a clear copper red brew.

This yielded a spicy fruity scented brew. Their are tones of passion fruit and something creamy and almost fig like, a fruity jasmine tone, and a tone that reminds me of juicy fruit gum. The base is present contributing a deeper malt tone, fruity tones, and a hint of baked goods.

The first sip reveals warm sweet fruit tones, opening up to sweet jasmine floral tones and a hint of vanilla, this is balanced by a malty biscuit finish with a slightly bitter spice note. There is a bit of a tannic note in this tea and a touch of astringency.

This makes for a pretty nice, soft fruit, floral blend and would probably appeal to those who like monk blend type teas.

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This is the third tea from the sampler I purchased from this company.

The dry tea appears to be fairly dark roasted and has a nice roasted scent mixed with fruit and softened by cream tones. Brewed it really does have some good cream and milk tones, more so than many rolled green Jin Xuan’s I’ve had. It has some nice and consistent soft fruit tones, light floral, nice spice tones, and various references to corn. My favourite of these teas has been the Rou Gui, but this one is still very nice.

I brewed this tea 14 times in a 150ml Gaiwan, covering the bottom with leaves (@ 1.5 TSP) which resulted in a medium saffron broth. After 14 steeps the tea was not yet exhausted.

25s scent -light roasted notes, peach, cream, a green lily like note, vanilla.

Taste – Green lily mixed with roasted notes, over cream, mixed with peach, corn silk, cinnamon, and a cool vanilla. Does have some of the cool clean tastes from milk.
A touch of cane sugar. Feels creamy and thick on the tongue, before producing a drier cooling sensation on the tongue and the front of the mouth.

20s. Peach, roasted notes, hint of citrus, vanilla, cinnamon, green floral, vanilla.

Corn silk, green lily, mixed with peach, cinnamon, roasted corn husk, cream, cane sugar, vanilla. Cooling tingling note at front and top of the mouth.

30s peach, honey, grain notes, citrus, cane sugar, cinnamon.

Roasted grain note, milk, peach, floral note, cinnamon, vanilla, faint woody note.

40s cream, peach, vanilla, honey

Cream, corn silk, stronger floral spice, peach, vanilla, honey,

60s. Peach, hint of orange, vanilla, corn silk, honey

Cream, over, orange and peach, zest, honey, spice, hint of savoury sugared sweet greens. Floral notes evident as it cools.

80s similar to above but fainter

Cream, peach/orange, honey, cinnamon, woody note, savoury greens, slight mineral note.

120s spice, honey, cooked peach, corn silk, cream
Mineral notes, cream, honey, peach, floral spice, woody note.

160s. – 420s corn silk, peach, cream,honey.

Mineral notes,cream, spice, honey, peach, vanilla, woody note and drying sensation.
Fruit and honey tones fade in the later steeps with the tea becoming slightly more savoury and corn tones reappearing.


….and onto to my wish list this goes. Sounds really good!


It is! It’s easiest to find this tea by searching for milk in this store, because often their headings are so long that the actual type gets cut off.

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donkeytiara ’s interest in assams made me want to revisit this one. Not much more to say from my last review http://steepster.com/yyz/posts/194229, except that it has aged really well. It still has really good red fruit, spice and biscuit notes. It does taste a little bit more syrupy to me. Perhaps I used more leaf?

Anyways I still thoroughly enjoy it and would restock it.

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These tea comes are pretty little towers with visible prominent copper gold buds. Using 1 cone/100ml/95°C I ended up with a maple colour brew.

1 min. Grainy notes, malt, honey, plum.
Plum, honey, cocoa,light grain, and faint deeper tones of malt. ( much sweeter than my other one, but less spicy).

2 min. Malt, grain notes, cocoa, hints of currants.
Honey, light currant jelly, faint leathery notes, pepper, cocoa, faint grain notes, plum.

3 min honey and plum mix together in a tone that reminds me of apricot, grain notes are much stronger, cinnamon apparent, very faint cocoa and malt and a touch of tartness in the end.

4 min, mild grain notes, mild malt honey

6 min similar

These cones yielded a smooth honeyed tea with light grain, varying fruit, malt and mild cocoa tones.

Nicole asked me the other day how these compared to my other ones http://steepster.com/yyz/posts/252357. I would have to say that visually these ones are a little bit bigger and slightly more tippy. Taste wise, Mandalas offering is slightly sweeter and smoother whereas the other has a more intense deeper flavour, with stronger malt, chocolate, spice and tart fruit notes. It is also more tannic. It leaves a tingling on the tongue from spice, whereas Mandala leaves more honeyed notes. Both are really nice!

I have to thank Sil for these cones. It’s been nice watching them open in my smaller Turkish coffee glasses.


Awesome! Thanks so much for the comparison. :)


i like how pretty these are…and still make a NOT WEAK cup of tea :)


They are really pretty! I get the impression that they are much more forgiving than the ones I have, as well. It’s definitely weak the honeyed notes were pretty strong in the first cup!


I meant definitely not weak!


haha i figured :)

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This tea has a nutty spicy dough scent that references carrot cake and that Indian carrot pudding served at weddings or at breakfast on special occassions, but is a little bit deeper and not as bright. I smell a little bit of brown sugar and a little bit of frosting.

The flavouring is subtle. I get nutty, bready and fruity elements from the base tea, mixed with brown sugar, spice, a sweet tone of carrot, and elements of icing. It is subtle at this stage but pleasant. the flavouring intensifies a bit as the tea cools. The base tea is smooth and has a deeper, lightly bitter element that balances the other flavourings.

It is a nice effort. I think I prefer a slightly spicier carrot cake, but I like how this tea has not been allowed to be dominated by either vanilla or spice elements that often happens with fall themed teas.

Thanks CrowKettle for this sample. I think it has held up pretty nicely!

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