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I bought this tea as part of an attempt to find a tea similar to a really amazing sample I had of a tea of this type. While this one is not the caramel chocolate tea I am looking for it definitely has it’s own charms and merits.

This tea is more robust than the other Zhengshan Xiaozhongs I have . It is not smokey, but it has stronger roasted notes than my others. it is sweet with hints of caramel, spice and honey, tempered by the bitter notes of molasses. it also Has notes of roasted sweet potato and grain, as well as plum and citrus lychee notes. In later steeps the molasses tempers into caramel over darkened bread crusts.

While it is not exactly the tea I am a searching for it is a nice easily drinkable tea which offers good value.

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The dry tea smells like the orange raspberry peach juice you can get in the grocery store. It would probably make a great iced tea.

Orange,cherry and strawberry are the most apparent fragrances once brewed. After 4.5 min. in 10 oz, the resulting brew is a nice blend of fruit and base tea. The fruit flavours balance each other, with the peach and cherry tempering tartness from the other fruit, and the orange adding a certain brightness while tempering the sweetness. The blood orange is well done and has notes from the blood orange compote from theJaffa cakes I had recently. This is a really nice fruity black that would be great in summer!


Sounds yummy♡


oh yum..this sounds soo good.

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The dry leaf smells of raisin and vanilla and is mostly dark leafed with a scattering of golden tips among the slightly broken leaf. It brews up to a nice dark rosewood coloured brew.

After 3.5 minutes, the tea smells of malt, sweetened cooked barley, a cross between sweet potato and roasted marshmallows, citrus, and caramel.

It tastes of malt with nice deep bitter tones, a hint of floral, cocoa and caramel, finishing with citrus and spice notes.

It has a smooth, rich, dense flavour. Thanks TastyBrew for a thoroughly enjoyable first cup for the day!

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drank Tourbillon by Dammann Freres
248 tasting notes

This tea is a nice mix of sweet orange flower water, a nutty note,and syrup. The dry leaf smells of marrons glacés, with a slightly sweeter note. The base underneath is light and brisk and slightly sweet. The flavour begins as a sweet soft floral note, followed by a nutty note which begins almost like almond and develops into chestnut, in a sweet syrup note which has hints of nutty toffee. The aftertaste is of roasted chestnut in an orange water scented syrup.

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drank Flocon d'épices by Dammann Freres
248 tasting notes

I really like the smell of this dry tea. I could wear it as a perfume with its citrus sweet spice notes. The orange is a sharp orange almost grapefruit flavour and the sweet aspects of this tea remind me of vanilla.

The tea is a nice copper colour, and smells of sweet spice over sharp bitter orange notes mixed with a hint of pastry from the tea base. The spice is more dominant than in the dry tea.

The sweet almost vanilla like flavour blends with the citrus notes, followed by cinnamon, nutmeg and more peppery spice. The tea has enough astringency to give the tea a thicker mouth feel and is otherwise sweet with a bit of malt. The spice becomes stronger as the tea cools, with the nutmeg making a stronger presence. A nice morning or afternoon tea, as the spice is warming but the sweet citrus creates a sense of brightness and alertness.

I bag in 10 oz for @ 4 min.


Wow. Sounds lovely!


It re-steeps consistently as well.


Did you grab this from Vendome Cadeau?


You’ll have a chance to try it soon it’s in the calendar! But it looks like it’s the same tea as Christmas in Alsace. So if you love it you should be able to buy more, as they do have it at cadeau-deco-vendome. Dammann has it in tins at their store.


interesting… this one seems pretty tasty. I’ll have to see how my first order from cadeau goes…

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Wow this is very different than my other Xingyang the other tastes more of chocolate malt balls with leathery spices and needs low temperatures.

This one has flatter more needle like tips, thicker leaves, with some golden tips, is less sensative to temperature and reminds me of an Irish breakfast or some Kenyan teas, with bitter coffee like tones.

I brewed this tea for 4 min. which resulted in a mahogany coloured brew that smelled of malt and cocoa.

It tasted of malt,cocoa (the dark bitter kind), floral notes with some grain notes and very little sweetness. As it cools, it becomes a little sweeter with bitter cocoa, floral, and some malt notes. Malt is apparent in the aftertaste along with some peppery notes. Very smooth with little astringency and a moderate level of caffeine.

Good tea for those who like the bitter notes of coffee would probably taste nice with cream.

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drank Random Steepings by Various Artists
248 tasting notes

Once upon a time it was easy to buy bulk herbs and spices around here in small proportions, but now if they even have the herbs you end up having to buy prepackaged bags with fixed proportions. Which is how I ended up with a huge bag of lavender. It’s a nice lavender sweet and spicy, not soapy thank goodness. But I still have tons left. I’ve given it away as sachets, drank it straight as tea, added it to my bath, and used it to flavour other teas. This is a continuation of project, move through the lavender.

Tonight I added the lavender to cocoa nibs, and cardamon.

You know what it’s not too bad. Though I think next time. I’ll use a little bit less lavender and add a little more cardamon. The lavender sweetened the cocoa and added a little bit of spice, and the cardamon was slightly detectable underneath, doing the same.

I’ll have to try it again, but lavender actually goes quite nicely with chocolate.

around 1tbsp coca nibs, less than tsp of lavender, a couple cardamon pods, sreeped in a 16 oz mug for around 7 min.


It always surprises me that I like dark chocolate bars with lavender. Have not tried it in cocoa yet…


They’re nice aren’t they?

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I let this steep for longer than I normally do ( 5 min at around 86*C) and it brought out more muscatel type characteristics than I am accustomed to finding in this tea. Still really nice, it just made the tea taste more fruity.

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drank Random Steepings by Various Artists
248 tasting notes

Mystery Ceylon

I’m currently enjoying a mystery Ceylon that I picked up at the Polish grocery store. I haven’t had it for a while, but I forgot how nice it was.

It has this beautiful mix of fruity blackberry, floral notes, toasted grains, hint of sweet potato, malt and spice with some slightly earthy/leathery notes and a sugary note that has a dark maple syrup tones. As it cools it remains quite sweet and citrus tones come out. The tea has a nice body and re-steeps really well.

I wish I know for sure where the tea came from. It is a large leaf ceylon, with broad twisted leaves. I suspect it comes from this company as they have supplied teas to the store in the past.


but there are several other local companies it could be from.


This sounds really lovely with the blackberry & ceylon, sweet potato(fave),
malt and spice….mmmmm

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Revisiting this one, I used more leaf this time, probably 1/2 teaspoon more than before at around 95*C. Nice comforting cup of teas with a nice medium thick body and a warming mix of dark cocoa, and honey, with a hint of orange and a touch of cinnamon and just a hint of leather notes. For some reason this one suits me today. I’ve been drinking it all day.


That’s a tantalizing description.


Sounds really good, I might have to try some from them!

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Ontario, Canada

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