A beautiful brisk and meditative 7 AM 6 mile walk this morning to start my day. The sun was just starting to rise and the sky was colored in orangy streaks and hints of gray as the evening mist and fogginess from last night’s summer humidity subsided to a beautiful sunny Sunday of clear blue skies.

After my ritual Sunday 6 mile walk of 1.5 hours, I headed back home to a waiting hubby and dogs . My husband timed me perfectly to get the kettle started for my morning tea pot. I chose ESP Emporium’s Nilgiri Thiashola SFTGFOP1 Organic Black Tea.

A somewhat dry but nicely strong tea that has a wet earth, slight pepper, and raisin taste and after note at the first sip. I paired this tea with a meal of scrambled tofu and Kale greens in a slight curry seasoning along with potato tots, buttered toast and jam, and vegan sausage. The nicely strong tea held up with this hearty Sunday breakfast that seemed as though I was drinking a strong Scottish Breakfast tea and traveled to an old village English café for a Sunday hearty meal.

If I can bring in a book character with this tea to enjoy the tea and meal, I would bring up the Psychlo Terl of the book Battleship Earth by L. Ron Hubbard. Terl is strong and earthy like this tea, hence his time on earth as an invading alien. Terl would love a hearty meal with a strong drink to match.

Resteeping note:
I resteeped this tea for a second time later in the afternoon. I kept the earlier leaves in my tea pot (I used a two pot method earlier in the morning, steeping in one tea pot and pouring the tea in another teapot to reserve the leaves in the first teapot for a second infusion) after this mornings tea and breakfast. I resteeped for double the time and notes of butter and a smooth raisin note came out. The butter was very prevalent at the second resteeping. It was smoother and not as dry as the first steeping. Even better the second time around :)

Flavors: Butter, Earth, Pepper, Raisins, Wet Earth

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec 4 tsp 24 OZ / 709 ML

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Late 40s tattooed teapunk drinking, sci fi, steampunk, and comic book reader and knitter, who enjoys the tea experience with my meals, a good sci fi or comic book, jazz, or Cha Dao with peaceful Tibetan style music and incense to create my home Cha Dao experience. I practice yoga daily. If you do not find me doing a meditative long 1.5 hr walk on weekends then I am cycling. Mother of an American Bull Dog and Red Nose Pit – dogs are my children :)

A fictional character I would love to have tea with and become friends is fellow tea lover Star Trek Officer and Vulcan High Command Officer T’Pol. Everyone picks Jean Luc Picard but I would love to have tea with T’Pol who seems so much more interesting. Otherwise, I also see myself as a space explorer visiting planets and enjoying tea time with new friends on other planets.

I am also an author of a motivational and vegetarian cookbook who tends to pair my tea every night with my meals.

My first love is Chinese black teas but also love other black teas from Indonesia, South Korea, Kenya, Himalyas and more. I love world cooking and world teas. I also love green teas that have a vegetal and maybe seaweed quality. I drink my teas naked, unless I have a herbal tea before bed such as an ayurvedic tea as a “yoga” tea where I will add almond, coconut, or soy milk with honey or agave.

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