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drank Rainbow Sherbet by 52teas
93 tasting notes

This is the featured reblend for March. I just announced this tea in the wee hours of yesterday morning and it’s already nearly sold out with just a few taster pouches remaining. (I have a couple of people out there who absolutely love this tea!) This tea had a lot of votes during last year’s poll for the 12 Teas of Christmas box – a lot but not quite enough to make it into the Christmas box – so I decided to reblend it now. Besides, summer is coming up and this tea tastes amazing iced! (It’s good hot too, which is how I’m drinking it now – but it’s spectacular iced!)

When its piping hot, I pick up on a lot of creamy vanilla notes. The fruit flavors are more like a fruit medley rather than specific fruit flavors. I can definitely taste fruit but does it taste specifically like raspberry, lime and orange? I can’t say. However, the creaminess of the vanilla along with these fruit notes is absolutely delightful so I’m not complaining that I can’t distinguish the fruit flavors.

The black tea is a solid, well-rounded flavor that isn’t too aggressive – but it’s strong enough to be noticed.

As it cools, more of the fruit notes begin to pop. I still get a nice hint of vanilla but as the fruit emerges more, the vanilla seems content to soften a bit and let the fruit shine. The lime and orange are bright and those are the two fruit flavors I notice first. The raspberry weaves it’s way in and out.

As it continues to cool, I sometimes notice more raspberry than orange or lime. Sometimes it’s more lime than the other two – and sometimes it’s more orange. It’s kinda like if I were actually eating a bowl of rainbow sherbet – sometimes there’s a bit more raspberry in the spoonful than the other two flavors, and other times the other flavors are more prominent. They aren’t competing with each other – they just seem to pop at different intervals.

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drank Coconut Flan Genmaicha by 52teas
93 tasting notes

I did inventory last night and came across 2 pouches of this tea that had not been added to the website – so I have this tea in stock again (temporarily) – and while finishing up inventory, I came across my little stash of this tea so I decided I should start steeping! I love this tea – the coconut, the custardy ‘flan’ notes – and the way they play with the toasty flavor of the genmaicha. So delightful!

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drank Something Different by 52teas
93 tasting notes

This week’s tea of the week! I enjoyed January’s Fruit Salad blend, but it was just a wee bit sweet for the spicy side of me so I thought – what would happen if I made a fruit salad green tea and added just a little bit of spice (with some black peppercorns, long peppercorns and cayenne pepper)? Of course, with the heat of these spices, I figured that some warm, herbaceous tulsi would add some interest to the overall cup.

And YUM! I love this blend! The green tea is a blend of Fair Trade, single estate Zomba Steamed green tea from the Satemwa estate in Malawi and organic Chinese Sencha and Gunpowder teas and the tulsi is a blend of green, purple and wild leaf holy basil. I added strawberries, pineapple, limes and some melon essence. Then I added some crushed black peppercorns, long pepper and cayenne pepper to spice things up and some juniper berries because – why not?

This has a sweet, fruity background with an distinct peppery note. I find that the first few sips tend to strongly introduce the pepper, but after those first few sips, the palate becomes accustomed to these peppery tones and the fruit flavors begin to really shine through. I don’t find the heat to be overpowering or too assertive – but if you’re one who tends to be sensitive to peppery flavors, this may not be the tea for you.

But if you like the combination of spicy and sweet – I think you’ll like thi one!

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Last week’s tea of the week! I love this tea! The maple is sweet but it isn’t too sugary-sweet thanks to the nutty, roasty-toasty notes from the Houjicha and the soft, earthy notes of the Shou Mei – which in turn softens the rather assertive roasted flavor from the Houjicha. I think that these two teas in the base work really well together and the maple flavor seems to naturally go with these two teas.

Really lovely – it’s dessert-y but not so sweet that it’s something you’d feel like you can only enjoy as a dessert-y tea! The lighter body makes this a nice late afternoon/early evening tea or if you’re like me and stay up all hours of the night, it works well as a “it’s 2:58am so now is as good a time as any for a cuppa!” too.


So excited to try this! Tracking says it’ll be here friday! woo hoooo


I went to add this to my cart and it’s already gone. I suppose you snooze, you lose.


@VariaTEA – let me check the stock, it may be that I miscounted the number of pouches because it doesn’t seem like it should be sold out already.

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drank Rocky Road by 52teas
93 tasting notes

Last week’s tea of the week!
Now that I’m feeling comfortable with finally getting caught up after numerous delays – I also feel comfortable in sitting back and enjoying a cup of tea and writing about it! The delays over the last two months have been crazy – but as I’ve said – I’ve learned that anything that can happen will most likely happen and really, there’s just not a lot you can do about it – no way of even foreseeing some of those things that happen to delay things – so the key is just learning how to roll with the punches I suppose.
On to this tea! I do love it! Rocky Road ice cream is my favorite and has been my favorite since I was a kid. I occasionally find a ‘new’ favorite that surpasses my craving for Rocky Road – like Cherry Garcia or Praline Pecan – but Rocky Road holds that special place in my heart. So when I saw in the archives some years ago that Frank had actually created a Rocky Road blend once upon a time – I asked him to reblend it. He never did.
So I decided that I would take it upon myself to recreate it and when I did, I did some searching for the tea here on Steepster only to come up empty handed – it was never entered into the database here so it’s as if it never actually existed. So I’m reclaiming the blend for myself.
The base is really nice – it’s Yunnan and Assamica teas blended with Laoshan teas from Verdant. Together, these teas create a pleasantly rich and remarkably smooth flavor that carries the notes of chocolate, nut and marshmallow well.
As I mentioned on my blog post for this blend – http://52teas.com/blog/tea-of-the-week-for-february-6-2017-rocky-road-black-tea/ – the first time I tasted it, I thought something was a bit off. Not because it wasn’t delicious because it was – it took me a while to determine what the problem with it was and I realized that this doesn’t have the texture of Rocky Road ice cream (because it is, as I’ve said before – a tea and therefore shouldn’t have the texture of a ice cream laden with nuts and marshmallows) and while I absolutely love the flavor of Rocky Road Ice Cream, I also love the texture: cool, creamy chocolate ice cream with chunks of crunchy nuts and pillow-y marshmallows. And this tea doesn’t have the crunchy, chunky nuts or the soft, fluffy marshmallows to bite into – but it does have the flavor of those things as well as a smooth, creamy chocolate-y taste.

Evol Ving Ness

Welcome back. We’ve missed you.


This sounds delicious! And glad you’re back :)



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drank The Blues by 52teas
93 tasting notes

This was the tea of the week for January 2 – yep, I’m a little behind this month! This tea starts with a blend of black teas – a golden Yunnan and an Assamica tea from the Jingmai Mountains. I really like this combination of teas so expect to see it in future blends from me. It’s rich and hearty and flavorful.

To that base, I added a bunch of freeze-dried blueberries, organic vanilla beans and bourbon essence (don’t worry, it’s non-alcoholic!) for a flavor that is reminiscent of the jam that inspired it (this jam: https://thej.am/products/youre-my-boy-blue-berry-bourbon-jam ) It’s a little less ‘boozy’ than I remember the jam tasting – the bourbon here is more of a subtle hint that is softened by the creamy notes of vanilla and the sweetness of the blueberry.

This is really good! It exceeded my expectations – and my expectations were high!

Evol Ving Ness

This one sounds like a winner. And I love the name. But there’s only so much tea a woman can drink. :)


I despise limitations on my tea consumption.

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drank A Winters Treat by 52teas
93 tasting notes

On the 12th Day of ChristmasMERRY CHRISTMAS everyone! Or if Christmas isn’t your thing – Happy Holidays and I hope that it’s been a wonderful season for you and yours!

This tea is a little bit of a twist to the Bananas Foster tea although I must tell you that it wasn’t intended that way – when I came up with this tea idea, I wasn’t thinking “Bananas Foster” as much as I was thinking, “hey, I’ve got some amazing Charcoal Baked TieGuanYin in stock right now and I’m wondering how amazing that would taste with banana and marshmallow.” Actually, I think I may have come up with this idea when I was blending the Banana Marshmallow Treat Genmaicha – because I really loved the combination of banana and marshmallow. So that may have been the nucleus – the seed – that grew into this amazing tea.

To the combination of banana and marshmallow, I added some cinnamon because it’s a Winter’s Treat, after all and cinnamon seems to go with all things winter-ish. And then I added a splash of Buttered Rum essence because – well, do we really ever need a reason to add buttered rum?

This is really good. Really, really good!


Merry Christmas!! This sounds delicious. Buttered rum never needs a reason! It is its own reason.


My thoughts exactly, Nattie!

Evol Ving Ness

What Banana Marshmallow Treat Genmaicha?! whimpers in a corner


Ohhh! I was trying to put my finger on the buttered rum and I could not figure it out. It’s such a yummy blend:-D Merry Christmas!


@Evol Ving Ness – it came out earlier this year.

Evol Ving Ness

But at least it is not something that I urgently need to buy today. So, yay!

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On the 11th Day of Christmas – I guess I don’t need to say that this is a classic favorite. When it’s not in stock, I’m asked when it will be in stock again. I’ve made a few marshmallow-y genmaicha blends since my first reblend of this tea, but this one always seems to be the resounding favorite.

And I guess I get it – because I’m rather fond of this tea too. The flavor combination is just right with this – where it tastes so much like liquefied marshmallow treat in a cup of green tea. Just the right amount of toasted rice and just the right amount of marshmallow. YUM! I’m glad that this one got reblended for the 12 Teas of Christmas box!

HAPPY CHRISTMAS EVEEVERYONE! Thank you for all the support you’ve shown us throughout the year. We are so thankful – we could not be doing what we do without all of you!

Evol Ving Ness

You deserve our support. You’ve been doing a splendid job over this past year and a half, Ms. 52Teas. Merry Christmas to you!


A very merry Christmas to you as well!! this is a delish tea. I eagerly await the it is in my cupboard again :)


Yeah…I finished my package in the week after my box arrived (before the 12 days even started). I’m going to buy several full bags next time it is in stock. It is just too delicious! Merry Christmas! You’ve done such a good job with the company.


Thank you!

Arby – the tea will be temporarily back in stock on the 28th – however, since you purchased the box, watch your email inbox the day after Christmas!

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drank White Christmas by 52teas
93 tasting notes

On the 10th Day of Christmas – I’m still amazed that it’s already the 10th day!

This was one of the more popular teas on the poll. I did take a few LiberTEAS with this blend and changed the recipe a little bit. First of all and probably the most obvious of changes is the change to the base since I’ve made it pretty clear that i’m using different sources for my teas. I used a blend of Fujian, Assam and Laoshan black teas to create the base of this blend. Second, I used essence of wintergreen rather than peppermint or spearmint because – I just happen to like wintergreen and hey, the word “wintergreen” seems to work with the idea of a “White Christmas” better, doesn’t it. OK, now I’m just making stuff up.

Third, for the minty leaves, I used more spearmint than peppermint. I personally prefer peppermint – I like that zingy flavor of the peppermint! – but for this particular blend, I wanted the softer, smoother flavor of the spearmint rather than the invigorating zing from the peppermint so that the black teas in the base – particularly the hint of cacao flavor in those black teas – to be noticed and not overwhelmed by the peppermint.

I think that the marshmallow root works better with spearmint than peppermint for the same reasons that I mentioned above. Peppermint is one of those herbs that can just dominate a tea so I wanted to go light on the peppermint so it wouldn’t throw off the balance of this blend and I think it worked.

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drank Coconut Cream Pie by 52teas
93 tasting notes

On the 9th Day of Christmas – I’m not surprised that this tea was voted in as one of the teas for this box but I certainly was happy! Coconut Cream Pie was one of my favorites from Frank’s era and I was happy to be able to have it in my pantry again – if only for a little while!

I did stray a little bit from the original recipe because, first, I use different black teas. Second, I decided that the blend needed vanilla beans in it because – why not? I mean, really? What isn’t better with a little vanilla? I also added some calendula petals for some visual interest.

This is so yummy! Rich and sweet and coconut-y! The black tea base is strong (it would make a great breakfast tea and who wouldn’t want some coconut cream pie for breakfast?)


I’m so happy you’re changing the black tea! I always really liked this tea but thought the base held it back. It’s going to be a while before I let myself place any orders but 52teas is going to be the first when I do.


When I took over, I was not very satisfied with the quality of teas from Frank’s primary supplier so I spent a few months sampling teas from other suppliers to find better teas (oh, what a trial it was to sample all those teas! Ha!) and I continue to try other teas/brands to find the best products to utilize in my blends that I can.


Oh what a hard life it must be! ;) I salute your hard work and dedication (seriously).

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