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The mint is this blend is vigorous! When hot, it’s a nice cup to open up a congested chest or soothe a scratchy throat. However, it is simply divine when iced on a hot summer day and that is how I prefer it. The darjeeling in with the mint is an excellent compliment, cutting the icy peppermint down a bit and adding some nice body and earthiness. Peppermint tea on its own is too one-note but this makes for the perfect mint tea. Add something sweet and this is almost like a dessert. Highly recommended to cool you down on a sweltering summer day. My only regret is that it is a high-volume tea when dry, so a bag full doesn’t get you too much. One of my Adagio favorites.

I ordered this tea long ago, early in my loose leaf days. At that time I felt it was very pepper-minty, perhaps a good tea for the wintertime if you’re feeling a little under the weather. In the summertime I like to mix in a little mango melange for some fruity sweetness. On my third reorder today, I brewed up a cold cup and drank it slowly throughout the day. A real creaminess in the darjeeling is present after a long brew or a temperature change, which made me fall in love with the flavor all over again. Definitely for mint lovers in all seasons but also an infallible iced brew.

Flavors: Cream, Earth, Menthol, Mineral, Mint, Peppermint

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One of my favorite loose leaf teas of all time. I love cloves and chai spices, and this tea gives me the chance to drink it before bed (caffeine-free!). When I was new to tea, the rooibos does tend to be a tad medicine-like in flavor, but there are enough orange peels, ginger, and vanilla flavor to win you over. At this point, I have come to like the rooibos flavor and adore all the additional flavors in this tea. It truly is creamy and spicy at once and I have loved its versatility in many blends. Add mint and you get the flavors of a gummy spice drop. Add lapsang souchong and you get a smoky, spice treat. Add fruit for an almost pie-like flavor. And add more rooibos or caramel to get a major evening dessert tea. Caffeine-free, spicy, creamy, and flexible. A great standard for any tea-lover’s cupboard.

Flavors: Cardamom, Cinnamon, Clove, Cream, Orange, Rooibos, Spices, Vanilla

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I don’t quite know what kombucha is, nor how it factors into this tea. I see that some kind of flour/gluten is listed in the ingredients but it didn’t seem to change the tea much in my opinion. Overall this is a black tea with strong mango and fruit notes. Hot, I was a little skeptical as I found it to be a little plain. Honestly, I don’t prefer many tropical-flavor teas hot, and they’re not flavors I get excited about. Iced, this was much nicer, since it gave me the dark body and tannin kick of black tea, with a pleasant mango flavor, perfect for hot days. I bought a pre-scooped bag of this loose leaf and found that the pineapple pieces were enormous and had to be broken up by hand to be spread throughout the bag’s worth. Drink it iced, is my advice. Anyone know more about kombucha that I’m missing?

Flavors: Mango, Tannin

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This tea is aptly named: honey is the predominant flavor throughout the process. Dry, in the bag, this tea smells 100% like honey in tea form. Brewed, it is very sweet and tastes like a green rooibos with loads and loads of honey in it. It’s a pretty-looking blend, with a nice balance of green, brown, yellow, and blue cornflowers. The citrus ingredients are more minimal in the flavor, and I can’t quite pick out the mate (or maybe the rooibos?) If you like nutty, honey, sweet, slightly roasted teas this one is for you. If you’re not as interested in honey flavoring or nutty mates maybe give this one a pass.

Flavors: Honey

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This is a combination of some of my favorite things. I love when tea blends have extra herbs in them, so this hits my spicy/savory palette cravings just right. The hojicha green tea base is good, not too roasty and not too grassy, and supports the peppermint well. The fennel and black pepper, while subtle, are definitely present. These spices in particular make this a unique, stand-out tea that I can’t find anywhere else. The ginger and licorice are not overpowering, with the forward flavors truly being the mint itself. Hot, this tea is a relaxing, meditative blend for when you’re feeling a little sick or want an unusual herbal. Iced, might be a little strange for some (the more savory spices brewed cold are unexpected) but if you are a fan of the herbs in the blend, you’ll like it either way. Mint teas are excellent brewed cold in my opinion, or maybe I’ve just had a hot couple of days and this hit the spot.

Flavors: Clove, Fennel, Ginger, Mint, Nutty, Pepper

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Just tried this today, brewed in store, as part of a summer sale. Iced, this is juice-like with lots of mango fruit flavors and secondary orange and pineapple flavors. Very clearly fruity, with little to no spice or floral tones (if you’re a skeptic of cloves or mint or whatever, this might be for you). I don’t take anything extra in my tea, so straight up this is still very sweet. I personally would like a tea with a bit more body, so blending this with a favorite green or a herbal rooibos might be a nice option in future brewing.

Flavors: Fruity, Mango, Orange, Pineapple

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This blend was crafted as an homage to my favorite comedy, gaming group, Mega64 (www.mega64.com). I mailed some samples into their weekly podcast and they tried them live. See their reactions and get yourself a taste for Mega64. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-WiSf8iqdtM)
- - - - - - -
In my opinion this blend is a perfect tea-replica of delicacy that is candy lasagna. The strawberry is truly the perfect tea equivalent of a fruit roll up or a fruit by the foot, and the rooibos vanilla adds a subtle creaminess. The sprinkles are such a fun, festive touch. This is an excellent tea for those who love fruity flavors, or want a goofy evening tea (its caffeine free, except for a few mini chocolate chips). Iced, this is amazing! A good blend of sweet berry and tart, real-fruit taste. The rooibos vanilla is minimal enough to avoid rooibos medicine flavors, but does contribute a nice vanilla undertone. Definitely a sweet blend, so brew carefully, or get your sweet tooth going!

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This is a delicious tea on its own and in blends. There are strong nutty and roasted flavors throughout the process. In the bag it smells like dry grass in the best way possible. Brewed, there is still the grassy green core but with strong toasted overtones. As someone who tends to prefer black teas, this is a great green to explore since it still has deeper flavors beyond grass green. I’ve noticed with later brewings that there is also gentle marzipan and floral tones that add just a touch of graceful sweetness. Honestly one of my favorite teas, green or black.

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This is a favorite custom blend from Adagio from a ridiculous facet of fandom. It is spicy and warm from cinnamon and chai spices with smooth vanilla/almond flavors. A great low-caffeine blend that warms you up and gets your blood pumping… just like John’s Red Pants.

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This was the item that got my tea fancy started. I always liked tea, but this allowed me to brew loose leaf with total ease. The small size of the ingenuiTEA is perfect for one big mug of tea or two small ones. It’s mainly easy to rinse out the leaves after and the filter comes out for more thorough washing. The trigger mechanism at the bottom fits on almost all of my mugs, and can be accessed by hand if it doesn’t fit. I’ve had it for a few years now, with no problems or breakage. I don’t know what I’d do without it! If you want to explore loose leaf teas but are a little unsure, get one of these guys and get brewing, you won’t regret it!

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I have fun designing themed blends and trying the blends made by others on Adagio. I’ve made themed teas for: X-Files, Mega64, Fallout, the Knick, Hell on Wheels and many more.

I don’t tend to take any sugar or milk in my tea and have a habit of over-steeping. I love trying out themed tea blends, but I would also like to get more adventurous in trying more high quality or unflavored teas.


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