53 Tasting Notes

drank Genmaicha Extra Green by Den's Tea
53 tasting notes

This is pretty much my staple Genmaicha. It seems to be light enough on caffeine that I can drink it in the evenings or on days when caffeine just isn’t sitting well with me. It’s not a blow-you-out-of-the-water-and-knock-your-socks-off kind of tea, but the toastiness is very comforting and the matcha adds a lovely sweetness, not to mention a nice color. I probably drink this on at least a weekly basis, preferably alongside some soy-glazed brown rice balls.

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reviewed ingenuiTEA by Adagio Teas
53 tasting notes

I actually have the larger 4-cup size of this— even though it’s labeled as the “iced” version, it’s the same thing, works the same way, just in a larger size. Perfect for filling my boyfriend’s giant mugs or just when we both want an average mugful, and even (gasp) making iced tea! I marked out 8/16/24oz lines on it with a sharpie for when I need smaller servings.

I owned the regular-sized version for a long while and used it to death before it violently hit the floor one day. The smaller one had a permanent, unremovable filter (their new version if I’m not mistaken) which personally bothered me a little, since if the filter tears or is otherwise damaged, it seems you’d have to replace the whole unit. It also made my inner clean-freak twitch a little as areas of the pot were near-impossible to clean (I don’t own a dishwasher, that probably would have solved the problem).

The four cup size, however, still has the removable filter, which is great for easier cleaning. I’ve never had a problem with it floating away or falling out or had a hard time taking it out or putting it back in or anything. Maybe that was only a problem with the smaller versions.

This is certainly a bit of teaware that gets daily use in my house; I have a hard time imagining my mornings without it.

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This is my first experience with a milk oolong. When I first opened the bag, the smell strongly reminded me of “Milky Candy” that I used to eat a lot of as a child. A nice smell, just not one I would expect from tea.

I steeped this in my 90ml gaiwan, 4.5 grams (Should probably try for 3-4 next time), 160~70 degrees and increasing.

The milky flavor comes through very strong in the first few steepings, almost overbearingly so, but then abruptly drops off into a “greener” taste. At this point I had to use boiling water and longer than average steep times to extract any flavor at all from it.

The first time I tried this tea, I was quite enchanted by the milky-creaminess and found myself rather disappointed that it had to end so soon. When I tried it again a few weeks later, I was less impressed with the first few steepings and enjoyed the more floral notes of the later steepings, difficult as they were to extract. I may have just been in a different mood, or maybe the strong milk flavor is the sort one easily burns out on. Maybe future tastings will tell me more.

Overall, this leaves me intrigued enough to seek out and try other milk oolongs; it certainly has an interesting flavor. However, I probably would not order this one again.

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