This is one of the tea bags I got after ordering at kusmitea.com, and as you know, every time you order at that site, you get 3 tea samples for free!
The other two teas I got was Strawberry green tea and Ginger-lemon green tea.
The only thing I can say about Ginger-lemon green tea is… bahh!
I would give it about 15 points, if I had to rate it.
This tea is much better than the other 2 teas I got, in fact it’s one of my favorites by Kusmi.
It’s lemon-y and lemongrass-y in it’s loose leaves, and has a subtle note of something slightly hay-y and tobacco-like. It brews to a lovely clear light green color with a touch of yellow, and it is very, very lemony with a heavy hay-y and honey-like taste at the end of the sip. It’s nice and light, and I remember that I once brewed it over night, to see if got bitter or unpleasant, but no, it really never gets. It’s an absolute great tea, but it is very light, so don’t serve this tea for people who says that tea tastes like nothing (there are some people that do where I live). One I know always says that tea tastes like fox’s piss, I do of course disagree with him…

I like Kusmi’s tea bags, their pretty, and they contain more than a tablespoon of tea, believe it or not. You are in fact able to make 3 cups out of 1 bag, nice!

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I’m from Denmark, and I have been drinking high quality teas since 2009. My favorite tea-brand is Kusmi Tea. Absolutely. So far I have tasted about 40 percent of Kusmi’s teas, which means about 35 teas. My favorite tea is Kusmi Tea’s Imperial Label. Everyone who hasn’t tried it yet, try it. Their Samovar OR their St Petersburg comes second. I do primary drink black teas, but also green ones. Especially Genmaicha.

I like green teas flavored, and black teas are to me flavorful, whether they’re flavored or not. I prefer plain, hearty black teas the old-fashioned British way; with a splash of milk. I would say, that the best plain black tea I have tasted is Darjeeling #37 or Russian Morning #24.
I like spicy teas too, and my all-time favorite teas are Kusmi’s russian teas. RUSSIAN POWER!!!!

I do not drink tea because it’s healthy, I drink it because it’s delicious!


Jutland, Denmark

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