This tea is a bit of an unusual tea from Kusmi, it has an overpowering sweet strawberry scent, that almost smells of cotton candy or something. I don’t think it’s flavored with natural essences at all, but on their website there’s written: “We use natural flavorings in all of our teas”, or something like that, maybe it’s a naural flavoring that is used in this tea, but it doesn’t seems to be. Sniffing to a box of strawberries in the early summer is a natural experience, and this tea is far from that, sorry Kusmi.
It brews to a beautiful, very clear, yellowey green color, which is like almost all senchas look like.
The brewed tea has translated to something than reminds me more of vanilla/caramel than actual strawberry, but it smells delicious.
It’s not the most delicate sencha I have tasted either, it’s very bland, watery and slightly anstringent, but the anstringency is only noticeable on the back/sides of your tongue, and only when steeped for a very long time. Their sencha base used in Imperial Label is much more delicious, I really wished that they used that one instead, cause this one is just not that tasty, but it is okay. The sencha in this tea is the same as the sencha in Detox and Boost, but there are a so small amount of it in them, that the anstringent notes seem nonexistent. The strawberry taste in the brewed product is more natural, and is quite like eating a strawberry, a very sweet one.
Not the best Kusmi, and not the worst either.
Their worst tea is the Ginger-lemon green tea, uff it gives me goosebumps!

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I’m from Denmark, and I have been drinking high quality teas since 2009. My favorite tea-brand is Kusmi Tea. Absolutely. So far I have tasted about 40 percent of Kusmi’s teas, which means about 35 teas. My favorite tea is Kusmi Tea’s Imperial Label. Everyone who hasn’t tried it yet, try it. Their Samovar OR their St Petersburg comes second. I do primary drink black teas, but also green ones. Especially Genmaicha.

I like green teas flavored, and black teas are to me flavorful, whether they’re flavored or not. I prefer plain, hearty black teas the old-fashioned British way; with a splash of milk. I would say, that the best plain black tea I have tasted is Darjeeling #37 or Russian Morning #24.
I like spicy teas too, and my all-time favorite teas are Kusmi’s russian teas. RUSSIAN POWER!!!!

I do not drink tea because it’s healthy, I drink it because it’s delicious!


Jutland, Denmark

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