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December 9th

Can’t say I’m super-excited about this. I like a cup of calming herbal tea before bedtime, but mostly because of the ritual and less because of the flavour. Therefore a bedtime blend only elicits a sort of ‘hmm… meh. Ok.’ reaction from me. (Even though I do tend to keep an eye out for something suitable for bedtime. I suspect I’m subconsciously searching for one that is both suitable and nommy and that’s hard to find.) However, I’m whacked and more than ready to be poured into bed, so it’s coming at a suitable time. I’ll just post quickly and be off.

This is largely chamomile and mint. I’m not sure whether it’s peppermint or spearmint or both, though. There are a few violet flowers in there as well, but I don’t know what they are. This Christmas calendar seems to be quite mint-heavy so far. This is the third minty thing in nine days.

For something that smells so very much like mint, is rather controlled. The flavour is just about chamomile and mint in equal measure, although strangely I still seem to be unable to determine what sort of mint it is. I usually tend to find spearmint fairly easy to recognise because it tastes so much like toothpaste. After a bit the chamomile comes out strongly in the aroma as well.

It’s a fairly inoffensive flavour for something with not a small amount of chamomile in it. Not a revalation in flavour, but I’m sure it’ll do the trick.

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