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Well. We knew it had to come, didn’t we? Yes, another flipping Christmas blend. I’m going to be heartily sick of Christmas blends before this calendar is used up! This time on a black base, the very most traditional kind of Christmas blends. Why is this not in the 24th box??? Seems the logical place to put it. Now I have no clue what that one is going to be.

Anyway, we are having this one tonight, although it was the tea of the 10th, because we didn’t have one yesterday and I have decided that in order to stop me from letting unfavoured samples languish forever, these must be had in the order they were opened. And so, if I want to move on to the infinitely more interesting tea of the 11th, which I do, then I must drink this first.

Really, we’re talking about variations on a theme with this one. Spices and orange. We’ve had that on a white base and on a green base so far already and now also a black one. I’m fully expecting a rooibos based Christmas blend to appear as well. Perhaps even an oolong one.

I can’t really detect the orange much in this but I could see the pieces in the blend. I’m mostly getting a load of generic spice and with a side-note of something borderline soapy. The soapy note is also to do with the spice and I know I should know what causes it, but I can’t think of what it could be right now. It’s one of those things, right on the tip of my tongue.

I know the spice blends and whatnots in all three of these Christmas blends so far have been different, but they just haven’t been different enough. They all seem the same-ish to me, but on different bases. So not impressed with this one either.

I still have a couple of posts in my notebook which will be typed up… eventually. So those will appear out of order, but posting in the right order, I’ve decided, is less important than drinking in the right order.

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