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So I’ve been following the local news… I’m feeling ambivalent about it all. It’ll be great to get some admins around the place. Users have done their best, but the site really needs some proper maintenance. It’s a bit like an old house that has seen better days. Totally fit for human habitation, but could use some paint, the tap drips a bit, and that one radiator just won’t turn on. On the other hand, it would have been greatly preferable if the site could have stayed indie, and previous bad experiences that some users have had are looming heavily. I have not participated in the debate, because I wasn’t there when aforementioned bad experiences were made, but I’ve been keeping up with the thread. I do get the impression that the representative of our new owners might have suddenly found himself in a discussion he was not prepared to have to deal with. It started out so well, and then there was a distinct tone of feeling pressured and maaaaaaybe not thinking things entirely through before pressing ‘post’. Okay, yes, I did leave an acerbic remark there. It doesn’t add anything to the conversation either way and I probably shouldn’t have made it. Oh well.

Anyway, I’ve had two cups of this today. It’s not actually the first I’ve had of it. My very first impression in the very first cup I had, the thing I mostly remember is that I found it incredibly fruity. Like someone had made a cup of tea, and then poured juice into it. That… sounds ghastly, actually. Poor description choice there. But it really had a distinct taste of eating forest fruits. Not any one in particular, just generic ‘fruit’. And in spite of my inability to describe this in a positive sounding way, it actually was a positive experience, albeit one that made me wonder how well it would reproduce.

Fairly well, although not completely consistently is the answer to that one. Sometimes it’s been more fruity, other times it’s had a more herbal characteristic to it. I once had a tea that was flavoured with thyme and, I think, raspberry. I can’t quite remember. But definitely thyme. When this one goes a bit herby, a milder version of that thyme tea is what it reminds me of.

I like it best when it’s in the juicier mood, but I’ll take it either way.

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