It’s been a long long time since I last had a Tie Guan Yin of any sort, so when I was looking through the sample basket for something interesting, that’s what I decided to do. After all, I need to drink all these samples so that there are less stuff to move with. :D

The dry leaf had a sort of floral aroma to it, sort of scented and bizarrely a not of something curry-ish. I don’t know where that came from, but it’s possible it’s just one of those floral notes that are showing up weird to me.

It’s a fairly pale yellow cup, but the aroma after steeping is strong. It carries significant notes of steamed spinach and again something floral-y sweet. Like a bouquet of wildflowers.

The flavour is heavy with asparagus notes. It has asparagus notes to the point where I went O.o and double-checked the sample wrapper. I’ve found this sort of green vegetable note before many times, but this particular tea is extraordinarily strong on the asparagus. A person who didn’t like asparagus would not like this tea.

Once the worst of the asparagusness has dissipated, ever so slightly dusty floral notes are coming out again. I could almost believe that this had been lightly scented with something. They’re not jasmine-y or rose-y, they’re sweeter than that, but it’s definitely floral.

I’m not getting a huge amount of aftertaste on this one, but I suspect it might be one of those that will build up as one drinks. At the moment what I am getting is thankfully free of that sourness that typically bothers me in non- or lightly fermented teas.

This seems very nice for its type, but somehow I’m not sure I’m really that into TGYs anymore…

(Also, looks like someone’s tasting note has become mixed up with the product description. If you’ve posted about this tea before, you might want to see if it’s yours)

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