drank High Mountain Green by Shang Tea
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Gosh, I nearly forgot the daily sample!

Sample Week continues with a hastily chosen random sample of randomness. It was literally then topmost one in the basket.

I have a tendency to prefer Japanese greens, or greens that are similar to Japanese greens. Therefore, I’m feeling slightly wary of this. Because as far as I can tell, it’s not Japanese. Chinese greens are bit touch and go. I’ve never met one that I absolutely didn’t like and I’ve met plenty that I do like, but there is just such a large group of green Chinese teas that I can’t feel more than indifferent about. (Unless they’re flavoured, but that’s a whole other crate of fish)

There’s something I want to watch on tv soonish, so considering the amount of time it usually takes me to write these posts, I’ll try to be brief.

The aroma is, in quick summary, not particularly strong, quite ‘thick’ in character, and it has a strong note of fresh greenery. Not grassy as such, but leaning in that direction. It seems slightly salty as well, but again not particularly much. Not enough to put my off at all.

The flavour rather reminds me of Dragonwell. It’s got that same sort of boiled spinach-y kind of note to it. Again, the same greenery note from before, I think. Funny thing is it tastes exactly like it smells. I could just repeat verbatim what I wrote about the aroma and it would be true.

It’s not that very strong in flavour, not nearly as strong as Dragonwells are, and it’s a bit like taking a sip and then having to pass through some sort of curtain of hot water before getting to the flavour. It’s very smooth, and quite ‘thick’, a fat flavour, but not a buttery one. Although I think this is the character that people think about when they say a green has a buttery note. For me, though, it has to be a lot stronger before I’ll call it buttery.

This is a friendly cup. It doesn’t demand a lot from the drinker and it doesn’t attack and overwhelm the mouth completely. It just compliantly sits there in the cup, waiting to be sipped and doesn’t require a whole lot of attention in order to be enjoyed. It’s the sort of tea that would go quite well along with reading a book or watching something on tv.

Speaking of which, I seem to have written this post in record time and now have 15 whole minutes before my program actually begins. Zoooooom!

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