drank Roasted Dong Ding by thepuriTea
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or ‘Rosted Dong Ding’ as the sample pouch would amusingly have me believe.

Irrelavant typos aside, however, I have in the past had some very good experiences with roasted Tie Guan Yins, so based on that I have high expectations of this one.

The aroma is very distinct green oolong, but with a layer of toastyness surrounding it. It’s acutally a pretty interesting smell. It’s all crispy and crunchy and stuff. Í would say that it’s a golden-orange smell, but given that the colour I’m thinking about is the exact same colour as the brew in the cup, I don’t think I can blame synesthesia on that one.

It really is a very nice colour. The white china is looking quite handsome as background for this tea.

The flavour is interesting as well! It has a strong note of something sort of tangy and fruity, like a middle thing between mandarins or apples of the not too sour sort.

Then there’s a note of pure green oolong. Not at all buttery and with just a touch of that earthyness that makes it different from a regular green. Isn’t it funny how oolong is kind of earthy and pu-erh is kind of earthy, but it’s not the same sort of earthyness at all? Oolong-earthy has a more floral tinge to it. Oolong-earthy is spring-y. Pu-erh earthy is autumn-y.

Anyway, this is slightly floral and oolong earthy, plus the indeterminable fruit-note, and all of it shrouded in nutty toast-ness. Flavourful and interesting.

And so Sample Week has reached Friday.

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