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The genmaicha that wasn’t genmaicha! I could have sworn it said ‘genmaicha’ on the label at the bottom of the tin when I got it, but now it says Japanese Emperor Blend. Odd. I can’t understand why I didn’t initially add it as such. It never even occurred to me to go to their site and see if they had a regular genmaicha as well or not. Which, as it turns out, they had. That should all be taken care of now though. This is the genmaicha with matcha powder in it.

This one is also in the to-be-finished pile. I got the tin as a free present from A C Perch’s when I bought their book because I ordered on the day that it was released. I didn’t even know they offered this, so that was an awesome surprise. Anyway, I used it sparingly and eventually forgot about it, which was stupid, because it’s A C Perch’s! It’s not like I can’t get more.

Down to one more serving of it though. I thought that was what I had left before making this pot. I’ll never get through that pile…

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drank Irish Breakfast by Adagio Teas
1328 tasting notes

It’s wednesday, my regular day off and I’ve taken the rest of the week off as well. (This, btw, has nothing to do with illness, it was already planned, so no worries there). After the restorative power of yesterday’s Assam, I felt like giving this on the that TeaEqualsBliss sent me.
I didn’t really find any aroma to speak off, but my nose feels a bit like it’s considering acting up a little bit, so I don’t fully trust my sense of smell. I don’t think it’s all there at the moment.

The flavour, however, reveals the cardboard-y note of Assam. I probably wouldn’t really have picked that one out so easily if it hadn’t been for yesterday’s Assam and the revelation that was the cardboard note. (Sometimes I feel like I’m nicking all of Auggy’s words, but they’re such good words!).

It also has a surprising sweetness. Smooth, almost creamy. I’m not the sort of person to put milk in anything, even if it is recommended to me. I always try it plain first, and usually that’s the way I’ll drink it. Milk is an added occasional luxury. Maybe that’s why, to me, it doesn’t take very much for a tea to taste like it already had a drop of milk in it.

Maybe it’s some sort of phantom flavour. Like phantom pains where a patient may still feel the sensations of the amputated limb. I can almost taste the flavour that isn’t there. Or something.

It’s not really something that I would connect with a Ceylon, though, so I think that’s because of how the blend is coming together.

Funny thing is that if I were to break this apart and have the Assam on its own and the Ceylon on its own, then I don’t really think I would be more then fleetingly impressed with either of them. But together it’s a different story and they come together quite well.

I have a good amount of this and it could easily become one of my stable teas, but I have put the Irish Morning Tea from A C Perch’s on my shopping list for when I run out. The European Adagio shop carries the Irish Breakfast, but I thought it would be nice to get some comparison and some
different perspective on it. (Besides A C Perch’s is probably quicker and cheaper for me, what with being a danish company. Especially since I’m shopping there anyway)

Of course I had to add the A C Perch’s blend to the site first, and then I unleashed the full force of OCD on the A C Perch’s teas already in the database. They all have pictures and proper descriptions now, except the one that I couldn’t seem to find. (I hope I didn’t accidentally step on anybody’s toes with this) I even discovered that the genmaicha I had from them wasn’t their genmaicha at all, but a variation. The things you learn…

Anyway, this Irish Breakfast. Quite surprisingly yummy. I don’t know what’s going on with that, I’m supposed to prefer Chinese!


Nick away! It makes me feel loved! :) Lena sent me some of this a while back (sadly all gone now) and I really liked it. It’s a good blend, I think – and soooo much better than Republic of Tea’s IB (at least for me) – and is the one that made me feel daring enough to start getting more into stout breakfast blends! (Though I still love my Chinese blacks)


I saw your Scottish one. :) I seem to recall having seen a French and a Russian one around the place a while ago. It would be cool if someone would do a breakfast blend sampler set. I haven’t tried RoT yet, except I think possibly a single bag from swaps and such, so I can’t compare there. Once upon a time I had a few bags of IB from Twinings, but they were bagged, and I can’t really remember what they were like. Also that was before I learned to properly taste what I was drinking.
I hope A C Perch’s can live up to this one.


Ooh, I like the breakfast blend sampler set idea. I don’t know why I’ve become such a sucker for breakfast blends but I have. I thought Golden Moon’s Irish Breakfast was particularly yummy. And Samovar’s English Breakfast was good, too. Most breakfast blends I’ve run across though tend to be on the meh side of good. But there are good ones out there (like this IB!) so I hope AC Perch’s will be one of the awesome ones!


I haven’t yet managed to find a truly yummy EB. Shame AC Perch’s doesn’t offer samples. I have to get 100g minimum from them. They have, however, been fairly consistently a good experience for me. GM and Samovar are both out of reach for me, so I can’t try theirs. But hey, maybe I’ll get lucky when the TTB returns to me. ;)


Me either, actually, as far as not finding a truly yummy EB. But I will keep looking! (And that’s probably half of the fun!)


True. :) This one made me about ready to start searching properly. I wish I had the opportunity and means to get a sample of a load of different ones and set up an entire sampling array of EBs. I’d have to buy a load of tiny teapots too! What’s not to love?! :D


This one is a totally decent IB. I have been in a Breakfast tea mode too! Irish, English, 2 different types of China Breakfast…
I’m waiting on my Samovar order to try their Breakfast blend. I have high hopes.


Maybe that’s the newest trend? Breakfast Buffet? I had one, Auggy had one, JacquelineM had one and you’re in the mood for it too. And I’m currently having the genmaicha-that-wasn’t-the-genmaicha, which is almost breakfast-y. :)

What goes in the China Breakfast blend typically?


I think China Breakfast is just strong Yunnan black teas.


Cool. Yunnans, that’s another category I want to explore. I should make notes of this, because when I’m buying I always seem to end up having my head turned by OOOH Shiny!


Lena, I’ve only broken into Samovar’s Breakfast blend once but I keep craving it so I think it’s pretty good! (I’m trying to stretch it out a little though and get rid of some other teas, thus just the one visit with it so far).

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drank Assam Deluxe FTGFOP by A C Perch's
1328 tasting notes

Stomach is fine now. Head, not so much. A good strong black is needed, to-be-finished pile be damned. Nothing is working properly inside my skull today. I tried checking my dashboard, and JacquelineM’s post about the (by now) infamous and tres yummy raspberry oolong was on top. After that one though, I suddenly found myself realising that I was just scrolling and forgetting to pay attention.

This has a strong wood-y sort of aroma which promises a kick in the rear and a clearing of the mind. After brewing the aroma turns towards the sweeter and more honey-y, but still as strong, and still definitely the same smell as the dry leaves. Just altered a little bit.

I’m suddenly beginning to understand what Auggy means when she says Assam has a cardboard like flavour. There is a strong unmistakeble cardboard flavour here. It’s not unpleasant, it’s just… odd. This is uncomplicated. It’s an Assam that tastes of Assam and that’s really all there is to it. If I had been more in favour of Indian teas over Chinese, I’d probably have rated this better.

Not sure if it really helped my mental state much though. It might be just placebo.

Really messy post, this. I’ll just stop it here and go away and go back to being a sporadic presence for another few days. I’m sure you won’t mind.

4 min, 0 sec

Glad you are feeling (somewhat) better! And yay cardboard! I’m finding the clean cardboard taste pretty comforting (not so much the dirty, abused package cardboard).

Robert Godden

I love my Assam, and I agree it’s a great restorative. Hope you feel better soon…


I’ve always been a paper junkie (few things tickle my senses more than a fresh pack of paper or an unused spiral notebook) … maybe that’s why I like Assams so much!

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drank Melon by Pickwick
1328 tasting notes

I’ve had nothing but water and peppermint tisane to drink since mid-morning saturday. I am absolutely dying for a cup of proper tea now. I was already yesterday, but I was still feeling delicate enough that I didn’t dare have anything with caffeine in it. The only decaf I have was given to me in swaps and they deserve more attention that I would be able to give them while sick. Today I’m down to the monumental headache that always shows up post illness, so I’m having a tentative go at a small cup of tea.

Just in case, though, I’ve chosen a cheap and mediocre one. It wouldn’t feel as much of a waste.

Mediocre or not though, you lot have NO IDEA how good this is right now!!! This could have been the worst quality tea in the world and it would still have been lovely. If this had been the first time I logged this one I would have given it a 100. I don’t care about the semi-synthetic melon or the way that the tea is only barely present underneath. Just having a cup of tea is enough, and any tea will do.

Maybe I can even have some real food today too…


I hope this is the sign that you are on the road to recovery!


Glad you’re feeling up to some tea at last. Feel better!

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drank Peppermint by Thepotten
1328 tasting notes

When I put this in the to be finished pile I didn’t mean for it to be finished off like this, but I read that peppermint can help calm an upset stomach. Also I had a weird instinct about wanting peppermint tisane.

If nothing else it helps with the bad taste after…. yeah, you know.


Feel better!


Thank you.


I like the advice, but I hate that you had to have the experience!! Hope you’re feeling better.

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It’s really stupid at this hour, but I just didn’t feel like I was done with tea tonight. I fought against it as long as I could, but only managed to become more and more convinced that I should try one of these plum things that TeaEqualsBliss sent me.

I had too look this one up to tell what sort of tea it was. Nothing about that on the little envelope holding the bag.

The bag has a funny spicy smell that I wasn’t expecting. I couldn’t quite place it at first, but when looking it up I saw that it contained cinnamon and all the little wheels and cogs in my head clicked into place. I wouldn’t say I thought it was obvious cinnamon, but it was close enough.

It strikes me as a funny combination, plums and cinnamon. I can’t really imagine that. The cup smells rather like chai when steeping too, but I’m pretty sure I’m picking up some fruity sweetness underneath the cinnamon-y sweetness. It’s actually rather christmas-y to smell!

The taste is surprisingly good. I would never in a bazillion years have imagined that these two flavours would work that well together but they do! It’s like two kinds of sweetness keeping each other from being too much.

It’s not perfect and there is a certain level of syntheticness, but apart from that I’m rather impressed with this one.


I thought it was pretty good for a bagged tea…glad you thought it was…pretty unique :P


I thought it tasted and smelled Christmas-y too.

Retro Toast

Plums and cinnamon sounds like my ma’s plum cake. If the teas as good as the cake then I may be buying hand over fist.

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My immediate leader in the lab also happens to be one of my best friends at work in spite of her being a couple of years older than my mother. We are so similar in so many ways. Today after work we went and saw the Percy Jackson film and ate a lot of sweets. A LOT of sweets. Let’s put it this way, I have more or less had sweets for dinner, okay? Things got out of hand.

I need something to wash all that sugar down and yes, I’m aware of the irony of having chosen a chocolate tea for the purpose. I just really wanted this tonight. Fortunately I still had one of the two bags that Jillian sent me AND TeaEqualsBliss also remembered that I liked this one and added a bag of it to the package I got from her yesterday. So I’m having it now and I still have a bag left. Lovely.

Oh, and the film? If you like adventures like Harry Potter and similar, go see it. It’s
awesome and I need to read those books like whoa! It can seriously not go fast enough.


My 2 boxes should be here soon. Woho!=D


I love those sort of films – I will go see!!!!


Just as an aside, the Percy Jackson books are pretty good! I found them a smidge clumsy at times, but I’m a huge Greek and Roman mythology fan and I enjoyed them on the whole. I need to check out the film.


I’m glad that this movie is still in the theatres around here! I’ve been meaning to see it. Thanks for your review! (of the Pu-erh too :) )

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Look at me with a tisane! Be sure to pay attention, Steepsterites, as this is not something that happens that often, but it’s too late really for tea when I’m trying to re-learn getting to bed at a proper hour, and I wanted to try something else of what TeaEqualsBliss sent me.

I dipped my sleeve in the cup (no, not on purpose), so it’s not starting well.

It smells strongly of spearmint and I can’t really find any tarragon. It’s like a mix of toothpaste and that chewing gum that my mother prefers. Daunting… Maybe it can help on my stomach reflux though. (Oh avocado… so yummy, yet so deceitful!)

It tastes a bit like that chewing gum too, but it’s not as overwhelmingly spearmint-y as I had expected. I think it’s because the tarragon is lying down a base and controlling it. It’s just spearmint-y enough to give me that prickling on the tongue and brief fresh mouth sensation. The latter doesn’t seem to last very long after swallowing, but then again, it’s a tisane, not a tooth-paste replacement.

Tisanes don’t really interest me at all, and I don’t buy them unless for someone else or because I want to mix with stuff. Although I’d be unlikely to purchase this if the brand was available here, I still like it rather more than I thought I would.


This is one of the few TAZO ones I have on my repeat-buy list! Glad you liked it!


Be careful Angrboda, mint actually has the reverse effect on reflux/GERD that you are looking for: it relaxes the sphincter at the bottom of the esophagus, making it more likely you will have reflux problems. I have not noticed this as a longer-term effect (i.e., if I have mint tea in the early afternoon, it doesn’t make me more prone to reflux for the whole evening and night); I just don’t drink it in the hour or two before bed, or when I know I’ll be lying down for awhile.

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A case of mistaken identities have placed a hand-delivered non-signed envelope of creepiness in my letterbox today. Print outs of someone else’s private email conversations of a personal nature. In place a VERY personal nature. It’s creepy enough that I’ll be saving envelope+contents for a while and see if anything else happens, because my immediate guess is that somewhere out there there is a betrayed wife thinking that I’m someone else. And she knows where I live. And she doesn’t know that I’m not Not-Me even though Not-Me has the same name as me.

Luckily I have also received a package from TeaEqualsBliss which is MUCH less creepy and in which I found among others this tea with which I will try to calm myself down again. I was stumped by the amount of choice available to me! Eventually I decided that since I needed some fairly quick nerve-settling a bag was the thing to go for this time. I picked this one by closing my eyes and choosing one at random.

I’m a bit wary of the brand. I’ve seen a lot of posts about this brand and most people seemed to find it somewhat mediocre.

It definitely smells jasmine-y while steeping and not synthetic. So that’s one point in favour. The flavour is a bit… brine-y and a bit flowery. It’s not like the jasmine green to end all jasmine greens. But it’s nice enough.

And was it capable to stop my imagination getting out of control RE post intro? To an extent yes, so that’s another point in favour.

Lainie Petersen

Ergh. Keep us updated!


oh dear, it might be best to contact the police, so its documented? I am sorry you had to deal with that :( I am glad you found a nice calming tea


The note with the contents didn’t sound threatening, but I don’t know if the sender is on Not-Me’s side or not. I’ve promised my cousin to contact the police if anything else happens, but I don’t think anything will. I do have a lively imagination though.


yikes! hopefully, nothing will come of this..and the sender got it out of their system. please keep alert and let the police know if anything further happens. plus, isn’t it illegal to put ANYTHING in someone’s mailbox other than by the postal service?


I don’t think so, not here anyway. I’ve never heard anything about it if it is. Lots of little businesses hand out flyers and take-away menus and such like that. We get stickers about not wanting advertising or those free/local papers and the official distributors have to accept that, but everybody else can do what they like.


Eek, that would rattle me, too. I would also turn to tea for comfort. Good choice, sorry it wasn’t fantastic.


Ooh, creepy ::shudder:: Be careful!


Oh, freaky! Ditto the being careful!


Glad you got the tea ok!!! Sorry to hear about the creepiness!


Please, please contact the police so that it is recorded. So if she decides to damage any of your property (or heaven forbid, you) or continues harassing you, the police have a record of what happened and can help track her down.




Angrboda, I must ditto JGWamsat on this one!

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drank Turkish Tea by Unknown
1328 tasting notes

This one again. It’s in my to be finished pile. Some of you will remember my first experience with it. Well, my colleague gave me the rest of what she had since she would never get around to using it herself anyway, not being a very big tea-drinker.

So I got the rest in a cleaned marmalade glass and can now inform you that she must have stored this in her spice cupboard. It’s the only explanation I can come up with, because she swears the glass has only ever contained marmalade before and I can’t really imagine that anyone in their right mind would make curry flavoured tea.

I sincerely hope it only took on the curry in the aroma and that it will go away upon brewing!

I’ve used more leaf this time, for a more authentic experience, and am steeping the bejeezus out of it at the moment. One heaping teaspoon per cup (and then some, because the leaves are large and my teaspoons don’t heap that well) and at least a fifteen minute steep in only half the amount of water.

The result is nearly as black as coffee, even when diluted half and half with freshly boiled water. The aroma is very tea-like and very very dark. Just by smelling it I can almost feel my tastebuds cowering in fear. There is, unfortunately, still a note of that blasted curry. Woe ruined leaves!

Authentic turkish tea is always taken sweetened with sugar, which I’m sure you could guess from the steeping parameter and dosage of leaves, but I am either fearless or remarkably foolish (the latter being more probable) so I gave it a test sip before sweetening.

ARGH! Astringent! My tongue is dead! I think it just turned to dust and disintegrated or something! Astringency, however, should not be confused with bitterness, of which there is none. As for the curry, I’m not sure. I feel like I can pick up a hint of it, but I’m not sure if that’s not just because I know it’s there and was half expecting to find an unauthorised flavour.

One teaspoon of sugar helps. Two is better. Three is perfect. There’s still a lot of astringency there, but it’s sweetened so much that the sugar go rather well with it. Like the astringency means it can handle more sweetener before it gets cloying and the sugar and astringency in combination sort of bring out each other’s best qualities. Bit like in a sweet and sour sauce.

My tongue is all prickly and confused, though. It can’t seem to decide between AAAAH! Astringent! Shrivel!’ and OOOOH! Sugar! More!’ It’s a strange sensation.

Also, having tasted carefully, I definitely can’t pick up the curry. Maybe smell contamination isn’t such a serious thing when you give the leaves such a harsh treatment.

I stand by my initial rating. It’s much different from what I normally understand to be tea, but it’s still quite nice. It’s not a brewing method I’ll be using very often, but it’s fun enough to do once in a while for the exotic experience.

Boiling 8 min or more

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Ang lives with Husband and two kitties, Charm and Luna, in a house not too far from Århus. Apart from drinking tea, she enjoys baking, especially biscuits, reading and jigsaw puzzles. She has recently acquired an interest in cross-stitch and started a rather large project. It remains to be seen whether she has actually bitten off more than she can chew…

Ang prefers black teas and the darker sorts of oolongs. She has to be in the mood for green and white, and she enjoys, but knows little to nothing about, pu-erh.

Her preferences with black teas are the Chinese ones, particularly from Fujian, but also Keemun and just about anything smoky. She occasionally enjoys Yunnans but they’re not favourites. She has taken some time to research Ceylon teas, complete with reference map, and has recently developed some interest in teas from Africa.

She is sceptical about Indian blacks as she generally finds them too astringent and too easy to get wrong. She doesn’t really care for Darjeelings at all. Very high-grown teas are often not favoured.

She likes flavoured teas as well, particularly fruit flavoured ones, but also had an obsession with finding the Perfect Vanilla Flavoured Black and can happily report that this reclusive beast has been spotted in a local teashop near where she works. Any and all vanilla flavoured teas are still highly attractive to her, though. Also nuts and caramel or toffee. Not so much chocolate. It’s a texture thing.

However, she thinks Earl Grey is generally kind of boring. Cinnamon and ginger are also not really a hit, and she’s not very fond of chais. Evil hibiscus is evil. Even in small amounts, and yes, Ang can usually detect hibiscus, mostly by way of the metallic flavour of blood it has.

Ang is not super impressed with rooibos or honeybush on their own. She doesn’t care for either, really, but when they are flavoured, they go usually go down a treat.

Ang used to have a Standard Panel of teas that she tried to always have on hand. She put a lot of thought into defining it and decided what should go on it. It was a great idea on paper, but in practise has been discovered to not really work as well.

Ang tries her best to make a post on Steepster several times a week. She tends to write her posts in advance in a word doc (The Queue) and posting from there. This, she feels, helps her to maintain regularity and stops her from making five posts in three days and then going three weeks without posting anything at all.

Angrboda is almost always open to swapping. Just ask her. Due to the nature of the queue, however, and the fact that it’s some 24 pages long at the moment, it may take a good while from she receives your parcel and until she actually posts about it.

The Formalities

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