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drank Eggnogg'n by Bigelow
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This is my favorite of all teas and I so hope it doesn’t get discontinued. I have bad luck with things I love getting discontinued (like spiced peaches are no longer in area grocery stores).

Unlike most people, I’ve only tried this tea plain and love it that way, so am not sure if I ever want to try it with sugar and/or milk as it’s nearly no calories this way and likely the better way for me to enjoy it. I host high teas pretty often and am thinking the people who have loved this tea at my high teas have also had it plain (and I know they’ve all loved it and raved about it to other people who came to later teas and specifically requested the tea due to having heard friends talk it up).


One of my favorites; I guess you can still order directly from Bigelow, but I haven’t seen it in stores in ages (then again, as I’ve posted elsewhere, I live in the armpit of nowhere when it comes to grocery stories that carry tea of anything but the generic variety). Here’s hoping it doesn’t get lost to the “black hole of flavors.”


I can currently order it in boxes of six from Amazon, but if it gets discontinued, then I won’t even be able to get it directly from Bigelow, and that would be a low!

Where exactly is the armpit nowhere? I’ve heard of armpits of the country, but they are usually big cities rather than “nowhere” types of places. I live in an area that has won awards for being the best place in the nation to live, yet many and maybe most residents complain about their being nothing to do around here (which to me signals a lack of knowing how to find things to do rather than the place being void of activities).

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