Yet another “organize the boxes to systematically drink my way through them” find in the back of the pantry. How long has this one been around? No idea. Less time than my Sugar Plum Spice, that’s for sure. But it’s still been more than a few years.

Every time I have a cup of this one, I get an overwhelming smell of liquorice when I first open the box. I don’t really get any flavour of it, but the smell is definitely there. If you don’t like black liquorice, you will not like this tea.

As for actual CRANBERRY. I’m not so sure. I’ve had other cranberry teas that are yummy and cranberry-y and tart (because, let’s face it, you don’t need to add hibiscus to make a cranberry tart!). This isn’t one of them. If I get a cranberry tea, I want SOUR to be the first thing I think. Not “gee, this is mystery-fruity”. You want a sweeter cranberry? That’s what sugar and/or honey and/or agave is for (or whatever other sweetener is your sweetener of choice). As soon as I see hibiscus in a cranberry tea I’m instantly suspicious. Tea companies need to start using beet juice more often to turn teas pink if all they want is colour.

ANYWAY. The overall experience of this tea isn’t unpleasant to me, it’s just a) not what I expected, and b) doesn’t blow me away. I can do better.

Verdict: will not purchase again.

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