drank Oolong Sativa by Asha Tea House
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I received this gracious sample from David at Asha Tea House. It was enough for two tastings. This was put on the site 3 days after I ordered the San Lin Xi sampler, and I was a little upset with myself for not waiting a few more days,but here it is.
After reading the description of the tea, and where it produced my expectations were set really high. One because its Asha, and I have never had an oolong that I was not really impressed with, and two because of the price $32.00 for 1.76oz of tea.
I could not get a decent smell from the dry leaf so I warmed my gaiwan and cup to start the tasting. The wet leaf smells great, sweet and brothy. The taste I really could not put my finger on. A little floral, and broth like at the same time…strange I know. Then I tasted it again and all I kept thinking was that its smooth and clean tasting. I did not get buttery just smooth. I know that it does not make any sense but thats what I got.

I waited two days and did the other half of the sample that David gave me, thinking that maybe my taste buds are a little off. I got the same, but a little more floral and light tasting.

My ending thoughts about this tea are little mixed so I will try and explain them. It is a great tea, but It did not stand out to me like his Alishan, or the San Lin Xi that he has available. If it was a choice between the three teas I would pick the other oolongs that he has to offer over this. I say this because of the price. For $32.00 I was expecting something different, an experience. A good example would be the Hawaii oolong that Samovar teas has. it is $25.00 for .88oz, but I know that it will not taste like any other oolong I have tasted in the past. Since I have had all of Asha oolongs I find that if I were to tell others to buy from Asha (which I do) it would be the San Lin Xi sampler that he has, which is a great experience to see how one oolong can change from the roasting.

While I was not blown out of the water by the tea, it is still the main place that I buy oolong from.Its always fresh and tightly rolled. The patience of his oolongs are also pretty impressive. Usually by the 7th steep the leaves are fully unrolled. If you are on the fence I would get the sample pack, and then go from there.


I like the sample tip…thanks!

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I like the sample tip…thanks!

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I’m a lover of all teas. Open to almost anything,but my favorite are oolong, black, and green. I have recently been trying to get into pu’er .

Other then tea, I’m an Apple fan girl and a fan of basketball and tennis. My favorite teams are Spurs,Celtics, Thunder, and …Lebron (LOL). I have a degree in Anthropology, which at the moment is not being used.



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