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Now this is a white tea that I like!
The clove and the floral notes are amazing.

I guess I just like aged white tea :).

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Hmmm, I have been looking at this for a while now and thought I should sample it. This was one of my 7 samples that I purchased. I must say Im not a huge fan of rose, and I have a few blends from Verdant that have it in it. I would have never have thought of combining it with a black tea infused with bergamot, but here it goes.

Well Im not a fan of this, but I’m glad I got a sample of this before it was discontinued. I have tasted every Verdant tea in the last year, and did not want to miss one…

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Getting back into tea now. I took a month off to do more juicing. I’m surprised that I have not written a review of this herbal. Love it!
So refreshing and light. Has my favorite tea herbs which are peppermint and licorice. Can not go wrong with this.

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drank Yunnan Golden Buds by Verdant Tea
138 tasting notes

I am drinking the last of this and realized I never wrote a review on it. So as I drink it down…

creamy cinnamon

not my favorite Golden Buds, but good.

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Thanks very much to Epi Tea for the pre-release sample.

A nice balance of Lavender and bergamot. For the first sachet I brewed this to the suggested time of 4 minutes. It was a little to long for me so the second sachet I did at 3 minutes. It was a little better for me. The first time I thought that the lavender over powered the bergamot a little too much for my taste. I drank this straight the first time and with a touch of cream the second time. Very nice the second time around. The first time I think I ruined it by leaving the bag in too long, the second time was the charm.

so much for this.

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Thanks very much to Epi Tea for the pre-release sample of this.

I will start off by saying that I am a chai lover, and I have had many. Traditional and non-tradional ones. I knew looking at the ingredients that this was going to be a non-tradional one since it has vanilla flavoring in it. Which I love, because I like to see what kind of twist they put on it.
When I opened the bag that was the first thing I smelled. Well that and the cardamon. I brewed it according to what was suggested which was 4 minutes. I could smell the vanilla again before anything which did not put me off. Instead It made me think it would a great with a touch of cream. But I wanted to try it straight first.
It has a nice balance of flavors. Although I could make out the vanilla right away I could still make out the other spices. The after taste of it has a slight flatness to it. Not as full-bodied that I would hope for. After drinking it straight had way I decided to add some milk and sugar to it. It really did not need the sugar, but I wanted to drink it as a traditional chai. The cream helped the body, but there was still something lacking that I can not put my finger on.
Either way I am happy that I got to try this before it came out. It is a nice chai, just not not my favorite.

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drank Green Matcha by Pure Matcha
138 tasting notes

So after the June Steepster box, I wanted to try another matcha that was not a kitchen grade. To try out a good grade A brand after the steepster box sparked my interest. Looking at the reviews I wanted to try this one first.

I will say this is the first tea that I can actually feel the effect of the caffeine. I can drink a pot of coffee and then go straight to bed and not really think twice about it. This I can actually feel. I made two bowls of this a few days ago and I can feel it instantly. This is a good thing since I’m not a morning person. I feel great after drinking a bowl and want to start my day.
This matcha is buttery and smooth. It does not have a bite to it. I have had the Domatcha ceremonial grade and noticed a difference between the two. It has a nice green color to it and it smells fresh.

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So I have been wanting to buy some matcha for a long time. I needed the whisk and the bowl. Steepter gave me the whisk and small scoop and this little taster of matcha.

My first time making it went well I think. No lumps and nice an frothy. It is has a nice gassy taste to it, but a little bitterness as well. I have had other matcha that was a bit sweeter then this, but all in all not bad. Might make a latte with this.

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Definitely better with a touch of sugar…

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This is one of my favorite pu’ers. I remember purchasing this 7 months ago and kind of forgot about it. Nice to find it again and be enchanted by its cedar apple qualities.


Yum!! Lov-um pu-erh’s!

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Love this tea. This tea was the reason why I put in my last order to Verdant. I picked this up with the Golden Fleece. I must say this tea really got me thinking. It is robust, but not. To me it is not as in your face as you might think. I have had 3 sessions with this tea, and the one word that keeps coming up is…buttery. Will have to get more of this.

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I enjoy this as one of my top 4 black tea’s!


Yes its very good.


I got to review this when it was new and noone knew it but it arrived on my birthday and was a real treat! I loved it! Bought more since that first sample!


I just tried it for the first time yesterday – its a lovely tea!

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I’m a lover of all teas. Open to almost anything,but my favorite are oolong, black, and green. I have recently been trying to get into pu’er .

Other then tea, I’m an Apple fan girl and a fan of basketball and tennis. My favorite teams are Spurs,Celtics, Thunder, and …Lebron (LOL). I have a degree in Anthropology, which at the moment is not being used.



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