Gongfu style, one steam and rinse. (steeped for a minute before rinsing allowing leaves to open up.)

Infusion 1 – 60 Seconds
The bouquet of both brewed liquor and leaves is bright and floral, with some vegetal undertones. When I had my wife smell this blind, she picked up citrus and vanilla notes. I’m getting more sweet flowers, but I can see the vanilla aspect too. The scent is strong and relaxing with 9g/150mL. One thing I noticed is that this tea is subtle enough that water source has a huge effect on the flavor profile. My first session did not have filtered water (but clean tap water) and I can tell after two sessions with fresh spring and filtered waters.

The flavor is smooth and sweet, with a little pleasant astringency making the body thicker. This feels like a good balance of leaf to water. I’m pleased with the ratio and flavor. :)

Infusion 2 – 75 Seconds
The sweetness has faded and I’m getting a nice grassy vegetal body with a little clear sweetness on the finish. The taste lingers on your tongue in a pleasant way.

Infusion 3 – 120 Seconds
The flavor has faded, it is now predominantly water with a little bit of vegetal and astringent body. I wouldn’t even bother with a 4th steeping of this tea.

The flavor is really pleasant, but I do wish the leaves themselves had more legs. The first time I brewed this I did a quick wash and didn’t steam the leaves open. I’ll try that in the next session. Not sure if I can buy this again as I only found it at one retailer in a sampler set.

205 °F / 96 °C 9 g 5 OZ / 150 ML

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I’m getting (back) into teas this year with my latest loose leaf revelation. Member of the Liquid Proust Discord server and enjoyer of all things cha qi.

Also enjoyed are all of the historical implications of tea culture, and the bountiful variety in teas of the world.
Take a moment to meditate with a cup in hand, and our world will seem clearer when the last sip leaves your cup!

My rating system is in honor of K.S.

90-100 Stellar, to be displayed proudly if shared with guests. Or just a tea that hits its mark well.
80-90 I enjoy this tea a lot, would purchase and drink it. Fine if it lives in the pantry
70-80 Above Average, would drink it and probably still buy if the mood struck me.
50-70 Average, I would still drink it when available.
0-50 I don’t care for this tea, and have no desire to care for it.



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